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#351 Castform

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Crescendo Cuty
I have lots of castforms just PM if you have any of the pokémon I want

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Wannabe RNGer
If anyone still needs one, I can breed a regular one, rng for flawless in pearl and offer any eggmoves for them in emerald, leafgreen, pearl, or black. Let me know ^^ This is free by the way


<- Pure Delight
I am looking for any Castform available. Perferably female and Modest but not required. I can offer ALL DW females available up to this point, male Egg move pokemon and more for her! PM me for details or to negotiate a trade.


Beginner Collector
Hi! I have a shiny Lv. 32 female castform :) I'm really looking for a shiny braviary, but I'd also be happy with a shiny rufflet if you haven't evolved it! If you don't have either, PM me and tell me what else you have, my only condition is that it is shiny :) Thanks a lot guys!


2795 4358 7025
ANY Castform would be appreciated. Check my profile.

EDIT: Done
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New Member
I need any castform, I can breed any pokemon not in my signature.
EDIT: Got one! I can breed one for anything in my signature.
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New Member
Hey need a shiny castform pm me!


New Member
Completed. Thx to PM3394.
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got a castform pm me with offers


Active Member
breeding castforms, pm me for offers


New Member
I am looking for any Castform so that I can complete my pokedex.

I can offer:
Zorua: all males, level 1 with snarl
Just about any breedable pokemon from any generation including starters, black and white exclusives, and white forest pokemon.

Just send me a pm, I'm sure we can work something out.
I am also looking for Kecleon and Shieldon.


Well-Known Member
Looking for any Castform. Can offer any Kanto, Johto, or Unova Pokemon (non-legendaries).


Well-Known Member
If someone could breed me a Castform, that would be great. I don't care about natures or IVs, it's just one of the last Pokemon I need to complete the PokeDex.


I am looking for a castform for breeding (MM) purposes. PM me.


Need a Castform, have several DFWs (sig) and Extremespeed Dratinis.


League Champion
Looking for ANY Castform to help complete my pokedex offers are in sig or pm me if ya want something else thx
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