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3rd Gen General FAQ, 1st-4th Help Thread

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Ask questions here which do not relate to specific games (e.g. where do I go in RSE after beating this gym leader?, How can I etc), and refer to the first few posts for info on various aspects of the 3rd Generation games!

    Note that there are FAQ/Help threads for specific games as well, as follows:


    Below are the EV/IV guides, PokeRus FAQ and Breeding Help and Egg Move Chains.
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  2. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    Official EV's/IV's FAQ

    Thanks to:
    TRJessie579, Whompithian, Psypoke, Pokefor and Ellie.
    Colosseum EV Guide at bottom of post

    IVs – Individual Values

    What are IVs?

    The easiest way to explain IVs is that they’re like your Pokemon’s genes. They decide how high each of your Pokemon’s stats can go, and are decided when you catch them or receive them, as an Egg or from another character in the game. They never change. They are also the reason why two of the same newly-caught Pokemon at the same level with the same Nature can have different stats.

    Each of your Pokemon’s stats has a different IV value from 0 to 31, 0 being awful and 31 being perfect. At LV 100, a Pokemon with 31 IVs in their HP stat will have 31 more HP than a Pokemon with 0 IVs in their HP stat. Therefore, IVs directly correspond with your Pokemon’s stats.

    How do I know what IVs my Pokemon has?

    This value is hidden, and you can’t tell a Pokemon’s IVs just by looking at their stats. There are a few ways you can determine your Pokemon’s IVs:

    1. A very complex formula explained here:


    2. A much easier to deal with IV calculator:


    Since IV calculators are only COMPLETELY accurate when your Pokemon is at LV 100, the calculator will show the min, max, and average IVs your Pokemon can have. For example, if it shows 20 for the minimum and 25 for the maximum, your Pokemon has an IV of anywhere from 20 to 25. The average will just be the number in between those two numbers, in this case 23. The average is NOT necessarily your Pokemon’s exact IV.

    You will get more accurate answers if your Pokemon is at a higher level. Also remember that if you have battled with your Pokemon then you have gained EVs (explained below), which will make the stats inputted in the IV calculator inaccurate. If your Pokemon was not at a high level when you caught it, use Rare Candies until it is as high as you can get it, preferably LV 20 at least. Then you can input the data and reset to save the Rare Candies.

    3. In Emerald only, you can check with the “Pokemon Breeder” at the Battle Frontier. If you’re not looking for specific numbers, just the general range of your Pokemon’s IVs, he is your best bet. He is located in the house directly above the Pokemon Center at the BF.

    He will rate the first Pokemon in your party, first by TOTAL IV count:

    “This one, overall, I would describe as being of average ability.” 0 – 90 total IVs
    “This one, overall, I would describe as having better-than-average ability.” 91 – 120 total IVs
    “This one, overall, I would say is quite impressive in ability!” 121 – 150 total IVs
    “This one, overall, I would say is wonderfully outstanding in ability!” 151 – 186 total IVs

    And then he will rate your Pokemon’s highest INVIDIUAL IV count (note that if your Pokemon has more than 1 perfect stat, he will choose one at random to mention):

    “Incidentally, the best aspect of it, I would say, is its (insert stat here)..."

    “That stat is relatively good. ...Hmm... That's how I call it.” 0 - 15
    “That stat is quite impressive. ...Hmm... That's how I call it.” 16 - 25
    “That stat is outstanding! ...Hmm... That's how I call it.” 26 - 30
    “It's flawless! A thing of perfection! ...Hmm... That's how I call it.” 31

    How do I get better IVs?

    A Pokemon’s IVs are completely random, but you CAN influence IVs through breeding. A Pokemon will inherit 3 IVs from its parents (which stats pass down their IVs, and which parent they are passed down from, is chosen at random), and the other 3 stats will have random IVs. If you breed parents with good IVs, and you are patient, you will eventually get a baby with very good stats. To ensure that you have a better chance of passing down good IVs, if possible, you can replace one of the parents with a hatchling of the same gender if you find that the hatchling has better IVs.

    If you are trying to get good IVs on a Pokemon that can't breed but does have an overworld sprite, such as most legendaries, you can soft-reset for good IVs. To do this, you will have to use the equation linked to above in order to calculate what the Pokemon's stats need to be for it to have perfects IVs at the level you encounter it. Then you'll have to catch it to see what its stats are. Only worry about two or three stats and a good Nature, or you could be soft-resetting for a very long time. You won't be able to use Rare Candies to level it up all the way to calculate its exact IVs because if you do, and it turns out to have excellent IVs, you'll be stuck with an outstanding Pokemon that can't be EV trained (more on this below).

    What is HP/Hidden Power and what does it have to do with Ivs?

    The move Hidden Power (TM 10) has a different move type and power based on your Pokemon’s IVs. Since IVs don’t change, the Hidden Power your Pokemon has is the one it will always have.

