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#386 Deoxys - Normal Forme / Attack Forme / Defense Forme / Speed Forme

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Johto GS Original
looking for deoxys. dont have heaps to offer, but i can trade legendary's from both SoulSilver and White. also japanese pokemon
Looking for any Deoxys, as long as it is legit. I can trade:
2 of these legendaries: Palkia, Giratina, Dialga, Rayquaza, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mespirit, Uxie, Azelf, Ho-oh, Virizion, Thundurus, Kyurem or Cobalion
OR 1 of these events: Victini, Darkrai, or Jirachi
OR 1 of these shinies: Meinshao or Jumpluff

If you want to know anymore about the above please ask.

I am also willing to attach one of the following: Magmarizer, Dubious Disc, Protector, Dusk Stone, Oval Stone, Thunderstone, Waterstone
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Got a few Deoxys for trade. Please note that I'm only looking for shinys and shiny legendaries.

Lvl. 30 Birth Islands Deoxys
Lvl. 100 Shiny Birth Islands Deoxys (English)
Lvl. 100 Shiny Birth Islands Deoxys (Japanese)
Lvl. 72 Birth Islands Deoxys

If you're interested please PM me with what you can offer. (Will be asking more for the shiny Deoxys)


Straight outta Johto
Im offering a legit ut deoxys level 30 with mild nature. Im looking for UT shinies,EV'd shinies,dw pokes(If you have a UT/EVd dw Bulbasaur/evos,thats what Im looking for first priority), and anything that you believe is worth offering. Just send me a pm and I will get back to you asap


Well-Known Member
i have a defense jpn lvl 100 dexoys from kanto legit i'm lookin for a shiny or event or dw starter in return
edit:it looks legit arrived from knto after a longtravel through time. might be from LG/FR
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Everyday Im Shufflin
Wanted: Level 100 (NOT SHINY) Attack Form Deoxys. It has to be LEGIT, must have good EV's, decent IV's, and a Neutral nature.
Offering: anything in my shop, even Janta's Golurk or Carlita's Hydreigon.


looking for any deoxys, preferably speed, can offer landorus, coballion, zekrom or kyurem


Earthbound Hero
Looking for Deoxys, any kind, preferably Defense, any hold item, pm for offers.


Downpour Trainer
Hi, I'm looking for a Deoxys of any nature. I have starters, legendaries, and shinies up for trade. PM me and let's do business! Help me complete that international 'Dex!


Well-Known Member
Hi guys I'm looking for a Deoxys.
Offering a modest channel Jirachi or a Dialga.


Looking for a Lvl. 100 (Shiny), Event, (Normal form), English, Deoxys.

I can offer MYSTRY Mew, GAMESTP Entei, Shiny Ho-Oh, or UT Liberty Ticket Victini. I will offer all the following for it.UT Virizion, Cobalion, and a UT Terrakion.

If a word is in "()" Then it is optional ex.: (Shiny).


New Member
Looking for any legit Deoxys. I've got these pokemon available to trade.
All caught myself. PM me for details if you'd like to trade. Thanks :)
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I'm looking for Deoxys to complete my pokedex. It's the last one I need.
I have starters for trade.
I also have ones I got from the GTS:
Mew 10 Rash
Jirachi 100 Docile
Arceus 100 Jolly, Careful, Naughty, Docile, Bold, Modest, Timid

My black friend code is 4212 3353 5849


I got deoxys's non legit, ill take offers im not stern on it but i prefer no evs so pm me offers
I want a deoxys. Any level.
I have a level 25 shiny Rhyhorn. Male. Docile nature.
Pm me if you want to trade. My platinum fc is: 5414 7306 7283


Active Member

Hi there

I'm looking for a Deoxys, any level. It has to be a legit one.
It also has to be a european one or an american one. european preferred. NO japanese.

Im offering a level 40 mew:


ID No. 06930
Exp. points: 59331
To next level: 2119

Rash Nature


attack: 97
Defense: 95
sp. attack: 100
sp. defense: 86
speed: 99

ability Synchronize

Shadow ball
Shock wave

My pearl friend code is: 0690 1644 9372

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play since red/blue
I'm looking for a nonlegit deoxys for a trade. I have a nonlegit wshmkr jirachi to trade for it ut
nvrmind I checked I checked out and it's legit so only legit deoxys for it
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