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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

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I've got an untouched, hatched shiny bagon rash nature 100% legit. iv's unknown...
looking for a female dw dratini
pm me for offers

EDIT: Nevermind
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Looking for an adamant Bagon with outrage, DW would be nice but not needed PM me for stuff you are looking for if you have this


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Offering an Adamant male bagon with DW ability Sheer force.

PM me with offers


Dragon Breeder
Looking for a Bagon. Please PM with what you would like for the trade :D Thanks :)


Expert EV'er
looking for 2 flawless Adamant and Jolly Salamences with Outrage ev's don't matter, Offering a Flawless shiny Lugia, and a shiny heatran too both are modest


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I need a Bagon.

I am looking for a Bagon.
Just a regular Bagon is all, I don't care about the level.
PM me for a trade.
I'll offer up an Oshawott or a Pansear, or both if you're just super cool.
But if you're looking for something else, I can see if I can get it for you.
I'm looking for a female Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence.

I can offer an Adamant Axew. Or a Snivy.

PM me if you're interested in working something out.


Dragon Master
I'm looking for a female Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence.

I can offer a Deino that knows dark pulse with pokerus but if you dont want it I'll try to get what you want for you


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Hi looking for a flawless female sneasel (Jolly prefered nature) or flawless female bagon (adamant prefered nature) can offer flawless (with which ever nature you prefer) darumaka, sandile, litwick or frillish.
Hi, I'm looking for a Bagon. I don't care about gender or nature, because I'm planning on breeding him but I can trade a lot of things. Just send me a message and I'll look to see what I can do. Thank you:)


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Adamant UT female DW bagon up for trade, just got one from DW. Please PM offers. :)


Fire and Dark Lover
Looking for a bagon, not really one in particular, offering whats in my sig

Edit; have one now
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hey im looking for just a basic bagon can offer eevees zoruas some starters as well (havent got gen 4 starters or cyndaquil but have the rest) and the pans as well


looking for bagon pm me


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Have female dw bagon not looking for much just any part of the electabuzz or magmar line. Will also accept offers of female dw's I don't have, but of course would prefer electabuzz or magmar. PM with offers

DW Females I currently have Spoink, Bagon, Rhyhorn, Smoochum, Mr. Mime, Mawile, Meditite, Phanpy, Kangaskhan, Houndour, Yanma, Hoppip, Machop, Duskull, Trapinch, and Banette


Looking for bagon any nature any level, any gender, but a bagon nevertheless, p.m for to work something out, I have pokerus, almost all starters, adamant gible, any many others,
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