    Here is the main site’s page on HP, and an equation on how to figure out what kind your Pokemon has:


    The main site’s IV calculator also shows you your Pokemon’s HP type and power, but again, since IV calculators are only completely accurate at LV 100, you don’t want to rely on the calculator to tell you your Pokemon’s HP. The best way, if you don’t want to bother with the calculation, is to battle a Kecleon. When you use the move, Kecleon will change to the type of your Pokemon’s HP.

    If you can’t find Kecleon, or you aren’t using a game that has it, just use process of elimination. For example, if you battle a Grass-type Pokemon and Hidden Power is super effective, it can only be Fire, Poison, Ice, Flying, or Bug. Battle another type to eliminate more options until you’re left with the only possible HP type your Pokemon can have.

    EVs – Effort Values

    What are EVs?

    EVs are the main reason that trained Pokemon are so much better stat-wise than their wild counterparts. Every time you battle, your Pokemon will gain EVs depending on the defending Pokemon, and each Pokemon you battle has a set number of EVs in a set number of stats that it will give you. For example, Zubat gives 1 Speed EV. Rayquaza gives 2 Attack EVs and 1 Sp. Attack EV. The better and stronger your opponent, the more EVs you will gain.

    EVs are so important because 4 of them = 1 stat point. Each Pokemon can have a total of 510 EVs, with a max of 255 in a single stat. This means that a Pokemon with full EVs in one stat will have +63 more in that stat than a Pokemon with no EVs.

    EV-gain is tied to gaining EXP from battle, so you must defeat the opponent Pokemon to gain the EVs. This also means that any Pokemon that gains EXP from the battle gains full EVs from the defending Pokemon, whether they actually defeat the Pokemon, only participate in the battle (even without attacking), or are holding the EXP Share.

    VERY IMPORTANT—Stat gain from EVs is NOT added up all at once, but gradually as your Pokemon gains levels. At LV 100, your Pokemon will have all the stat gain from EVs it is supposed to, but you may not see large stat gains all at once. For example, if you have a low level Pokemon battle 20 Zubat, you will not necessarily see a +5 gain when it levels up. However, you probably WILL see this kind of gain in a LV 50 Pokemon that’s just starting to battle.

    Here's another example, since people still seem confused on this point:

    Since EV-training adds +63 in a fully trained stat TOTAL, you're not going to see huge leaps and bounds of stats every level. People new to EV-training expect to see +10 in the EV-trained stat every level, but that just doesn't happen since the max is 63. EV-training still makes a difference, but it doesn't add hundreds of points to the stat. Seeing only a +1 or +2 to a stat is NORMAL, and doesn't mean EVs aren't working.

    Whompithian has provided us with an equation to figure out how much stat gain from EVs your Pokemon should have received at certain levels, which you can use to make sure your EV training is on track:

    What else, besides battling, influences EVs?

    There are two other things that will change your Pokemon’s EVs, and those are Vitamins and the EV-reducing Berries in Emerald.

    Vitamins are the items Calcium, Carbos, HP Up, Iron, Protein, and Zinc. They each add 10 EVs to the stat that they correspond to. You can ONLY feed your Pokemon Vitamins until they have 100 EVs in that stat. After that is when you will get the “it has no effect” message. The best time to use Vitamins is before the Pokemon has ever battled, so that you can get all 10 in. It’s expensive, but it saves loads of time EV-training.

    In Emerald only, Berries #21-26 will raise your Pokemon’s happiness, and also lower their corresponding stat by 10 EVs. The Berries are Pomeg (HP), Kelpsy (Attack), Qualot (Defense), Hondew (Sp. Attack), Grepa (Sp. Defense), and Tamato (Speed).

    The normal message you will get when you feed a Pokemon an EV-reducing Berry is “[Pokemon] adores you! The base [stat] fell!” If there are no more EVs left in that stat, but your Pokemon is not at max happiness, you will get the message “[Pokemon] turned friendly! [Stat] can’t fall any more.” If there are no more EVs left in the stat and your Pokemon is at max happiness, you will get the message “It will have no effect.”

    If your Pokemon is holding the Macho Brace item, any EVs it gains in battle will be doubled (so Zubat will give 2 Speed EVs instead of 1). In the case of more than one Pokemon participating in the battle, ONLY the one holding Macho Brace will gain the extra EVs. The other Pokemon that gain EXP will gain the normal amount. The only downside is that Macho Brace will decrease your Pokemon’s Speed while in battle, but it will not affect your Pokemon’s actual Speed stat in any way. Once you remove the Macho Brace, it will be back to normal.

    Pokerus also doubles EV gain, without the temporary Speed loss that the Macho Brace gives. With Pokerus AND the Macho Brace, you gain 4 times the EVs from one Pokemon!

    What is EV-training?

