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3rd Game Speculation - READ THE 1ST POST!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by bobandbill, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Yep. Troll.
  2. Geekachu

    Geekachu _____________

    Ah, I forgot that we were all big men and that you are just an 11 year old kid. That changes everything.

    But Skarm, could I please ask that you stop vomiting these ideas all over this thread. Most of them are just bull-plop and when no one replies to them because of their idiotic nature you keep repeating them over and over. May I request that you just think a bit more before you start trying to cram every legend that's existed and will exist into the game, or trying to conjure up events which involve you going to the Pokemon Centre in Striaton City with an event Drilbur, which activates an event where you cook poffins with the future Gen VI version mascots.

    If you're a troll, then it's working very well *hits head against the wall again*

    Anyway, back on speculation, which Pokemon do you reckon might have location changes in BW? When I was playing through White I was quite annoyed that I had to wait for Route 6 until I could catch a Deerling. I think Deerling would be quite an apt Pokemon to have in the Dark Grass of Route 2.

    I was also wondering whether they might exclude some Unova Pokemon from the dex- which is a common occurence in the third game. I reckon that they may remove Pokemon as such as Minccino- just to encourage transfers between BW and the third version.
  3. Adrexus

    Adrexus Do it the bird way!

    Oh, yes. I hated that you couldn't get Deerling until route 6 as it was a planned member on my first run through. Although, the environment of route 6 just seems a little more suited to Deerling than that of southeast Unova. (I'm trying to draw the line between what I want to happen and what I believe is realistic. If Mincinno doesn't get taken out, then I could see it showing up a little earlier in the game. Having Rufflet be a rare pokemon on route 6 would be a good idea I think. Vullaby seems to well suited to its environment, so I wouldn't change that. If they don't take out Gothita or Solosis, then I could see them maybe be in differing areas as well.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it some more, Deerling was shown in the anime as being close to Nuvema town. That could be a justification for including it early. So, a rare encounter might not be a bad thing. Or even a regular encounter rate I wouldn't mind that much.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2011
  4. KuroiMawile

    KuroiMawile Well-Known Member

    If they aren't taken out (I really think they would, there have always been exclusives taken out) Vullaby could be in the resort desert and I would agree to Rufflet being on route 7.
  5. mr jordaroo

    mr jordaroo Mudkip Enthusiast

    Is it possible they could replace the champion like they did in Emerald?
    Back then they got rid of Stephen and replaced him with Wallace introducing Juan as the new 8th gym leader, and making Stephen a much harder one-off battle.

    With this game they could remove Alder as the champion (he's already stated in the games hes lost his passion for battling and being the champion since his starter pokemon died...) and make him a much harder battle in somewhere like the Relic Castle.

    They could then have the 'extra' 8th gym leader (Iris/ Drayden) as the final Champion - this way you get to battle both of the final gym leaders and the Champion is a Dragon type master.
    I know they've already had a dragon Champion and a dragon 8th gym leader before in the 2nd generation but i've always felt it makes it much more challenging because Dragons are such bad-asses to beat!
  6. Geekachu

    Geekachu _____________

    That's what I thought tbh. I thought Deerling could fit in well there, it's a bit like Blitzle so..

    Yeah, I actually hope they make Alder a post-game boss. I never thought of Relic Castle, but that would be quite a good place. Also I was thinking maybe on the roof of the Celestial Tower.

    And I agree about the Dragon thing too. I thought that players could battle either Iris or Drayden in the Opelucid Gym, and the other one becomes the champion. Personally, I'd much prefer that. And to fight a team of Lv70 Dragons would be a lot more fun than Alder's current team IMO
  7. Grei

    Grei not the color

    Before this wave starts, I would suggest that those who are compelled to respond to Skarm-Flier should add him to the ignore list (which is what the ignore list is actually for).
    No use in feeding a troll.

    I'd love for there to be location changes. Getting a Rufflet, a Vullaby, a Mienfoo, and a Bouffalant earlier.
  8. Wardek

    Wardek U & I

    What is the Creation Trio? Never heard of it.
  9. mr jordaroo

    mr jordaroo Mudkip Enthusiast

    Well Relic Castle is where you can catch a Volcarona in the games which is Alders lead pokemon anyway, and the colours and battered appearance kinda suit him, much like finding Stephen deep inside a Meteor Falls suited him too

    A dragon type champion would be great nowadays. Given that the first time we'd battle him would most likely be after the National Pokedex is given out (like Alder in B/W) they would have an awesome team filled with all the killer dragons - Dragonite, Salamence, Garchomp, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Druddigon, Flygon, Kingdra, etc
  10. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I think Bouffalant is a bit strong to be available early, Route 10 suits him. I agree with you on the other three though, I hated having to wait so long to get my Rufflet. As others have said Route 4/Desert Resort would be a good place for Vullaby, and Route 5 or so would be nice for Rufflet.
  11. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    Typically, when the third version of the game is made, the version exclusives are either both included (Yellow, Crystal, Platinum), only one of the pair is included (Yellow, Emerald), or neither Pokemon is included (Platinum). They also generally don't include a certain Pokemon that was found in both previous games (Yellow, Crystal, Emerald). (Note that I'm only counting Pokemon on the regional Dex, and that legendaries do not count.)

    Here's what I'm predicting:

    Both included: Rufflet/Vullaby, Sawk/Throh
    One included: Petilil/Cottonee
    Neither included: Solosis/Gothita

    Since the Pokemon they normally exclude are usually found early on, I'll wager that Blitzle and Basculin will be removed. Blitzle isn't really that important, and Basculin will be removed for simplicity's sake.
  12. ellie

    ellie Δ Staff Member Admin

    okay, i warned you all and you didn't listen. thread closed.

    it may not stay closed all the way until new info is released, but don't ask me or any other mod to reopen it because that will only make it closed longer.
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