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#380 Latias

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Funkmaster C

Hidden Abilities!
Trade completed... a couple weeks ago actually.
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Come to me...
I need a Latias to get my Shiny Charm. If anyone is willing to do a tradeback (or even give one away), please PM me.

Friend Code for White 2:

Name: MINA
Code: 0734 3692 2061

Marinda H

Trainer Law Frost
Need a Latias, I have Uxie, Azelf, Spiritomb, Heatran, Articuno to trade.
IF not, also looking for dex trade.
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Looking for (English) Latias to complete 'dex. I can offer Zekrom, Kyurem, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Ho-Oh, Rotom, Thundurus, Lapras with egg moves Dragon Pulse and Dragon Dance and Dratini with egg move Extremespeed. I can trade multiple Pokemon for Latias.
PM with details :)


Active Member
I'm in need of 4 legit pokemon. They are: ;492; shaymin, :648: meloetta, ;490; manaphy, and ;493; arceus

I can offer ;646; kyurem lvl70, ;380; latias lvl40, ;386; japan event deoxys lvl100 w/life orb, ;647; kaldeo lvl15, ;520; UT shiny tranquill lvl63, ;612; UT shiny haxorus lvl60, and ;076; shiny golem lvl30.

PM if interested :D


Well-Known Member
Offering: White 2 Dreamyard Latias with whatever nature and/or nickname you wish.

Looking for: Modest/Timid Black 2 Dreamyard Latios, choice of nickname preferred but not necessary.

If you're interested, please let me know by PM.

Request has been filled.
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Just a guy
I'm looking for an UT Timid Latias with HP Fire. I can offer some DWF, including DWF Torchics, some shinies, and a WISHMKR Jirachi. PM me if you are interested.


New Member
Hi looking for a latias doesnt matter about lvl or nature i am willing to trade for it PM me for a list of available trades


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looking for legit untouched timid latias for my modest untouched latios with pokerus pm me if you are interested


Trainer since 1996
Hi, I'm looking for a Latias, any level any nature etc.

I'm offering a Level 40 untouched Latios with a Sassy nature from Emerald, or a level 68 untouched Latios with a Serious nature from the Dreamyard.

Personal Message me if you're interested =)


Pokemon Explorer
Looking for a legit shiny Latias, any nature. Willing to trade a plethora of things. Just PM me for information.


Shiny Hunter
I'm looking for a legit (duh) UT Latias. I'll trade more Pokemons for one with a good nature (no clones or RNGed ones plz) ^-^
here is what I have:
all starters
all with natures you want and pokerus
Legendaries for trade: Vrizion (adamant), Terrakion (Gentle), Heatran (have to check XD) --->all UT
I've got other pokes too so don't be afraid to ask! ^-^
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