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#379 Registeel

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Trade complete, still looking for whats in my sig. Can breed anything.
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Specialized Breeder
Looking for PokePark Registeel! I can offer Liberty Pass Victini, Johto Ho-Oh, Hoenn Kyogre, Event Latios & Japanese Event Jirachi!

Shimmer Mint

Cute Pokemon Lover
I have a Registeel if anyone wants it!


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[Trade completed. Thanks to firestarter2398 :)]
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Sapphire Dragon

A Silver soul.
Looking for any Registeel, preferrably from Black 2. Cloned is fine; otherwise hacked is not.

Will trade you any number of my DWF Pokemon and/or Egg Move Pokemon in return; request as many as you'd like. I will also accept Dream Radar requests for any Pokemon you can get there excluding legendaries. This means I can get Pokemon like DW UT Porygon or Rotom lv. 40 for you. PM me if you are interested- there is no limit to what you may request from me. :)

DWFs: ;037; ;058; ;060; ;063; ;066; ;072; ;077; ;090; ;111; ;116; ;129; ;133; ;147; ;163; ;167; ;172; ;174; ;175; ;179; ;207; ;213; ;215; ;220; ;228; ;231; ;234; ;261; ;302; ;303; ;309; ;320; ;328; ;333; ;336; ;349; ;366; ;371; ;396; ;399; ;417; ;425; ;436; ;442; ;443; ;447; ;451; :504: :517: :561: :585: :590:

Egg Moves: ;147;-Extremespeed, ;172;-Volt Tackle, ;001;-Leaf Storm & Power Whip, ;255;-Featherdance or Rock Slide, ;393;-Aqua Ring+Supersonic or Yawn or Featherdance, ;258; ;387; ;393; :498: - Any
Others: :570: -female

I can also breed all starters from any Generation.
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I'm looking for any Registeel.

I'm offering DW Lugia, Latias, Latios, Uxie, Mesprit, Mewtwo, and Phione.

PM me if your interested.


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[trade completed]
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Looking for Registeel either for dex entry or permanent. can offer almost all pokemon apart from the ones i am looking for

See below if any pokemon interest you :)


Psychic Master
Looking for Bold Registeel with Seismic Toss and high iv in HP and Defense
I have a lot of events that I could give them for it


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Offering Registeel (plus an item of your choice if necessary).

Looking for a non-English Ditto for Masuda method.


Energy Guru
Looking for Registeel, ofering Regice, permanent or for tradeback. PM me.
Looking for BW2 registeel to unlock regigigas
Have the following available:
PM me for friend code :)
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