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#381 Latios

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Pokemon Collector
Have a 10th ANIV Latios, looking for 5th gen events for when the games come out in America, pm me to make the deal early


dragon temer
i got a lvl35 latios untrained mostly looking for zekrom and thundarus untrained but will consider any other legendarys if interested pm me can also offer most 1-4 gen non-legendary including starters i get black on the 4th

cursed soldier

Ace trainer
im lookim for an untrained modest latios ill trade a lv100 latios for one
offering shiny latios , looking for shiny 5th gen pokemon

Jessie Mulay

Well-Known Member
Looking for an UT Latios from HG with Modest Nature. Offering Jirachi w/ Draco Meteor.


neighborhood trOll
shiny ver pm for details


Well-Known Member
i got latios / latias for trade pm me a nicely offer :) i will be transfering them to white shortly :)


lime in the coconut
Hidden Power Fire Power, Power must be at least 60-70.
Must be legit.

Will offer reasonably well. Please PM me,will respond in at least 24hrs,present wants.
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Magus lover
I have an uncaught latios on HeartGold...if anyone wants it here are my wants. You can request nature and good iv's, but I haven't the patience to go for a shiny.

Shiny wants, everything on this list MUST be legit AND shiny people:
And since people don't know how to read the top part...do NOT pm with non shiny trades!
When I say uncloned, nature, iv's and ut do not matter as long as it's below level 90ish. And for uncloned I prefer you to be the original trainer.
More wants added!
As many shiny unowns as I can get; rng'd is great. I only have *D* *K* *S* and *Y* SHINY
Japanese shiny rattata SHINY
Rattata level 2-4 from Firered or leafgreen nature/gender etc don't matter SHINY
Uncloned mewtwo SHINY
Manaphy *legit* uncloned SHINY
Uncloned non rng'd legit moltres SHINY
Timid or modest Pachirisu with good iv's in SPATK and Speed and pickup (flexible on the ability) SHINY
Jolly glameow or purugly with good iv's in Attack and Speed and own tempo SHINY
Chained purugly uncloned nature iv's don't matter SHINY
Uncloned untouched lugia *Have uncloned but he's level 100 so I can't ev him* SHINY
Dog collection stuff:
Kanto suicune (Due to confusion, want the FireRed suicune in shiny not distant land) SHINY
Kanto entei (Same as suicune) SHINY
HG/SS Raikou, Suicune, ho-oh, and lugia Japanese SHINY
Uncloned crown entei and raikou (Have suicune now) Japanese only SHINY
I'm not looking for anything else at the moment. I no longer require nicknames.

Black and White shiny wants must be nicknameable but until I get gen 5 shinys you can only have shinys from 1-4 These MUST be nicknameable or Japanese~!
Snivy x2 SHINY
Oshawott SHINY
Purrloin SHINY
Lillipup x2 SHINY
Blitzle SHINY
Minccino SHINY
Deerling one of each season so x4 SHINY
Emolga SHINY
Keldeo If it could be shiny legit? SHINY
Dreamworld rattata

Distant land shiny wants:
Anything except
Careful raikou SHINY
Bold suicune SHINY
Modest Entei, Lonely entei SHINY
Jolly togetic SHINY
The listed DL's are for trade!

Non shiny wants:
Uncloned Modest, Mild, Quiet, or Calm nature vaporeon level 100 with HP electric or grass and 440-464 HP and 319-350 SPATK


New Member

I got a egnima stone latios for offer (UT) on Black!
Pm me what you offer.


Kimetsu no Yaiba. <3
Looking for UT Latios. I have a lot to offer, including Japanese Ditto. PM me and let me know what you're seeking.


UU/NU Trainer
Looking for a Latios (nickname request a must) to trade into my white, pm me what you want


New Member
Looking for Latios/Latias willing to offer a masterball, vicitini (Lvl 15 UT), or anything in my list in the sig (I can offer multiple things for this from my list)


New Member
Have a lvl 35 Adamant Latias that I would like to trade for any Latios to complete Pokedex entry. Knows DragonBreath, Water Sport, Refresh, Mist Ball. Nothing else significant about it. PM me if interested
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New Member
Look for a latios. Please pm if willing to trade<3
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