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360 Question


Lunar Origin
I had a question involving the Xbox 360. I don't have one (yet), but If I want to use Xbox Live, do I need to get the Network Adapter for the Wireless to work correctly?


Poké Sage
I don't technically own an Xbox360, but I do know you will need Wireless Network Adapter for the Wireless to work. It won't work at all without it. This I know because my brother owns one.

Ice Dingo

You could connect the 360 with an ethernet cable to your router or get a wireless bridge than plugs into the 360 ethernet port and connects to your wireless receiver. If money isn't a problem and you just want it to be easy, get the official adapter.

I use a wireless bridge and it works fine but it takes more setup than the official adapter to get it working.


Lunar Origin
Sorry for the DP, but I have another question. What would you recommend to Record onto a DVD from the 360?