    EV-training means battling only Pokemon that give EVs in the stats that you want to raise, making your Pokemon stronger where it matters most. You will gain EVs just from battling normally, but if you choose who you battle, you can make much better use of the EVs.

    In-game, the easiest set to have would be 255 EVs in one stat and 255 in another, giving you a final +63 in each of those two stats. This would just require you battling two kinds of Pokemon until you think you’ve gained all the EVs you can.

    For those who have the patience to keep careful track of their EVs, since there is no other way to know exactly what EVs your Pokemon has, the more common set is 252, 252, 6. This is because, while 255 is the max EVs you can have in one stat, you are wasting 3 EVs since 4 EVs = 1 stat point. Putting the last 6 in a third stat means that you won’t waste that one extra stat point. The other common in-game set is 252, 129, 129.

    In Netbattle, more complex sets are used, but it’s much harder to do in-game, since you have to keep very careful track of your EVs.

    What stats should I EV-train in?

    This depends completely on the Pokemon and the moveset you are going to use for it.

    For example, let’s say you have an Alakazam with this moveset:

    Calm Mind
    Ice Punch

    This is what’s known as a Special Sweeper, a Pokemon that uses Special Attacks, and usually one stat-increasing move, to quickly wipe out an opponent’s team. These Pokemon need power and speed, so you would want to max out its Special Attack and Speed EVs to make it as effective as possible.

    A Tank, which usually has mostly defensive or recovering moves, would want EVs in Defense, Sp. Defense, and HP.

    www.smogon.com has moveset and EV spread recommendations, or if you want to ask for opinions on a specific Pokemon, you can go to the RMT section of the forums.

    Where are good places to EV-train my Pokemon?

    I’m not going to go into what Trainers have Pokemon with what EVs, just the BASIC places to EV-train. The best places are ones that have only (or mostly) Pokemon that give the EVs that you want, so you can do it as quickly as possible.

    The other option is Secret Bases, which I’ll get into further down.


    HP – Whismur (1 EV) in Rusturf Tunnel OR Marill (2 EVs) Surfing in Petalburg OR Wailmer (1 EV) fishing with Super Rod in many Routes, including 105-110
    Attack – Shuppet (1 EV) in Mt. Pyre (Sapphire only) OR Carvanha (1 EV) and Sharpedo (2 EVs) with the Super Rod, Route 118 east of Mauville
    Sp. Attack – Numel (1 EV) on Route 112 (run from Marill)
    Defense – Clamperl (1 EV) in the grass underwater when using Dive, anywhere (run from Chinchou and Relicanth)
    Sp. Defense – Tentacool (1 EV) and Tentacruel (2 EVs) Surfing almost anywhere (run from any other Pokemon)
    Speed – Wingull (1 EV), Zigzagoon (1 EV), Electrike (1 EV), Linoone (2 EVs) and Manectric (2 EVs) on Route 118 (run from Kecleon)


    HP – Whismur (1 EV) in Rusturf Tunnel OR Marill (2 EVs) Surfing in Petalburg OR Wailmer (1 EV) fishing with Super Rod in many Routes, including 105-110
    Attack – Shuppet (1 EV) in Mt. Pyre
    Sp. Attack – Spinda (1 EV) and Slugma (1 EV) in Route 113 east of Fallarbor (run from Skarmory) OR Numel (1 EV) on Route 112 (run from Marill)
    Defense – Geodude (1 EV), Graveler (2 EVs) and Torkoal (2 EVs) in the Team Magma Base
    Sp. Defense - Tentacool (1 EV) and Tentacruel (2 EVs) Surfing almost anywhere (run from any other Pokemon)
    Speed – Zubat (1 EV) in Altering Cave


    HP – Dunsparce (1 EV) in the grass outside of the cave on Three Island
    Attack – Paras (1 EV) in the lower levels of Mt. Moon
    Sp. Attack – Gastly (1 EV) and Haunter (2 EVs) in Pokemon Tower (run from Cubone)
    Defense – Tangela (1 EV) in the grass south of Pallet Town
    Sp. Defense - Tentacool (1 EV) and Tentacruel (2 EVs) Surfing almost anywhere (run from any other Pokemon)
    Speed – Diglett (1 EV) and Dugtrio (1 EV) in Diglett’s Cave

    Secret Base EV-training only works in R/S/E, and only if you have two games, or a friend with a game. In your other game, make a team of 6 of the same Pokemon that give 3 EVs to the stat that you want. Establish a Secret Base, then mix records with your main game. You now have a place to battle, once a day, where you can get 18 EVs each day (double/four times that if you have the Macho Brace/Pokerus/both). It’s also a good idea to get rid of all attacking moves on the Pokemon in the base, so that they’re easier to fight.

