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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

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Troll of Tanas
looking for a normal female bagon so I can breed and whatnot. Pm me if you're interested.


Elite Trainer
Interested in Bagon, Shelgon or Salamence with wish as long as its legit. I know that its very rare I can offer a lot, I have shiny Pokemons to offer PM, if interested.


Have a lot of lvl 1 ut bagons for trade, I'll take anything that I don't have for my pokedex. Mainly kanto and jhoto region thanks!


Mediocre trainer
Got loads of bagons with hidden ability and know dragon claw and fire fang. Pm or vm me.
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New Member
looking for jolly bagon not much to offer im also looking for any poke timid or jolly with the synchronize ability


demon trainer
looking for any female from this family pm me offers


I have a shiny salamence, EXTREMELY RARE!!! Only willing to trade for a LEGIT shiny mew or arceus. also have a shiny butterfree


I have a Naughty (oo la la) Bagon that is freshly hatched. It has Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Rage and Dragon Dance.
If you cbz to train, I have a level 50 Salamence as well.
For the Bagon, Charmander, Gible (Speed boosting, attack neutral nature) or Shroomish (Adamant) are preferable trades. If you dont have those 3, give me another offer.
For Salamence, Treeko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Cyndaquil, Totodile... any starter before Gen V. You can also give me one of these guys for Bagon if you wish.

Dark Mephiles

Fryin n Dryin
I'm looking for a UT Bagon (Preferably level one) with it's hidden ability and a naive or naughty nature. I'd also like it to be nicknamed "Zirconis" (First letter capital, rest lower case). In return I have some UT shiny starter Pokemon (Kanto and Hoenn) and UT Shiny legendaries, I'd be willing to part with. If you are fine with clones I'm also offering a Keldeo or Genesect in exchange.

Gender doesn't matter.

If interested, please PM me!
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New Member
Looking for a female bagon with dream world ability. I don't have a lot but i do got all of the starters except for gen 2.


Sand Team Master
Looking for a Lv.1 Adamant Bagon...PM if you're keen to trade


shiny hoarder
can breed DWF bagons pm with offers

DX 2401PT

Offering: Bagon with regular or DW Ability, any nature, shininess optional, any gender, IV 31 all.
Also offering: Any breedable/Hidden Grotto Pokemon, any nature, shininess optional, any gender, IV 31 all, any Ability (DW Abilities limited).
Looking for: female DW ability Corphish.

PM if interested.

Edit: Offer no longer valid.
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