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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. stratus1993

    stratus1993 New Member

    i have a shiny lv 100 salamance up for trade. not a fan of shiny but would like more pokemon. shoot me offers. :) i would like a couple pokemon including a bagon or its evos with cool moves if possible. not gonna ask for uber pokemon since i like training, but wouldnt mind the offers.
  2. Samhain

    Samhain New Member

    Im looking for an Adamant DW female bagon. Really want one, mail me offers.
  3. Nevare

    Nevare New Member

    I have UT DWF Bagons for trade. Looking for DWF Dratini, Poliwag, Vulpix, Gligar, or Heracross. Also trading for legendaries.
  4. xXTreyXx

    xXTreyXx New Member

    im looking for a bagon for trade, any nature male i can breed pokemon as well pm when ever
  5. Mash

    Mash Member

    I got dream world bagons and can get them in any nature you want just pm me for what you are willing to offer me
  6. nandamaung

    nandamaung Active Member

    Looking for a level 1 bagon with rash nature. Can offer evolution stones, DW female Pokemon and deepseatooth or deep seascale.
  7. tfro00

    tfro00 New Member

    DW m/f bagons for trade. Looking for other useful dw m/f's. or any of the lengendaires mew, celebi, deoxys, manaphy, darkrai, shaymin
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2012
  8. jleven22

    jleven22 Member

    I'm looking for a freshly hatched Bagon, I can trade pretty much anything from gen 5. pm me.
  9. Slaydank

    Slaydank New Member

    Looking for any bagon. Will get you anything in black 2. Pm me.
  10. Nastygnarls

    Nastygnarls New Member

    Looking for a level 5-10 Bagon. Preferably female but male will work too. I dont have much to offer in the way of Pokemon with awesome natures( as I dont know much about them) but I can trade any Pokemon attainable in Leaf Green or White 1. I have quite a few stocked up already to trade but will absolutely get whatever you want that is available to me. Pm if you can help
  11. Freeze*

    Freeze* Member

    I've got a shiny Lv 50 Salamence, of the special set (Modest, Coverage), completely trained. Looking for shiny flawless Larvitar or evos, with Adamant or Brave nature. Pm me for details.

    happy holidays !
  12. Angoros

    Angoros New Member

    Looking for any bagon. i can't offer to much. please help me
  13. Xike03

    Xike03 New Member

    Looking for ANY Bagon, bred or caught. I can offer selective bred pokemon but nothing too spectacular. Send me a pm if you can make this possible. Thanks!
  14. Ironfish

    Ironfish pokemon scientist

    I have DWF bagon for trade pm for offers
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2012
  15. Palmskies

    Palmskies Roflcopter

    have boxes and boxers of bagon!! let me know if ur interested. pm me with offers!
  16. scomaru

    scomaru Well-Known Member

    Can i have a Bagon, Shelgon, or a Salamence
    I can Give you a Charmander with dragon pulse, Chikorita with Ancient power, and a chimchar with blaze kick
    PM me if you are interested.
  17. Andrew Shard

    Andrew Shard Shards of Fury...

    Got a BOX full of Adamant BAGON (also got mudkip). I willing to trade them ^_^ I accept almost everything: DW female pokemon, egg moves and rare items :D PM me for offers
  18. Squeegie

    Squeegie Hey now!

    I have a legit shiny Bagon for trade, I'm looking for other legit shiny Pokemon. A shiny Houndour would be awesome but I will look at all offers.

    I don't trade cloned or RNG Pokemon and I don't want clones or RNGs. PM me if interested.
  19. daboul

    daboul New Member

    lookin for a bagon lvl 1 pm me ill discuss what you wanna trade
  20. Doctor Quark

    Doctor Quark Jack of All Trades

    I'm looking for a male Bagon that's low-level. Only Bagon with its default name (Bagon, not in all capitals i.e. BAGON), please.

    I can offer a Pokemon infected with Pokerus, Eevees, assorted starters and various other Pokes. PM me if you're interested!
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