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#396 Starly / #397 Staravia / #398 Staraptor

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Sinnoh Champ
i need of a shiny starly, dont be outragous with what you expect please


Looking for a Starly for my dex.
I have lots to offer.
PM me with offers please.


New Member
Looking for a plain old Male Starly, preferably Levels 1 or 5 for my Pokémon Black. Seeing as it's a random junk Pokémon most players can get, I can only offer junk Pokémon in rreturn, the best of which is a Sawk (Sorry!). PM me if interested, however unlikely.


Time For Time Force!
Looking for a Starly under level 10, Male, nature and moveset unimportant. Preferably not shiny. I can offer a Fire Stone or a Rare Candy. Sorry I can't offer a lot, but all help is welcome. Please PM me if you can help.

EDIT: I can offer a lot more now, including starters from Unova, Water starters from Johto and Sinnoh, Bulbasaur, Zorua, and others. PM or VM me, if you can help :)
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Sexy Trainer
Im looking for just a starly, any nature, willing to trade any version exclusives or pokemon from B/W 2


Ace Trainer
lookin' for a starly. don't want any special kind, just a normal male starly. willing to take any extra ones off someone's hands.


I have a DW male staravia, its untouched, it does have a nickname but I can change it to what you want. PM me with offers.


Well-Known Member
i'm lookin far a starly can offer certain breedables like whismur,any starter,pidgey,taillow etc...


New Member
im looking for a male starly for my dex can breed pokemon from gen I gen II and gen V pm me when ever


New Member
looking for a starly or staravia with dw ability lvl 1-15, have a couple dream world pokemon to trade for it


New Member
or ill take any starly really just as its low level like under 15, doesnt have to have dw ability. i just want one for my white 2 playthrough


Dragon Trainer
Seeking Starly. I've got quite a bit to offer, PM if you're interested in helping out. Thanks!
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