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#380 Latias

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Colton S

Beware Bewear
A legit Shiny Level 100 Latias with Pokerus.
If interested, PM me.
These are my current Pokemon that I want:
Event Victini, Shiny Shaymin, Shiny Gensect, Meloetta, Keldeo, Shiny Mew, or Shiny Mewtwo.
Sorry for all of these shinies. If you cannot get a shiny, just get me the Pokemon.
Edit: It is fake. :(
Sorry for your trouble.
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Well-Known Member
looking for a shiny latias, pm me if you have one.
Looking for BW2 registeel to unlock regigigas
Have the following available:
Ho-oh(normal or dr)
Lugia(normal or dr)
PM me for friend code :)


event & shiny maniac
I want a SHINY, LEGIT, UT and UNCLONED Southern Island Latias. Can offer almost all the events that exist in ut condition


New Member
looking for timid latias, please pm me if you have one for trade


League Champion
looking to trade a latios for a latias. pm me if ya want to trade


New Member
looking for latias with flawless hp fire can trade you multiple things just let me know


Pokemon collector
Looking for a Shiny Latias, I am willing to help complete dex, or trade most of the standard pokemon from 4th gen
(working on 5th gen at the moment, so can't offer everything in there yet, but WILL take requests)

As always, legendaries require a small talk first, but I noticed that quite a few people are requesting a Timid Latias, which I own and am willing to trade.
If you have anything else i am currently looking for, feel free to make an offer. (also have a Lv 30 shiny UT relaxed wailmer {female} for offer)


Mostly Harmless
I have a spare lvl 35 Latios that I would love to swap for a Latias.

Please pm/message me with any inquiries/interest.


Pokemon Guru
I have a Lvl 45 Latias for trade plus tons of other stuff. Looking for tons of low level legendary's and cool shinys. Look in my sig for what I'm after. Toss me a offer regardless if you have one of them or not you never know. Worst I can say is no.


Well-Known Member
So I'm looking for a shiny and unshiny Latias. PM me and I'll say what I have.
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