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#386 Deoxys - Normal Forme / Attack Forme / Defense Forme / Speed Forme

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Looking for a legit Deoxys (don't care what form), willing to offer:

a Shiny UT Jolly-natured Haxorus with Mold Breaker ability from Nature Preserve OR
a Shiny UT Dratini OR
a Shiny UT Deerling OR
a Modest-natured Palkia Lvl. 91 OR
a Bashful Regice OR
a UT Phione Lvl. 1

willing to chuck in the Phione with any of the first five as a bonus.

EDIT: Trade Completed
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im looking for ut gamestop deoxys or ut oblivia deoxys. I already have defence form oblivia. pm me for wat I can offer please


Patrat don't exist
I am looking for Deoxys, any form, and these are the pokes I have to offer for him:
UT Lv. 50 Articuno
UT Lv. 50 Moltres
UT Lv. 70 Mewtwo
Lv. 100 Entei
Lv. 59 Suicune
UT 10th Anniversary Celebi
UT WIN2011 Celebi
UT Lv. 70 Ho-Oh
UT Lv. 50 Groudon
UT 2012MAY Darkrai
UT SPR2012 Zekrom
UT SPR2012 Reshiram
UT SMR2012 Keldeo
UT Movie14 Victini
(Willing to offer UT Lv. 5 Mew if you send over Deoxys holding Exp. Share)
(Please tell me if the Deoxys is hacked. I'll still trade, I just want to know.)
I have numerous legendaries to offer including Shiny johto beasts, a registeel and a regirock, a keldeo, some meolettas, a heatran, the kami trio, a giratina, a luigia and some others. Can also breed all starters given notice. PM me if interested.


Drragon Trainer
Hi, I have a shiny lvl 15 Japanese Mew with Pokerus. I will trade it for a legit Deoxys. Please PM me with offers :)


Swampert Trainer
Offering level 100 Deoxys, looking for event Keldeo.


Shiny Collector
Well the one trade didn't go through so I still have a Deoxys all I'm looking for is a shiny I do not have. PM me if interested. Thanks in advance.


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I have an UT GameStop event deoxys normal form for trade , looking for event gensect but open for trade PM me if interested


The Magikarp Man
Looking for a Deoxys of any level, legit. I will willingly trade one of my legendarys or rare pokemon if the price is right.


Veteran Green
Whats up guys?

I'm seeking an UNTRAINED deoxys from any any of the past events (fateful encounter)

Only interested in those that have the following natures following natures:
naive, mild, calm, timid, hasty, careful, or calm
I'm not very picky about the IV's, but the better they are, the better my trades will be

I have plenty of legit legendaries i caught myself, event exclusive pokemon, shinies, Dream world females, and many pokemon with outstanding IV's

No HACKED Deoxys's please!
They are not that hard to spot

PM me if your interested


Pokémon Blue
I'm looking for a (legit) Deoxys. I'm offering:

- Shiny Darkrai

- Shiny Salamence

- Shiny Umbreon

- Shiny Espeon

- UT Meloetta (event)

PM me if interested.
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I am looking for a UT LEGIT Deoxys, preferable Naive or Hasty.

Pokemon for trade: Female DW Bagon, Female DW Staravia, Female DW Slowpoke, Meleotta (Nature/one iv of your choice), Keldeo (Nature/One iv of your choice). Am also willing to consider other requests, barring shinies.

PM if interested.


New Member
looking for deoxys to complete my pokedex.
i rather just borrow it for a few minutes to fill the pages,
but i can offer a few shinies or legendaries.

also, if you can trade any of the following:celebi, shaymin, kyogre, darkrai, arceus, victini.
then that would be great. just like above, i rather just borrow for a few minutes to fill my pages,
but i can offer a few things for trade

pm me if you would like to help:)


I'm a pony!
I've always wanted to own a Deoxys. Anyone can help me out with one? I don't really care if it's cloned or hacked or something. Just really want one. I got legendaries and stuff. And a shiny Magmortar.


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looking for an untrained English deoxys, offering jap event meloetta/keldeo or shiny event entei UT
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