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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

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Dragons are beast
Because Salamanca is a bad ***



Adamant sheer force bagon with egg move dragon dance


Live long & prosper
Male Bagon Lv.2, Naughty Nature, Rock Head Ability.
Known Moves: Rage, Dragon Rage, Hydro Pump.
PM me any offers.


Dragons are beast
Offering dwf bagons with 31 iv in 1-3 stats can breed certain natures
Also can pass the egg moves dragon dance or hydro pump
Lf: dwf eevee and shiny chandalure plus what's on my sig


Sand Team Master

I have all Naughty Bagons, Shelgons etc.

I also have a Lv.100 IV/EV trained Salamence with Brick Break, Roost, Fly, and Dragon Rush.

Looking for what's in my Signature.



DX 2401PT

Offering: Bagon, any gender, any nature, IV 31 all, shininess optional, DW Ability optional.
Looking for: DWF Diglett.
PM if interested.
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I really need a female bagon, I have a few shiny's and some other rare pokemon for offer


New Member
Does anyone by chance have a legit female Bagon with its DW ability? I have several DW Pokemon that I can breed and trade including vulpix, poliwag, abra, and eevee among others. Inbox me or hit me up on skype if you're interested.


New Member
looking for any bagon, dw ability preferable PM me


New Member
Have many level one bagons w/ dragon dance and hydro pump. Looking for a bagon with dw ability. Pm if u want a bagon or have dw ability bagon


New Member
Need male bagon asap pm me


New Member
i have jolly bagons with hidden ability (moxie) with egg moves dragon dance and hydro pump


event & shiny maniac
Looking for dragon egg bagon, or other dragon egg pokemon. I have many events and shinies to gice. Pm me for details and offers

Andrew Shard

Shards of Fury...
Want bagons? Got DW bagon with moxie ability, you choose, male or female :) Can breed natures but have naive and jolly natures as well as adamant :D
If you want an EGG I can trade as well. All bagons should have a "great potencial".

I'm looking for regice or any legendary pokemon but I'm open for offers. PM me if interested


New Member
I have Bagon with normal and DW abilities, only looking for Dex fillers in exchange. Pm me and I'll give you a list


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I am offering a careful bagon with egg moves hydro pump and flamethrower. Looking for eevee #146 in unova pokedex (black 2)#288, #265, #237, or eggs from kanto through to sinnoh. My friend code is 5244 2972 1617


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Looking for a Bagon and Tepig for myself and a Trapinch for my friend... I dont have much to offer cause my white got so corrupted that i cant even play it, so im limited to what i have on my White 2.

I do believe i have Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres on there though and maybe a Ho-Oh... aside from them i dont have much anymore... Im not a competitive battler, so i dont care if its some Throwaway ones with Negitive natures that would rot in the box otherwise or not, I just want the Bagon because i cant find one anywhere, and Tepig so i will have all the starters again

The Trapinch is for my friends sandstorm team.

PM me if your willing to make a deal and ill look in my box
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