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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

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i have a shiny lv 100 salamance up for trade. not a fan of shiny but would like more pokemon. shoot me offers. :) i would like a couple pokemon including a bagon or its evos with cool moves if possible. not gonna ask for uber pokemon since i like training, but wouldnt mind the offers.


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I have UT DWF Bagons for trade. Looking for DWF Dratini, Poliwag, Vulpix, Gligar, or Heracross. Also trading for legendaries.


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im looking for a bagon for trade, any nature male i can breed pokemon as well pm when ever


I got dream world bagons and can get them in any nature you want just pm me for what you are willing to offer me


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Looking for a level 1 bagon with rash nature. Can offer evolution stones, DW female Pokemon and deepseatooth or deep seascale.


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DW m/f bagons for trade. Looking for other useful dw m/f's. or any of the lengendaires mew, celebi, deoxys, manaphy, darkrai, shaymin
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Looking for a level 5-10 Bagon. Preferably female but male will work too. I dont have much to offer in the way of Pokemon with awesome natures( as I dont know much about them) but I can trade any Pokemon attainable in Leaf Green or White 1. I have quite a few stocked up already to trade but will absolutely get whatever you want that is available to me. Pm if you can help


I've got a shiny Lv 50 Salamence, of the special set (Modest, Coverage), completely trained. Looking for shiny flawless Larvitar or evos, with Adamant or Brave nature. Pm me for details.

happy holidays !


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Looking for ANY Bagon, bred or caught. I can offer selective bred pokemon but nothing too spectacular. Send me a pm if you can make this possible. Thanks!


pokemon scientist
I have DWF bagon for trade pm for offers
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have boxes and boxers of bagon!! let me know if ur interested. pm me with offers!


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Can i have a Bagon, Shelgon, or a Salamence
I can Give you a Charmander with dragon pulse, Chikorita with Ancient power, and a chimchar with blaze kick
PM me if you are interested.

Andrew Shard

Shards of Fury...
Got a BOX full of Adamant BAGON (also got mudkip). I willing to trade them ^_^ I accept almost everything: DW female pokemon, egg moves and rare items :D PM me for offers


Hey now!
I have a legit shiny Bagon for trade, I'm looking for other legit shiny Pokemon. A shiny Houndour would be awesome but I will look at all offers.

I don't trade cloned or RNG Pokemon and I don't want clones or RNGs. PM me if interested.

Doctor Quark

Jack of All Trades
I'm looking for a male Bagon that's low-level. Only Bagon with its default name (Bagon, not in all capitals i.e. BAGON), please.

I can offer a Pokemon infected with Pokerus, Eevees, assorted starters and various other Pokes. PM me if you're interested!
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