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#374 Beldum / #375 Metang / #376 Metagross

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Trading 61 Jap shiny Metagross with rash nature, wanting a shiny English brave Beldum, do not care about IV's i also have some DW and events but i dont want the metagross if i get a beldum lol


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Adamant nature Metagross lv 81 for trade


Can offer a bunch of UT Jolly gible with 31IVs in Atk and Spe, some with 31IVs in HP,Def and SpA, and the rest stats are decent with at least 15. They are in HG, so it can learn Outrage. It is also nicknameable. In return, I want a UT Jolly/Adamant/Impish/Careful nature Beldum with 31IVs in Atk, Spe and at least 20IVs in HP,Def and SpD, best to be in 4th gen game and nicknameable. I also want a UT Brave/Sassy/Impish Bronzor with 31IVs in Atk and 0IVs in Spe, at least 20IVs in HP, Def and SpD, best in 4th gen game and nicknameableI would also accept Timid Thundurus with 31IVs in SpA and Spe, best to be nicknameable. DW Adamant/Modest/Jolly/Timid Torchic with decent IVs would be good too. Either will do, but if you have other offers which I may be interested in, PM me. All legit, no clones, thankyou.


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have a brave lvl 100 metagross with all ivs 31 and 252 evs in attack and hp, willing to trade for anything with good ivs pm me if interested


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i have a lv100jap metagross looking for other high level pokemon


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Fire punch+SR Metang


I am looking to get an Adamant Metagross with Att & Spd IV's and Fire Punch and Stealth Rock.

I don't have access to move tutor for Fire Punch, or a Stealth Rock TM.

I assume if I can get a male Metang from someone with those moves, I can can breed to get the right nature and IV's??

If so, can anyone offer such a thing?

Or let me know of a more efficient way to get what I need?


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LF adamant Metagross Ev'd 252 speed and 252 Att with the 4th gen move Thunderpunch, don't care about Iv's

Offering a flawless jolly Landorus, a flawless Adamanat Excadrill Ev'd 252 Speed/Att as well as some other nice pokes...PM me if interested


shiny searcher
I am offering a lot of UT Beldums, almost any nature you want. I am not asking for anything specific, so PM if interested =D


God of Fire
lv 66 metagross for trade...


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Metagross With Stealth Rock

Looking for a beldum, metang, or metagross that knows stealth rock. Will trade a reshiram or a bulbasaur or a phanpy with iceshards.


Ground Game
Yoooo got a shiny beldum. I want a shiny in return. Deal me


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want a ut lv1 shiny cyndaquil, totodile, chikorita, charmander, taillow or beldum in 4th gen, but can only offer pokemon in my 5th gen game. offering UT jap shiny Terrakion, 2 rayquaza's, kyogre, entei, raikou, phione, zorua, or multiple of any starters. pm offers
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I have two Adamant Beldum availible. Both have perfect speed and attack IVs, both are also have Relatively Superior potential. Pm if you would like one!


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want a 4th gen UT lv 1 shiny Beldum. can offer 5th gen pokemon rayquaza, raikou, entei, latias, kyogre or anything in my sig. pm ASAP


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Looking for an Non-EV trained Metang/Metagross with Ice Punch, and an Adamant/Careful Nature.

PM me if you can help, will see if we can work out something as a trade for it.


back again...
Offering a shiny Metagross lv 68 obtained from GTS negotiations.
Looking for low leveled shinies with wrong natures.
PM me offers

Shrapnel 117

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im looking for a Shiny Beldum, i can offer a Shiny Sudowoodo in exchange. however it does have a nickname that i cant change because im not the OT (name is Slatebark)
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