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#395 Empoleon: Your Opinions

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by SlipKnoT, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Here, discuss your thoughts on Empoleon, and if you want, Piplup and Prinplup.

    Are you a fan?
    If you are, why?
    If you aren't, WHY?!?
    What do you think of it's moves?
    What do you think of it's looks?
    What do you think of it's rare type?

    Those are a few examples of what I'm talking about.

    I'm a fan, a BIG fan, I consider myself it's biggest fan. The moves, awesome. The looks, awesome. A decent penguin pokemon? Awesome. Steel/Water typing? Awesome. In describing my thoughts on Empoleon, I can't use the words 'awesome', 'great', and 'super-special-awesome' enough.

    What are your thoughts on Empoleon?
  2. _Aerodactyl_

    _Aerodactyl_ Skilled Trainer

    My answers are in the quote ;)
  3. ~Sirnight~

    ~Sirnight~ Come along, dear

    A bigger movepool would greatly benefit him. I also don't like his looks, you'd think a giant water penguin would be more mobile.

    POKEMASTERNATHAN Well-Known Member

    Are you a fan?
    Yes,it's an awesome Pokemon.
    If you are, why?
    What do you think of it's moves?
    Marvelous.(I love poisoning Pokemon all the time)
    What do you think of it's looks?
    Kinda so-so.Not good,not bad.
    What do you think of it's rare type?
    One of the best!(Except that it leaves it vulnerable to Golem and Heracross and Rhyperior and stuff.)
  5. Enigma

    Enigma lol, i is a geenyus.

    i'm kind of a fan, although i don't use it for my team anymore. i chose it as my starter and it was the only pokemon i used until i was able to go to pal park. it learned moves that were super effective against most of the elite 4.
  6. mario_fan

    mario_fan Kawaiibunkle

    i like 'um there fun in battle they cant be poisoned by aron the can kill bertha flints a gonner and lucian cant beat mine but cyinthia she maybe able to beat min *mumbles cheater*
  7. sippy_juice

    sippy_juice Anvils are awesome

    I traded for an Empoleon, and it's become one of my favorite Pokemon. It learns many kinds of moves, can't be poisoned, and resists a whole lot. Yeah, definitely an Emploeon fan.
  8. coldFIRE-blazichard

    coldFIRE-blazichard Fire That Never Dies

    The Empoleon family is cool, about time they made a penguin Pokemon btw, 4 generations for that wtf?

    I wonder why they are so proud of themselves though, penguins are supposed to be nice xD
  9. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member

    Delibird says hi.

    If I looked that cool, I'd be cocky too. : P
  10. Ho-oh Master

    Ho-oh Master Well-Known Member

    Pochama FTW, I like him out of all the starters ever.
  11. coldFIRE-blazichard

    coldFIRE-blazichard Fire That Never Dies

    lol, totally missed that my bad xD you know how some Pokemon are forgettable

    yea Empoleon looks cool and I think they hunt seels with those metal claws, the roles have been reversed xD
  12. profpeanut

    profpeanut Well-Known Member

    I'm kind of a fan, partly because I like penguins :D (I like it better than the other starters, anyway) It's movepool is good enough and an Aqua Jet always saved the day.
  13. PokeProMaster

    PokeProMaster Nike-Air-Force

    I dont like empoleon... it just doesnt appeal to me... also the other two starters are much more useful i feal for competitive battling which is what i love to do...
  14. SlipKnoT

    SlipKnoT Well-Known Member


    SOME good sides of Empoleon as far as battling is concerned:
    1. As far as stats go, Empoleon is the second best 4th Gen starter, behind Infernape (I believe that's true, I'm 99% sure)
    2. It has a great Special Attack stat
    3. The typing removes some weaknesses that would be a big deal
    4. It's moveset pwns
    5. It has solid stats, only lacking in Speed, and even then, give it a Quick Claw
    6. If you like powerful attacks, it's one of the few pokemon that learn Hydro Cannon
    7. Don't ever say he isn't good at battling, from personal experience, Empoleon can battle with the best
  15. kronos

    kronos Well-Known Member

    Answers are bolded in the quote.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2007
  16. KidLoose

    KidLoose Warning: Narutard!

    I chose piplup as my starter after seeing the first episode of Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, as I found Dawn and her piplup to be hilarious together. I haven't regretted that decision, as empoleon has become one of my favorite pokémon of the fourth generation (right behind lopunny). I love his typing (even though one of my biggest rivals used to abuse Earthquake against me), and I feel it's pretty well balanced all around. It's a little slow for my liking, but its defense and resistances make up for that. Plus, I think it just looks cool.

    So yeah, I'm an empoleon fan! ^^
  17. Limited movepool is the problem. Almost every usable Empoleon moveset must have Grass Knot..which bothers a little.

    The typing is nice and unique, more resistances is always good.
  18. MyPartnerIsPlusle

    MyPartnerIsPlusle Well-Known Member

    Delibird is a penguin? when did that happen? Anyways, I'm not a big fan of Empoleon. Its a goofy looking Pokemon. A walking lighting rod. I'm more into Grass types. Its weird. I liked all the water type starters until Piplup came along. Also, I hated all the Grass Starters (except Bulbasaur, hes awesome) until Turtwig came along. And the only good Fire type starters are Charizard and Blaziken.
  19. coldFIRE-blazichard

    coldFIRE-blazichard Fire That Never Dies

    Strangely it is, thought it was a hmm.. red bird lol

    Blaziken and Charizard is all <3 sig below says it all
  20. MyPartnerIsPlusle

    MyPartnerIsPlusle Well-Known Member

    I could make a sig like that.
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