    Here are suggestions for Pokemon to obtain that don’t take a lot of effort to train up to their final forms:

    HP – Azumarill
    Attack – Shiftry, Victreebel
    Sp. Attack – Beautifly
    Defense – Golem
    Sp. Defense – Dustox
    Speed – Raichu, Jumpluff

    If you want to know which other Pokemon give which EVs, you can search the site’s Pokedex by EV type, here:


    How do I know what EVs my Pokemon has, or when their EVs are maxed out?

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what EVs your Pokemon has unless you have been keeping track of each and every Pokemon you battle.

    However, in R/S/E, there is a woman in the Slateport Market who will give your Pokemon an Effort Ribbon when their EVs are maxed out (all 510). There is no way to know if your Pokemon has maxed EVs in FR/LG.

    What else should I know before I start EV training?

    Rare Candies: These items have NO ill effects on your Pokemon, they merely raise your Pokemon’s level without giving them any EVs. They are helpful to use on low-level Pokemon, to get them to a decent level before you start battling for EVs, or on Pokemon that already have full EVs, so that you don’t have to waste the time battling to level them up.

    The one thing you don’t want to do is to raise your Pokemon ONLY on Rare Candies, since this will mean they will gain no EVs, and therefore be weaker than Pokemon with full EVs.

    LV 100 Pokemon: LV 100 Pokemon can not gain EVs, since EV-gain is based on gaining EXP in battle, which LV 100 Pokemon don’t do. However, you CAN raise their EVs with Vitamins. In G/S/C there was a “box trick” where you could battle with a LV 100 Pokemon, then deposit it into the PC and withdraw it, and it would have the stat gain from the EVs it obtained through battle, but this does not work in any of the 3rd gen games.

    DVs – Dynamic Values

    What are DVs?

    In the 3rd gen games, DVs are just a term to describe ALL of the values in the game that affect a Pokemon’s stats, and make one Pokemon different from the other. Besides IVs and EVs, here are the others:


    The one basic thing that every player knows is that when your Pokemon’s level rises, so do their stats. The stats your Pokemon will have at certain levels (not counting any of the other DVs, like EVs/IVs/Nature/etc) is determined by its base stats, which are listed in each Pokemon’s entry in the main site’s Pokedex.


    You can see a list of all Natures on the main site, here. Each Nature raises one stat by 10%, and lowers another by 10%. There are no Natures that affect the HP stat.

    There are also five neutral Natures (Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, and, Quirky) which raise and lower the same stat, so they do not affect your Pokemon’s stats at all.


    Okay, so it doesn’t affect stats, but this still counts as a DV. Each Pokemon has a number from 0 to 255 that controls their gender. With Pokemon that are either always male, always female, or genderless, they still have a number, but it doesn’t really affect anything.

    For Pokemon with a 50/50 chance of being male/female, a GV from 0 – 127 will mean they will be female, and one from 128 – 255 will mean they will be male.

    For Pokemon with a 75/25 chance of being male/female, a GV from 0 – 63 will mean they will be female, and one from 64 – 255 will mean they will be male.

    For Pokemon with a 25/75 chance of being male/female, a GV from 0 – 191 will mean they will be female, and one from 192 – 255 will mean they will be male.

    For Pokemon with a 12.5/87.5 chance of being male/female (no, I am not making this up—this is the normal ratio for Pokemon like starters, Eevee, etc), a GV from 0 – 223 will mean they will be female, and one from 224 – 255 will mean they will be male.

    Useful Resources

    These are all the things I find helpful for dealing with DVs. Most have been linked throughout the guide, but here they all are in one place, plus a few more:

    Pages on the main site
    IV Equation
    IV Calculator
    HP Equation
    Natures Page
    Pokemon listed by what EVs they give

    Other pages

    Metalkid's Site
    Kept meaning to add this. >>;; It has a downloadable program that not only has a very accurate IV calculator but an entire Pokemon planner that can help you calculate stats with different IVs/EVs, choose moves, find breeding chains, and more.

    Psypoke’s Stat Calculator
    GREAT tool, just input the Pokemon, level, and their EVs/IVs/Nature, and it will tell you what stat it will have.

    Site with moveset and EV spread suggestions for every Pokemon.

    (be absolutely sure you read this part!!!)

    Q: What are IV's/EV's?
    A: Read above! Seriously, it's too complex to explain in a simple sentence.

    Q: Is x value (IV's, EV's, Shininess, Gender, etc.) related to y value?
    A: Unlike in GSC, none of the hidden and/or visble values are tied to one another. A Pokemon's gender, IV's, shininess, and other things have nothing to do with each other.

    Q: How do Pokerus and Macho Brace work with EV's?
    A: Each of them gives a 2x boost to the amount of EV's. So if you fight a Zubat while holding Macho Brace, you get 2 Speed EV's instead of one. They also stack with each other, so if you fought the same Zubat with Pokerus and holding Macho Brace, you'd get 4 Speed EV's.

    Q: Are EV's and IV's really important?
    A: If you're just playing the ingame storyline, no, you'll be fine without worrying. However, if you're playing against humans or in the Battle Tower/Frontier, they make all the difference.


