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#396 Starly / #397 Staravia / #398 Staraptor

Discussion in 'Sinnoh Families' started by SerebiiBot, Feb 14, 2011.

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  1. SerebiiBot

    SerebiiBot Friendly Neighbourhood SerebiiBot

  2. White2011

    White2011 Member

    Looking for an adamant UT starly.

    I can offer:
    White exclusives
    few others, pm me
  3. gvsugod

    gvsugod New Member

    Ive got a lvl 100 Staraptor, nearly maxed in Attack and Speed. Make an offer I cant refuse.
  4. White2011

    White2011 Member

    Still need adamant ut starly, pm me. Also hv mankey to trade
  5. White2011

    White2011 Member

    Still looking. Offers in sig
  6. KKS-Lapras

    KKS-Lapras Well-Known Member

    Hi. I'm trying to breed a Staraptor. I currently have a Ditto, I just need a Staraptor to breed it with. Male or female doesn't matter. I'd only need it for a short time and could trade it back if there's nothing you want specifically.
  7. MGOShockWave

    MGOShockWave Club Paradise

    need a starlyyyy please
  8. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    i'm looking for a starly offering any starter or pichu and magby with egg moves
  9. Kaptain Napalm

    Kaptain Napalm New Member

    Shiny Straraptor lvl. 50

    looking for non-cheat shinies in return
  10. KKS-Lapras

    KKS-Lapras Well-Known Member

    I'd really like to find a Staraptor, please anyone who can help message me.
  11. hoody2222

    hoody2222 stoutland is lickin

    i want a starly i have misdreavus with shadow ball
  12. slobomon

    slobomon New Member

    looking for legit max stat staraptor with roost, please PM, either on heart gold or black, preferably black, thanks
  13. johnnylaw514

    johnnylaw514 Member

    Looking for any in this family, PM.
  14. shanef3

    shanef3 New Member

    I have a shiny staraptor. trade for shinys. pm with offer
  15. allnjam

    allnjam New Member

    Looking for any Starly, preferably with roost, brave bird, and whirlwind. But fine if it doesn't PM me
  16. K1B2

    K1B2 Forecaster

    I would love to find a female DW staravia if they're available yet. I can offer a female timid DW vulpix for your trouble.
  17. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    i have a staraptor for trade lookin for pre gen pokes ex honchkrow,mismagmus
  18. DarkStar66

    DarkStar66 New Member

    looking for a starly with 31 IVs in attack/speed. i have egg move/iv bred/shiny pokemon to offer pm me
  19. staraptor rocks

    staraptor rocks fire trainer

    i have a lot of starly pm with a offer
    Last edited: May 15, 2011
  20. sentimentGX4

    sentimentGX4 Member

    Have Starlys. Check the "wants" in my sig.
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