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;392; Help!!, Infernape problem

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;392;My friend has a really strong infernape and I just can't beat him.
Does anyone has some good tips to defeat a infernape ?
He's in level 70 and he has the move flare blitz.


a level 55+ Swampert that has high defence and knows earthquake and muddy water :)
i'l give you a mudkip if u want:)


Anything that's either faster or can stand a hit with EQ, psychic, or a good water attack.

I use a gliscor- It's all three. It can go faster, survive a hit anyway, and use EQ.

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Get a Pokemon that's faster than Infernape, also can survive after Infernape's moves. Like Dragon-type Pokemon, they can pwn Infernape with one hit.


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I once killed an Infernape using my Torterra's EQ...
The tables have turned, the balance reversed...
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