    Sheer Cold's EV Guide to Colosseum

    Hello! This is my guide to help you in Colosseum. In this guide, I will tell you all of the EVs the Colosseum Pokémon give you, the Pokémon you can use to defeat them, and a few tips here and there. Good luck, and have fun!
    ~Section One: Beginnings~
    In thia part of the game, there are many cutscenes. After the TV interview, your first battle will come. A Rider, named Willie, will challenge you.


    He has two Zigzagoons, which will give you two Speed EVs. Espeon is the only one who will benefit from this. Unless you are willing to have Umbreon be KOed by the Zigzagoons, its EVs are going to be messed up. To defeat the Zigzagoons, A Confusion and Secret Power combo will defeat one easily. They are really not a threat. If you just give that combo to both, the most you'll get is a Tail Whip from one.

    After the battle, you will move onto Phenac City, where you will find two guys from before with a bag. One, named Folly, will challenge you.


    Just two Whismurs for this guy. Both will give you one HP EV, giving a total of two HP EVs. Espeon will not be helped by this, so if you want to sacrifice it, go ahead. If not, have Espeon give Umbreon a Helping Hand. It will take effect before any of the other attacks. With this boost, Umbreon's Bite will take out a Whismur no problem. You have nothing to fear from this guy, either, unless you have Espeon take fall. In which case, the Whismur might take a chunk off of Umbreon's health while you wait for Espeon to faint.

    After this battle, you will get your partner (name her whatever you please, it really doesn't matter). Now, the Pokémon Center is accessible. Go in, and save your mintue progress.

    Now that you've saved for the first time, you should go visit the Mayor. he lives up the stairs and to the left. As you approach the house, a cutscene with the villain Nascour will happen. Don't worry about fighting him, that'll come later in the game. So, go into the Mayor's house, and watch your partner tell the Mayor of her kidnapping. When the scene ends, the Mayor will tell you to go to the Phenac Colosseum. It's at the very top of the city. There's a guy and a Jigglypuff at the entrance, in case you can't find it. Go in, and talk to the woman, who will tell you there's no room for other contestants. So, after that disappointing bit of news, exit the Colosseum, to be confronted by three Snagem Members. they'll talk for a bit, and then, one will challenge you.


    You don't have much to fear from this guy, except some really bad EVs. He has a Koffing, which will give you Defense, and a Corphish, which hands out some Attack. While Umbreon could use the Defense, Attack will help neither of them. Espeon and Umbreon are ruined, now.
    To defeat Koffing, just give it a Confusion from Espeon. It'll faint instantly. If not(mine just might have high IVs), it'll be pretty darn close. And, have Umbreon give Corphish a Bite Atack. The STAB from the Dark Type Bite and Umbreon's Dark Type Element ought to put Corphish's health into the middle of the yellow area. With luck, this will also cause Corphish to flinch. If not, any attack from it shouldn't do too much against you. To finish up, just have Espeon attack it, Return or Confusion, it doesn't matter. If for some reason it's still alive, Umbreon's Bite will take it down.

    Team Snagem will now flee from your might. Then, your partner(I will call her Rui, since it is her proper name) will tell you that you need Poké Balls. So, go to the Pokémart, which is to the upper-right of the Pokémon Center. Go in, and find a lady with a dark red dress. She'll tell you that there aren't any Poké Balls here(and oddly, there won't be for the rest of the game), but she knows there are some in the Outskirt Stand(which is the train you came from). After that, leave Phenac City, and go back to the Outskirt Stand. Go in, and talk to the bartender. He'll give you some Poké Balls for free(five, to be precise). After he gives you them, you can purchase Great and Poké Balls there. If you have battled everyone in this Guide(which is kind of hard to avoid), then you should have enough money to buy 12 Great Balls, and 19 Poké Balls. You'll also receive a Premier Ball. However, if you really like Premier Balls, buy 11 Great Balls. Then, buy 10 Poké Balls, and then buy another 10. This way, you'll get two pretty Premier Balls. After your purchases, you can go back to Phenac(unless you want to talk to Willie, who'll tell you that Team Snagem's looking for you). Once you get there, a lady will tell you that scary guys came to Phenac City. Go to the Pokémon Center first, and save! You have to save frequently if you want to beat the game.

    After saving, head for the Mayor's house. Once inside, you'll get an introduction to Miror B., the disco-crazed psycho we all know and love. A cutscene will occur, in which you'll see Folly and his friend, and three new men. Miror B. will leave during this scene, as will the new guys. But, Folly and his friend will stay behind, and they're nto happy with you. Folly talks with you about last time, and then challenges you to a rematch!


