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#377 Regirock

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New Member
Looking for a Regirock! Can offer 1 of the following: master ball, pp up, exp. share, pp max, sacred ash.
i have a shiny regirock , looking for 5th gen shinies


Haters gonna hate
Looking for a level 40 UT Regirock in a pokeball (the one you had to get from the TRU Regigigas event,) offering well, PM me or contact Hax0rus on Serebii Wi-Fi Chat :)


Looking for Regirock, somehow I lost mine. can offer jirachi. PM me


Well-Known Member
does anyone want to trade the three regis for my three lake trios ut


Clone my Balls!
I'm looking for the 3 regis, anyone trading? Feel free to PM or check my shop. Thanks :)


Pokemon Collector
Looking for Regis, offering the 3 Legendary Birds from HG, UT. PM me if interested ^_^


Rayquaza Rider
Looking for a Regirock, just PM me whatcha want and I'll see what I can do! :)


New Member
I need to Barrow a Regrock for Dex, I'll let you also barrow one of my Legendarys for your Dex/Collateral. PM please!!!
Or, I can give you 10 of any Pokemon on my list to have it
(5 if it's a full evolved Starter Pokemon)
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need regirock
can breed almost anything
PM me with offers


New Member
Seeking Regirock, any level. PM me if interested in what's in my sig.


Legendary lover
Lf regirock would like to swap then swap back can add a lot to your dex or I can just make an offer for permanent trade

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Sith Lord
Looking for regirock, regice or registeel. Im willing to trade legendary pokemon from Unova or other ones. I'll also trade Events from my signature. PM with offers


Veteran Breeder
looking for all 3 regi's preferably UT if you have one i will offer legendaries good iv's shiny rares items or whatever you may want.

i am willing to trade anything!


Disabled Penguin
looking for all the regi pk except for regigigas, got him already. They must be LEGIT. willing to trade any other almost possible legendary and all starters. PM me if interested. *TRADED*
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