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#386 Deoxys - Normal Forme / Attack Forme / Defense Forme / Speed Forme

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ASAP Fancys
I need any legit deoxys asap! message me with what you want for one
Looking for EV'd Deoxys-S. PM me with EV Spread & Moveset. I can offer anything from my shop.


The OD of the OG
I need a Deoxys just for Dex data. If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it. I also wouldn't mind trading for it if it has a good nature and IVs.


Where am I?
I'm looking for an unwanted Deoxys (bad nature or IV's) so I can fill up my Pokedex. I can't offer too much, but PM me if you're interested.


looking for UT Gamestp Deoxys. offering TRU manaphy. pm me for offers
trade complete!
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Johto GS Original
LF legit UT Gamestop deoxys. offering ageto celebi. pm if your keen to trade


play since red/blue
looking for any deoxys for dex entry no keep


Hello, I really need the old event pokemon Jirachi, Celebi, Mew, Deoxys, Arceus, Darkrai & Shaymin. If you have any of these at any ability i will be happy to trade any of my lvl 100s or shinys. I have shiny Lvl 100 Lickiliicky, Lvl 100 shiny Roserade, also shiny, octillery, rapidash, woobat, blitzle, haunter, abomasnow, porygonz, drilbur, altaria, I'm willing to trade over any legendary pokemon including Reshiram & Zekrom OR any of my lvl 100s - Garchomp, Togekiss, Nodoking, Nidoqueen, Raikou, Regice, Luxray. I also have Manaphy!

Hope anyone can help me out Thanks
Robbie X :)


Feather Trainer
I want a ut deoxys-S w/ max Speed IVs(25-30 Attack and/or Sp. Attack as well is fine, but I don't think the game will think such ivs are legit, but if you have one that's legit and has such IVs as well as speed, then my acceptance of the trade will be guaranteed, but if it has only one perfect IV in speed, that's ok too).

I am offering a level 86 quirky Movie 2005 Mew that I got over the gts in my Black version... Since I got it over gts, I decided to prove to you that it's legit since I know that some people here shun gts pokemon:

ID: 50716
Ability: Synchronize

If you want it to hold something from my bag, I got a pp max, a water stone, among other stuff, but since the main idea of this thread is to request trades involving Deoxys(whether the offers involve giving Deoxys away or stating your desire for one), not about simply asking for or offering items, I won't make a full list in this thread, so PM me if you want my mew and you have what I want, as well as whether or not you want Mew to hold something, and I'll negotiate accordingly...
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