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#385 Jirachi

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#385 Jirachi


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I have the following Jirachi, and am looking for 5th gen events when the game comes out in America, pm me to work out a deal early

2006 Pokepark
looking for a CHANNEL jirachi
offering shiny jirachi ,looking for 5th gen shinies


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Am looking for a Jirachi, preferably with Jolly or Bold nature, can trade a Victini, Zorua with any nature + dark pulse egg move or Ferroseed with Spikes and/or stealth rock egg moves let me know please :)


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I thought that it was not possible to get a shiny Jirachi without cheating.

Could probably have been an old event Jirachi.
I don't know if any shiny Jirachi were ever released as an event though.


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hi guys, i'm kinda new here. and i was not able to get the legends during their wifi giveaways. so i need a little help in my pokedex. i was hoping you guys could give some spare celebi,mew,jirachi, just some spare ones, any level will do.
i just started playing pokemon black USA..
Black FC: 3095 6445 8822
Pearl FC: 0990 1372 0444
joey is my InGameName.


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already promised my gamestop jirachi for a lucky lady.
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I have a level 100 japanese jirachi up for grabs for one of the following, must be legit, shamin, manaphy, or arceus.------
already obtained manaphy, now looking for shamin or arceus. i still got a level 100 japanese jirachi from the GTS, its nature is bashful and its moves are future sight, shock wave, grass knot, and doom desire.
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King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
Jirachi giveaway

Right now I have 2 Jirachi that I'm giving away so if you'd like to be the owner of a Jirachi for whatever reason then just PM me so that we can arrange a trade


Johto Region Trainer
offering two wishmaker jirachi's up for trade for a legit deoxys and some shinies. pm me if your interested
Wishmaker Jirachi 1: nature jolly, moves are, psychic, calm mind, doom desire, thunderbolt, level 90.
Wishmaker jirachi 2: nature bashful, moves are Wish, psychic, thunderbolt, doom desire. level 50. both are clearly legit hence the OT is named WISHMKR. still looking for a event deoxys. also a shiny evee from the world championship 2010, or Ash's pikachu from toys r us. or shiny pokemon im interested in.
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i got one legit jirachi and one fake, looking for a good offer :) i'll take something a little less for the fake :p


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Hi I'm looking for these event pokemon, I will offer at least 2 shinies for each event, I've posted this here since Jirachi appears in this list and it's the Jirachi trade topic:

ALAMOS Darkrai untouched lvl 50
SMR2010 Jirachi untouched lvl 5
MICHINA Arceus untouched
FAL2010 Mew untouched lvl 5
WIN2011 Celebi untouched

pm me thanks
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Looking for UT jirachi will trade for Thundrus, Tornadus, Reshiram, Zoroa, or Zoroark

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Hey guys, looking for UT jirachi. i will trade for any white version pokemon. i have a couple other pokemon for trade as well


Dragon Master
anyone willing to trade a jirachi for a victini?


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Looking for a jirachi, pm me please<3


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Looking for any Jirachi, will trade Victini or PM with requests
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