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#313 Volbeat

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I plead the 5th!!
i'm in need of a volbeat for my pokedex, at this point, I can offer legit untouched trio legendaries from any generation. pm me with offers.

if you also have the following, that would be great too:



Sonic and Sally Ftw!
Looking for a Volbeat. Will trade:

Pikachu level 3

Voltorb level 19

Beldum level 1

Growlithe level 1

Mankey level 13

pm me if interested!
Check my sig in the green!


New Member
I'm looking for a legit Volbeat with Metronome. Any will do. Nature, stats, level - none of that matters. Just so long as it has Metronome. And is legit.
I can offer pretty much any non-legendary/event with any nature you might want. Just ask if you have what I want! Please PM, and thanks!


Mild Monk
I enjoying B/W so far, but Ruby was my favorite Pokemon game ever. I think it was the wonderful music, the interesting pokemon, and the vibrant cities, that really made it my favorite generation. So, in tribute to my favorite region, I'm currently completing my pokedex from 252 to 386, and I need some help to complete it. I'm in need of #'s: 298, 313 (Volbeat), 314, 327, 351, 360, 367, and 369, in order to complete the pokedex. I have lots of breeded Eevee's and other pokemon to trade for them (except legendaries and Hoenn starters), so any help or trade is greatly appreciated!


*loud tuba noise*
i have a lvl 18 voltbeat JAPANESE male up for trade!
if you are interested send me a Private Message for contact me :3
See ya next time!


Pokemon Adoptions!
Looking for any;313;


Pokemon collector
Looking for a volbeat any level or nature can offer nearly any pokemon from all generations (maybe legendary if have a double)


Pokemon Adoptions!
;313;I've got extra Volbeats looking for good homes. PM me offers.;313;​


New Member
Need any volbeat, can breed any pokemon not in my signature.
EDIT: Got one! I can breed one for anything in my signature.
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New Member
Friend looking for a shiny volbeat, have these to offer, all shineys - ambipom, lanturn, meganium, beedrill, alakazam, tyranitar exeggutor, clefable, dragonite, ferrothorn, pikachu, scolipede and ludicolo. PM me, thanks.
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Epic Trainer
I need a dwf volbet, I have dwfs in my sig for trade


Looking for Volbeat. Can breed growlith, pichu, pidgey, mareep, abra, ryhorn, eevee, tirtouga, larvitar, turtwig, and whismur. Also have legionaries such as, Giratina, and Zekrom. Willing to trade any for Volbeat. Nature does not matter.


Looking for a DWF Volbeat. Can offer plenty of DWFs and DWMs, (more than what is in my sig) hopefully someone can trade me!
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