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#300 Skitty / #301 Delcatty

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. froobisu

    froobisu New Member

    I need any skitty, and can breed any pokemon not in my signature.
    EDIT: I got one! I can breed one for anything in my signature.
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2012
  2. *snow*

    *snow* New Member

    Skitty obtained
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2012
  3. leo3soares

    leo3soares New Member

    I need a Skitty for my pokédex, so I don't really care about the gender, level, moves, whatever. Please PM me! (A Delcatty would also do!)
    I can give you any pokemon apart from legendaries.
  4. Vitals

    Vitals Active Member

    I have Skitty, looking for a Squirtle or any of the 4th gen starters
  5. jwla

    jwla Well-Known Member

    Found one on my own, finally! ;)
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2012
  6. Amber65502

    Amber65502 Member

    I'm desperately looking for a Shiny female skitty of any level, nature, etc. As long as its shiny and female, I'd love to have it.
    If you're looking to trade one, please PM me with what you want and I'll see what I can do ^.^
  7. PerishCount

    PerishCount Active Member

    I have lots of Skitties up for trade! PM me if you want one!
  8. Jasond88

    Jasond88 That lady is mine

    Looking for a delcatty? Pm me for the Pokemon you would like please
  9. iRyahn

    iRyahn New Member

    I need a Male Skitty. I don't care about natures, evs, ivs, lvl, or anything like that. I just need a Skitty to breed with my Sneasel for Fake Out. Would really be appreciated since I can't get it in Black 2.

    Pokemon I can trade:
    lvl 69 Empoleon
    lvl 62 N's Zoroark
    lvl 60 Amoongus (has hidden ability regenerator)
    lvl 54 Samurott
    lvl 10 Eevee (has hidden ability)

    Or you can ask for other random Pokemon that I might have, just don't expect anything fantastic. I really hope somebody can do this for me? :D
  10. JAMMER823

    JAMMER823 New Member

    i need a delcatty .i can offer all starters,dratini,gible,axew,machop,DWf poliawag,DWf vulpix,DWf gligar,zorua,deino,elekid,magby,any fossil pokemon & alot more just pm with what you need & i will see if i have it
  11. Blizzardy

    Blizzardy Loves Eeveelutions

    Hello there, I can breed DW skittys!

    Currently I'm looking for:
    Male eevee with wish (pref. from regions other then Europe).
    Pokemon with pokerus.
    Lvl. 91-100 pokemon with pickup ability.
  12. Conchobar08

    Conchobar08 Member

    Need a Delcatty. It's one of the last 3 I need to complete my dex. I have Skitty, but no Moon Stone, so needs to be a Delcatty. Can offer any breedable, multiple if prefered
  13. lprulez

    lprulez New Member

    Looking for a DWF Skitty.
    I got other DWF Pokes to offer.
    PM me if interested.
  14. ZuZu-Chan

    ZuZu-Chan Squeenix Lover

    Looking for either Skitty or Delcatty on my Pokemon Black. I can offer Starters from every generation, Zorua, Riolu, Eevee, or any regular Black exclusive Pokemon. Please PM if you have one! :D
  15. chyanneKupo

    chyanneKupo Dragon Trainer

    Seeking Skitty obviously. Female prefered.


    PM if interested.
  16. warteen13

    warteen13 Pokemon Breeder

    LF Skitty offers are in sig PM me if interested
  17. dracon1

    dracon1 Just Monika

    looking for either skitty or delcatty for my pokedex
    will trade back
  18. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    looking for any skitty. Natures and stuff don't matter, I just need its pokedex entry. PM or VM me what you wat.
  19. ForsakenDima

    ForsakenDima New Member

    Edit: I finally got my hands on a Delcatty and can breed for anybody that needs it. PM me if you'd like a Skitty :)
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2012
  20. Aoyos

    Aoyos New Member

    Looking for Skitty for Pokedex only, PM what are you looking for.
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