    Umbreon will love you for this. Folly's gotten rid of one of his Whismurs, and replaced it with a Lotad. Now, you've got one HP Point from Whismur, and one Special Defense Point from Loatd, both of which will benefit Umbreon. As for strategy, there's not much of one. One Confusion from Espeon will OHKO Whismur, and a Bite from Umbreon will halve Lotad's health, and probably make it flinch. If not, the worst you'll get from the Lotad is an Astonish, which will barely hurt either of your Pokémon. A Confusion/Bite will beat Lotad, whichever attack you decide to use.

    Easy, huh? Well, it turns out, Folly's friend's a lot harder!


    Trudly's a lot harder than Folly, 'cause he's got your first Shadow Pokémon! First off, you should know what you'll get from this battle. Trudly's Duskull will give you one Special Defense Point, and one Defense Point also, perfect for Umbreon! Trudly's Spinarak, however, will give you an Attack Point, which is bad for both of them. And, if you decide to defeat Makuhita, or just do accidentally, it gives one HP Point. Strategy: Give Spinarak Espeon's Confusion, and it'll go down instantly. A Bite from Umbreon will put Duskull's health into the red, or OHKO it if a Critical Hit occurs. Duskull may Flinch, but it's somehow not as probable as Lotad. After Spinarak faints, out comes your prize, a Shadow Makuhita! As soon as it appears, Rui's pupils will dilate, and she'll she Makuhita's evil. It will attack you, and she'll tell you you have to capture it. First off, finish off Duskull with another Bite, unless it's already down. In which case, give Makuhita a Taunt, as you do NOT want it using Focus Energy. As for attacking, give Makuhita a good strong Return, Espeon style. That should put it near the yellow. Makuhita knows some strong attacks. It can Cross Chop you, which will really hurt Espeon, and probably OHKO Umbreon. Vital Throw does a good bit of damage too, but neither of your Pokémon should faint from it. Another Return from Espeon should put Makuhita into the early red stage of health. At this point, one of your Pokémon will be close to fainting, and Makuhita will finish the job. A Cross Chop, or a Vital Throw will KO either of them if it attacked the previous turn. Although, two Vital Thows might not beat Espeon entirely. They'll hurt bad, but not quite KO. After two Returns, and possibly a Shadow Rush from Makuhita (recoil), it'll be tired, and ready to catch. I would suggest using the Premier Ball to commemorate this event, but if you want to save it for something better, use a Poké Ball. Makuhita should be captured by either of those Balls, so congrats! You've Snagged your first Pokémon! Unless, of course, you want to KO Makuhita. Though I fail to see why you would, a Confusion from Esepon equals OHKO.

    Trudly and Folly will flee, leaving you free to save your progress, and heal your team at the now-familiar Pokémon Center. Don't worry about the guys guarding the exits, I'll teach you how to beat them a little later.

    After saving, continue onto the next battle, a Mystery Trooper. I will be going with Bayleef in this, as people seem to like it most. If you don't choose Bayleef, try to modify the attacks given for Bayleef throughout the rest of the Guide. Talk to the green Trooper, who is right next to the Mayor's house. He'll battle you, and he has something worth battling for


    This guy will send out a Bayleef and a Grimer/Spoink to battle you. Bayleef will give you Special Defense and Defense EVs, one of each. Spoink gives Special Defense as well, and Grimer gives HP. This battle was made for Umbreon! If you'd like to deposit Espeon and Makuhita in the PC, go ahead, but Espeon's quite useful here. Before you even start, you should know that you can reset for a Female Bayleef, which I highly advise. If you have R/S only, then no Ditto will be there to breed with a Male Bayleef, which is why you'll want a Female. The first thing to do in the battle is to determine the opponent. If he sends out Spoink, give it a Bite from Umbreon. If Grimer's there, give it a Confusion, which should nearly defeat it. Then, give Grimer a Secret Power after the Confusion, whcih will finish it off. Bayleef can be troublesome, as it's stronger than Espeon and Umbreon. It knows Razor Leaf, which will hit both of them. With Secret Power, however, Bayleef's accuracy will be lowered, which could save you later in the battle. The best way to weaken Bayleef is to Secret Power and Confusion it. If you use this combo twice, its health will be in the red, but not so far that a Shadow Rush will beat it. Watch out for Synthesis, Bayleef knows it and is not afraid to use it. Once its health is in the red, you can either capture it, or finish it off. If you want to beat it, for whatever reason, give it a Confusion. If you want to catch it, use a Great Ball. If it escapes, it will either heal itself with Synthesis, or Shadow Rush itself to death. Keep throwing Great Balls/weakening Bayleef is it Synthesizes, and you'll capture it eventually. Once you do, I would suggest keeping it in your party, as it's a valuable asset.

    After your triumph, Verde will go away, leaving the way to Pyrite Town wide open. But, we're not done with Phenac yet. Heal and Save first, and get ready to take on the Pre-Gym.

    Before the Pre-Gym, there's a prize to be gained in this City. Go to the opposite side of where Verde was, where you could've faced Rosso. Go up in a space between the house and the water. A Roller Boy will be there, and he'll battle you.


