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#331 Cacnea / #332 Cacturne

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Offering an UT DW female Cacnea. Looking for any Vullaby. PM me if interested.


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I need cacnea, I can breed anything not listed in my signature, or provide an item of choice depending on availability.
EDIT: Got one! I can breed one for anything in my signature.
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Looking for any Cacnea, Can offer Dragon dance jolly natured gible, any fire starter, also dragon dance charmanders of various nature's. Ask about what else I have in PM


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Looking for a DWF cacnea, will trade for any DWF in my sig or items.


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Looking for any Cacnea, Ekans and Nincada or evolution.
Have any eggmove pokemon from my signature.
Pm/vm for offers


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Looking for a Female Dream world Cacnea that has Water absorb


I would like a cacnea please, any one will do, I will offer what I can but it won't be much :(


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Looking for any Cacnea/Cacturne. Can offer any Kanto, Johto, or Unova Pokemon (non-legendaries).


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Looking for shiny cacnea VM me if you have one and are willing to trade it I have tons to trade thanks


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I need a Cacnea for my PokéDex. I can offer any starter Pokemon or a Zorua.

Xeo Dragon

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Looking for a cacnea, preferably DWF, but any will do. I'll do what I can to get a pokemon you need as well. Pm me if you can help


Breeding Trainer
I'm looking for any cacnea for breeding purposes. The evolution will do fine too. I have all of the pokemon in the Unova dex available for breeding and trading along with some random pokes for competative breeding (eevee, tentacool, shellder, sneasle, vulpix, poliwag, etc).

I don't have very many dream world ability pokes though, i'm barely starting to breed those. Anyway, any help anyone can provide me, just PM.

Also, i'm new to the site so apologies if i'm doing something wrong.


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Looking for Any cacnea or cacnea evolution! Have all starters from all gens, have houndoom with dark pulse, trapinch. Scrafty with fire and ice punch. elekid, ursaring. All on 5th gen game. PM me if you are willoing to trade! i would really appreciate it! thank you =]
Looking for a Cacnea/Cacturn. Can offer some generic DW pokemon, LOTS of Eevees (non DW), most -but not all- starters, or pretty much any other pokemon I have and can breed.
Looking for any Cacnea, preferably DWF but it doesn't have to be. I can offer pretty much any normal pokemon for a normal Cacnea and I have several DWFs to offer for a DWF Cacnea


Looking for a male Cacnea/Cacturne with the move Drain Punch, can offer DWFs


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Looking for a Cacnea/Cacturne for spikes for Ferrothorn (doesn't everyone?). Pm if you can help.
Nature/gender/level doesn't matter

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