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#387 Turtwig / #388 Grotle / #389 Torterra

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Have all the starters and willing to help out others, pm me with needs.
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Hi, Looking for a Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra.
Also any Pokémon from the Chimchar and Treecko evolution lines.
I can offer any other breedables in exchange.
White 2 Friend Code: 3741 0306 7451


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Hello all!
I have every starter from all 5 gens. Looking for a sableye, not picky. PM me if you are interested in a trade. Thanks!
Can do Pokerus too!

trade complete
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Hey everybody! (So I'm hoping somebody might be willing to put down their version of X or Y just long enough to help me out with this):
I'm looking for any turtwig or evolution of that has the DW ability (or hidden ability as I guess they're supposed to be called) Shell Armor.
Level, gender, nature, iv's, attacks - none of that matters. I can offer literally anything in return (as long as it doesn't require a DW ability or being shiny).
Its also super important that this turtwig not be hacked or crafted in any way. Must be 100% legit.
PM me for exchange - thanks so much for your help! :)


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Hello, looking to try and get turtwig and chimchar, have rares to trade, no shiny pokemon though. Please pm if you are able to trade.
EDIT: Got one.
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hey guys!
i need a turtwig or any other pokemon from the turtwig family (grotle, torterra)
i can trade you these: blaziken lv 100, venasaur, cyndaquil, squirtle, mudkip, snivy, oshawott and zorua. please send private :)


Shiny Hunter
I need
-SHINY:preferably Female ;004; ;007; ;155; ;158; ;252; ;255; ;258; ;387; ;390; ;393; Tepig
-SHINY:preferably Male ;152; Snivy, Oshawott

PM me if you have! I can offer many shinies and events. :)
I'm in need of a Turtwig. I have a lot to offer so just pm me and we can start negotiating.


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Looking for Turtwig, I'm pretty sure I can breed any of the other starters from all Gens.

EDIT: Got one of off the GTS. :)
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I need a Turtwig or any of its evos. I can trade other starters.


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I am looking for any starter from Gen II - Gen V for my White 2. Not fussed about any, just would like them to complete my collection.


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I am currently looking for a dream world Snorunt with its hidden ability moody. I have every starter that I can breed and will be willing to trade more than just one. Thanks! PM me if you are interested


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I've got some turtwigs I can trade. PM me.


Hi, I am looking for the following pokemon. I can offer anything from my shop, suchas, Genesect, Shiny Groudon, Normal Groudon, Hidden ABility MALE Eevee, and so on.

What I'm Looking for:
Dragonite Level 100

Ability Multiscale

Moves: Outrage Dragon Dance, Extremespeed, Fire Punch,


ID NO: 09152

Torterra Level 100


Moves: Wood Hammer, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Swords Dance

Typhlosion Level 100

Ability Flash Fire

Moves: Eruption, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Thunderpunch

Swampert Level 100

Ability Torrent

Moves: Muddy Water, SuperPower, Earthquake, Rain Dance

Aggron Level 100

Ability Rpck Head (MUST HAVE)

Moves: head Smash
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