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#374 Beldum / #375 Metang / #376 Metagross

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I have a shiny flawless adamant Beldum available for trade, looking for shiny flawless pokemon, or events. PM me if you have any offers!
Anyone willing to trade a Beldum or Metang in white? I'm having the MOST difficulty catching it and I'm broke with very few ultra balls in my inventory, and we all know a Poke ball isn't going to catch a damn Metang cus they have such a low catch rate. Anyway PM me or something if you're willing to trade something for it.
Need a Beldum (Metang or Metagross is also fine),
PM me if you have one and sent me your wants!


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Looking for a beldum any will do


Looking for a DW Beldum, can offer all but 5 DWFs...

Edit: Got it now.
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Legend Medal Hunter

#374 Beldum (), Available: 1
Ability: Clear Body, Nature: Adamant Gender: Genderless
IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31, Hidden Power 70 DARK

* Claimed *

Check my shop for other RNGs! Custom requests available as well (when open)
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Fire Trainer
Hello. I am looking for a Beldum. I can trade almost any pokemon besides legendaries. PM me if your intested.

EDIT: Traded.
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#1 Lanturn Owner
Offering shiny, lvl 100 ev trained metagross. Perfect for competitive play.
Pm offers.


New Member
Hey guys , I'm looking for a legit UT shiny Beldum.

PM me if you have one and we can negotiate a fair trade :)

Thanks guys and thanks for reading!


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ill trade a legit deoxys for a legit shiny metagross
it cant be nicknamed unless its cool

the deoxys is in speed form lvl 100
psycho boost

pm me for friendcode to trade


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A lot of Beldums up for trade

Poké Paul

New Member
can anybody help me out with an egg beldum doesnt matter what type just want it to play my game through would be greatly appreciated thanks


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I am playing from the UK would like to swap my lvl 1 Beldum (Jolly) for a foreign Beldum so I can attempt the Masuda method.

PM if interested
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