    He has a Wurmple and a Silcoon, both giving three HP Points. Bayleef and Umbreon will be best for this job(aren't you glad you chose Bayleef now?). He's really easy to defeat though. Have Bayleef execute a Shadow Rush on Wurmple. Two things may happen. Either it will hit and hurt, or Hyper Mode will fire up. If Hyper Mode happens, keep it. If it's regular, oh well. Have Umbreon Secret Power Silcoon, whcih will take slightly less than half off its health. Now that your turn is over, you have to deal with the opponents. Silcoon will Tackle, and Wurmple will probably String Shot(and this guy says he's good at battling >.>). If Bayleef is in Hyper Mode, have it Shadow Rush Wurmple. More than likely, you'll get a Critical Hit, and KO Wurmple. If Bayleef is normal, use another Shadow Rush, which should accomplish the same thing. Umbreon should use Secret Power again on Silcoon. Now, its health will be in the red. Another Tackle coming, but it won't affect you much. Now for Bayleef. If it's in Hyper Mode, Call it, and its Heart Gauge should almost go down a whole bar. If it's not, finish off Silcoon with a Shadow Rush (unless it causes Hyper Mode, in which case, you'll have to Call it later). If you Called Bayleef, use Umbreon's Secret Power to defeat Silcoon. Either way, Silcoon's down, and you've won! But, the best has yet to come. Due to his being impressed with you, Kaib will give you a TM41, which happens to be Torment!

    Go Save, and get ready for the Pre-Gym.

    Enter the Gym, but don't battle just yet. Go left, onto the 'ledge'. Talk to the woman by the board, and she'll give you the Strategy Memo. It's useful for finding out stuff about your favorite Pokémon. After that, go to the right, and have a talk with Justy. He'll get the Arena ready for you, so to speak. Walk into it, and stand by the left. When Rui walks downward on her own, and talks to you, you'll know you're in the right place. First up, the Grass Trainer.


    Derived from 'botany', this guy's got a Sunkern and a Hoppip. That's one Special Attack EV from Sunkern, and one Special Defense EV from Hoppip. Not much to do except absorb the improper EVs with Umbreon and Espeon. Give Sunkern a Confusion, which should be an OHKO. Due to Hoppip's decent Special Defense, Bite is not the way to go with Umbreon. Give it a Secret Power instead, which should take about half off. One more Confusion to Hoppip wil get rid of it, and if it doesn't another Secret Power will certainly end it.

    Botan will leave, and you should accept the next battle, as they're also a bad EV mix. A girl will come up this time, and of course, battle time.


    Derived from 'liquid', this trainer's got a Surskit and a Marill. That's two HP Points, and a Speed Point from Surskit. Not good. Umbreon and HP go alright, and Espeon and Speed work, but the reverse is a bad thing, which is what inevitably happens. So, just give Marill a Confusion (by now, I shouldn't have to say who), and Surskit a Bite (same as other message in parentheses). It'll take 3/4 off Marill, and 1/2 off Surskit. Therefore, another combo of Confusion and Secret Power will finish the battle.

    This time, stop the battles, and go heal Espeon and Umbreon. Save too, probably, and hurry back to finish up this Gym imposter.

    In the Gym, you may want to talk to the teacher again, just for good measure (she updates the Memo every time you see a new Pokémon, and you definitely saw some!). After that, switch Esepon with Makuhita. These next battles will be good for it. Talk to Justy, and get ready for the battles. Walk into the yellow ring, and get ready to fight rich people!


    Derived from 'dug'(past tense of 'dig'), this boy has a Trapinch and a Swinub. Both will give you Attack EVs, giving you a total of two Attack EVs. Umbreon's EVs are already messed up, so it doesn't matter with it, but Makuhita is a Physical Pokémon, which means Attack is the prominent Stat to boost. Start off with a Bite to Swinub (it knows Dig, which is annoying and painful). It will take a lot off it, and probably make it Flinch. Have Makuhita Shadow Rush it. If it goes into Hyper Mode, Call it next turn. If Makuhita's Hyper, use Umbreon's Secret Power on Swinub and finish it off. If it isn't, use Bite on Trapinch. If Maku isn't Hyper, follow up with a Shadow Rush. This should beat it(unless it goes Hyper, in which case you need to call it next time). If Maku was Called, though, you have one more turn. Use Secret Power, and end the battle.

    Dugo will leave now, only to be replaced by a female rich person, and your final opponent.


