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3DS Screen going down


The Sole Survivor
I was playing my Black2 on my 3DS when I put my DS lite underneath it. then the screen went black, and the light stayed on. I figured I froze the game by hitting it or something, but when I removed my ds lite from underneath it returned to normal, no freezing game or anything. I tried applying the same pressure on back of the 3DS where the regular DS would of been, and it did nothing. I dont know if theres anything in the ds lite that would make it happen. I really just need to know if this is normal or not.


The DS systems know they're closed (and turn off the screen) when a little magnet inside the system touches the other side. By putting another DS on top of it, it makes the magnet from one of them close enough to the other to make it think it's closed (so it turns off the screen and sound). The same thing happens to alot of laptops too.


Cobalion. Yeah.
Once I put the speaker of my phone on the opposite side of the SD card on my 3DS. I figured that that's about where the 3DS's speaker is, so I thought that's what triggers the sleep mode on the game. On DSi's, it's about where the A, B, X, and Y buttons are.
I'm still not sure where it is on the DS lite.