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#341 Corphish / #342 Crawdaunt

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gras dark type
i have a lvl 100 shiny giratina for a lvl 100 shiny crawduat if you want it


Well-Known Member
looking for a DW corphish. pm me if you got one.


Pokémon Breeder
Looking for a female DW Corphish. I have lots of other DW females to offer. Check my signature for details.


New Member
I want a Corphish! I can offer any other common Pokemon except Nosepass. I also have a few legendaries you can pick from: Palkia, Kyogre, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf. PM me, thanks!


New Member
looking for a female DW corphish. Have a lot to offer in return. PM with an offer


Looking for Male Corphish I can offer any item and some cool pokemon PM me Please
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Well-Known Member
Looking for a
-DW Female corphish

-(FOREIGN) Male Corphish with DD and Superpower.

(I want to start MMing again)


Wanna trade
lookin for a hiny out of ths family wll gve a good shiny


Well-Known Member
I need a Corphish for my PokeDex. I don't care about stats or nature or level, so if anyone could breed me one, I could offer a starter.


New Member
Looking for ANY Corphish or Crawdaunt. My partner has a Level 60 Corphish but he refuses to evolve it and the GTS is quite awful for getting anything unless you're packing Level 9 or under legendaries.
Can offer starters from any generation, or if there's something you want coz we have a lot of random stuff from Gen I-IV just ask.
It'd really make him happy so thank you for any responses ^^


Sexy Cowboy
looking for a corphish! Please help out! Pm or vm please with what you want, and ill see if i ave it.


semi pro trainer
looking for either form female with its hidden ability got afew shineys can trade IV bred pokemon lvl 1 or can breed a new pokemon also got legendery pokemon can trade


be your own guru
Like the many others, I'm also looking for a female Corphish from the Dream World.


New Member
Looking for Corphish. PM me if you've got one spare, to discuss what you want
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