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#374 Beldum / #375 Metang / #376 Metagross

Discussion in 'Hoenn Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. shinydragonairgirl

    shinydragonairgirl shiny hunter

    shiny beldum

    looking for a shiny beldum have some dw females and eggmove pokemon. Pm if you can help
  2. theguardianofthemoon

    theguardianofthemoon Pokemon Demigod

    Looking for a shiny beldum.
    I really want a shiny metagross, which looks so awesome.
    Got some extra legends and one shiny to trade. pm me
  3. darkvipermonkey

    darkvipermonkey The Dark Overlord

    shiny beldum up for trade, PM your offers
  4. milkera

    milkera New Member

    looking for an adamant beldum untouched with the moves: ice punch and thunder punch. PM me. Can offer some legends for it
  5. sheppsea

    sheppsea Member

    Stealth Rock

    Hi There,

    I am looking for a Beldum/Metang/Metagross that knows Stealth Rock (ideally an Adamant one). I can offer a number of interesting Pokemon so let me know what you want.

    If the there is a flawless one out there I have a number of flawless/shinies that you might be interested in - PM me if you want to trade!
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2012
  6. raticate7

    raticate7 Well-Known Member

    I need a flawless shiny beldum it has to be flawless and shiny, and lvl 1 ut. I will PAY BIG for this if you can get me 1. Pm or vm if interested i will pay big
  7. meismadatyou

    meismadatyou Johto League Master

    Beldum. I want it. Shiny=Better trade. PM me. Thanks:)
  8. Underachiever007

    Underachiever007 Well-Known Member

    Um, I have never traded Pokemon before. Nor have I ever gotten very deep into breeding, not being a competitive player. I am looking for a Beldum (preferably lv 5 or lower) for in-game use. I'm not picky about natures or egg moves or anything like that. I have just defeated the first gym in Pokemon Black, so I will not be able to offer you anything beyond Patrats or my starter in return.

    This is basically me begging you for a spare Beldum if you have one. PM me if you you're willing to help a noob out!
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2012
  9. Fier0

    Fier0 New Member

    Looking for a Beldum/Metang/Metagross with Stealth Rock. Preferably with a perfect ATK (and HP) IV and an Adamant nature.

    Check my sig for what I can offer, PM me if you're interested! Can offer more than my sig, so also let me know what you're after.
  10. ilfastidio

    ilfastidio New Member

    Looking for shiny beldum hopefully adamant. Offering shiny stoutland (adamant strong willed) or shiny ledyba. I have tyrogue from dreamworld (like to trash about), DWLapras, elekid, DWbagon, DW spiritomb, DWdratini, amongst others. I will edit the post with the sex of each ASAP. Cheers
  11. Abbey Mae

    Abbey Mae Well-Known Member

    Have a number of Adamant LV 1 UT Beldum to offer (other natures too). PM with offers. :)
  12. Neji-and-Pidgeot

    Neji-and-Pidgeot Well-Known Member

    offering a shiny beldum. Im looking for other shinies.
  13. yoda5000

    yoda5000 New Member

    Hello guys I'm looking for a shiny beldum. Let me know if we can work something out:) thanks
  14. darkvipermonkey

    darkvipermonkey The Dark Overlord

    still got a shiny beldum up for trade if anyone is interested. message me what your willing to trade
  15. LordofTibera

    LordofTibera New Member


    -Hey! If your shiny Beldum is legitimate, I would love to trade. I don't have much, though...What would you be willing to trade yours for? How much is it worth to you? Because I'm sure I can find something interesting you might enjoy. I do not have any shinies besides the event Raikou, Entei, and Suicune used to get Zoroark, so I don't know if that's a deal breaker or not for you.
  16. LightningRevolver

    LightningRevolver Get Lucky.

    I want a shiny Beldum @ Adamant. CMT.
  17. Nevare

    Nevare New Member

    I'm looking for an adamant UT Beldum with max attack and HP, good defensive IV's and stealth rock.
    I can offer:
    Jolly Gible with outrage and max atk/spe
    Axew with max atk/spe
    Deino with max SpA/spe
    Shiny Mienfoo
  18. Snairyu

    Snairyu Giant Deadly Mollusk

    Will trade for Beldum/Metang with solid HP/ATK/DEF/SDEF IVS or EV trained Metagross (though you must tell me the spread). Please inquire!
  19. Bluemiracle

    Bluemiracle Biologist

    Looking for UT Brave Beldum with Thunderpunch :)

    Offering: Gen I-V starters, Phione, Tauros, DW pokemon/moves, Egg Move pokemon, Evolutionary items, BP items and legends

    EDIT: still looking for one
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2012
  20. Shiny Arcanine Trainer

    Shiny Arcanine Trainer Well-Known Member

    Lv.1 Calm Beldum. not fussed at what i get for it , as long as i don't have it yet!
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