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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. Torgol

    Torgol New Member

    Looking for a regular or normal Bagon. Can offer shinies.
  2. allenwayne

    allenwayne All Hers!

    check sig for well bred powerhouses... let me know if you are interested in ordering any. i will customer breed on request. not cloned, hacked, or rng'ed.
  3. Cloudchild75

    Cloudchild75 Magus lover

    I now have a female naive dreamworld bagon I caught myself. See my tradethread for wants.
  4. orochi

    orochi Well-Known Member

    Have a shiny naive DWF UT bagon with Hydropump. PM me with offers
  5. Jivoo

    Jivoo New Member

    I can breed dwf bagon for anyone.. Pm me
  6. PokemonTrainerKaden

    PokemonTrainerKaden Well-Known Member

    Looking for a level 30-32 Bagon.

    Trapinch Lvl 32
    Arena Trap

    Rock Slide

    Trapinch is female, and untouched. She was freshly caught a few days ago. I don't care about gender, nature, ability, or moveset, I'm just looking for a Bagon and anything will do. Message me with offers.
  7. kikokid2002

    kikokid2002 New Member

    looking for lvl 90 salamance ill be willing to trade a lvl 50 dratini and a lvl 42 jolteon if you message me ill tell you my friend code
  8. ilakyd

    ilakyd Member

    trade complete
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2013
  9. Seatrekninja

    Seatrekninja New Member

    I really need a naive DWF bagon, shelgon, or salamence...Pm what you would like.
  10. OllieXTrick

    OllieXTrick Member

    Ello all~.
    I'm looking for a Shiny, Flawless and UT'd Bagon! Either gender is fine, just tell me the nature, OT and ID# in a PM.
    I can offer a Lvl. 100 Shiny Flawless Umbreon or one of several event pokemon.
    PM for inquiry or to set up a trade!
  11. OnceDone

    OnceDone Well-Known Member

    Looking for 2 bagons, any level atleast one has to be adamant.
    Pm me and I can tell you what I have to offer.
  12. Icarus©

    Icarus© Full on PASBLer

    I want a shiny wish bagon, shiny wish chansey would be great as well :D
    For more details see my shop..
  13. Only one person has a shiny Wish Bagon, and I doubt you'll get it from them.
  14. Poké Paul

    Poké Paul New Member

    hi would like a bagon for my adventure , any nature preferably an egg i havent got anything to trade really other than an oshawott haha if you could help would be greatly appreciated
  15. wsides

    wsides Well-Known Member

    Seeking a Jolly DWF Bagon with Outrage egg move :) Offering any item or flawless ditto
  16. Sam330199

    Sam330199 New Member

    Looking for any level Bagon, doesn't matter what nature. PM me what you're looking for. Thanks!:)
  17. jet311

    jet311 New Member

    i have DW bagons... looking for foreign (non-american) ditto.. PM me
  18. Veiled11

    Veiled11 New Member

    I'm trying to get a bagon or evolution for breeding. I don't care about stats or anything I just need one to get started. If anyone can help me out please send a pm.
  19. Galvazar

    Galvazar Member

    looking for any bagon for breeding, pm me your interested ,mostly got gen V and some other gens pokes
  20. gyrwolf

    gyrwolf New Member

    I have baby bagons! not too special but if you want one send me a pm.
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