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#371 Bagon / #372 Shelgon / #373 Salamence

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New Member
Im looking for a Female bagon/shelgon/Salamance any level with the hidden abitlity. I have all 649 pokemon legitimate. Please pm me if you wanna trade. I can offer almost anything. Thank you very much.


New Member
Hi, i'm looking for a Naive Bagon, with the DW ability Moxie. I don't have a ton to trade but let me know what you're looking for. Thank you.


Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for a Male Bagon. Don't care about nature etc. Please PM me! <3


Pokémon Breeder
Have a 2008 Japanese event Salamence (BT) up for trade. PM with offers

DX 2401PT

Looking for: DWF Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir or DWF Venipede/Whirlipede/Scolipede
Offering: Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence RNGed to full specifics. Shininess, nature, gender IVs, any Ability (including DW), etc.
PM if interested.
I'm looking for a Hidden Ability female Bagon, before WiFi shuts down on the 20th

I can trade other Hidden Ability females (i.e. Dratini)

My White 2 FC is 3956 - 1738 - 2567
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