    Derived from some word I am NOT familar with, Gwin uses a Geodude and a Rhyhorn. Both give you Defense EVs, which benefit both Makuhita and Umbreon. If Maku's Hyper, Shadow Rush Rhyhorn. This should really decimate, if not KO, it. If it's not Hyper, Shadow Rush Geodude. This should hurt it pretty good. Have Umbreon Bite Geodude, not matter what Maku's condition. This should put it into the red(non-hyper Maku)/yellow(Hyper Maku). Now, Call Maku if he's Hyper, and have Umbreon Bite Geodude. If Maku's normal, have him Shadow Rush Rhyhorn, and keep the Bite on Geodude. Geodude will be gone by now, so focus on Rhyhorn. Bite and Shadow Rush it, Calling Maku if he goes Hyper on you, and defeat the Pre-Gym! Almost, that is.

    Justy will walk up to you, and give you a White Herb for a job well done. In addition, you can go down to the area where the Trainers come from, and see them and their Pokémon(and some awesome landscapes). Justy will tell you to come back when your party is full, which it shouldn't be right now. Go to the Center and Save+Heal, and get ready to voyage to Pyrite Town!

    Before you depart, make sure that you battled everyone. If you did, your Pokémon's EVs should look like this:

    HP: 6
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 2
    Special Attack: 1
    Special Defense: 4
    Speed: 3
    Total: 18 EVs

    HP: 9
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 4
    Special Attack: 1
    Special Defense: 4
    Speed: 3
    Total: 25 EVs

    HP: 3
    Attack: 0
    Defense: 0
    Special Attack: 0
    Special Defense: 0
    Speed: 0
    Total: 3

    HP: 0
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 2
    Special Attack: 0
    Special Defense: 0
    Speed: 0
    Total: 4​

    At the moment, Umbreon's far ahead. But, being an EV Sponge, that's because it's taking away the bad EVs. Makuhita and Bayleef will grow later on. The thing with Double Battles is that they're hard to gain EVs from. It may take a while before new battles come up that are suitable for one of the two. See ya in Section Two!

    SC~ out
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    PokeRus Guide by Dratini927

    Well, lately I have seen a lot of threads talking about PokeRus, so I decided to create a FAQ thread about PokeRus. Below are commonly asked questions about PokeRus that the main site may not go over. If you have a question about PokeRus, it may be answered here, and if you still don't understand something, then post it in here, and it should be answered. :)

    What is PokeRus?
    - PokeRus is a "virus" that enhances stats to your Pokemon and allows EV's to be doubled in battle. It's the same as Macho Brace, but without the lowering of Speed.

    How do I get PokeRus?
    - PokeRus is obtained from wild Pokemon in the game. You do not need to catch a Pokemon to obtain PokeRus. Instead, all that needs to be done is a move that makes Contact (i.e. mostly physical attacks and moves such as Bite, Crunch, Spark) to a Pokemon that has it, and there's a chance that it will go onto the your Pokemon that hit the infected wild Pokemon. You will know when you have PokeRus if you look in the Status condition area of a Pokemon and it says "PKRS".

    How do I spread PokeRus over to my other Pokemon?
    - PokeRus can only be spread on Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, because those games have are clock-based. If you have an infected Pokemon on Fire Red, Leaf Green, Colosseum or XD, you cannot spread it. Spreading it means having the infected Pokemon in your party with your other Pokemon. In time, the infected Pokemon will spread PokeRus over to your other Pokemon.

    How long does PokeRus last?
    - PokeRus doesn't last very long in Ruby/Sapphire/Emearld. If the infected Pokemon is in your party, PokeRus lasts, depending on the Pokémon (it's preset), 1 to 3 days. A "day" is counted as passing by for an infected poke which is in your party at midnight.

    How do I keep PokeRus?
    - It's very easy to make sure that you always have PokeRus on your game. All you have to do is keep the infected Pokemon in your Box. If you're on Fire Red or Leaf Green, you do not have to worry at all, as PokeRus will never leave because the game is not clock-based.

    I see a dot next to where it used to say PKRS, what happened?
    - If you see a dot in the Status area, that means the Pokemon has lost the PokeRus virus and can never get it again. PokeRus tends to leave quickly, so be sure to get your training in quickly if you want the added effects of the virus to help your Pokemon's stats. Even after your Pokemon loses the PokeRus status, and gets the dot, it will still gain the double EV values always.

    And that's about it. If there are any other questions that I do not have answered in here, ask them here and I'll add them to this post. :)
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    Breeding and Egg Move Chains!

    Original list compiled by Jess, Aceleader, and Fro-Dizzy. Jess wrote all of the original breeding guide. Most of that is intact, with a little addition by TRJessie579 for clarification.

    3rd Gen Pokemon Breeding: The Basics

    When you leave two Pokemon at the Daycare, there is the possibility that an egg will be produced under certain conditions. The egg will hatch as the lowest evolution of the Female parent and will always be at Lvl 5. For example, a Female Sceptile and Male Vileplume will produce a Treecko at Lvl 5. In general, one Pokemon must be Male and the other Female to breed, and they must also be in the same Egg Group.

    You CAN breed genderless Pokemon, but only with Ditto. Pokemon in the “No Eggs” group, such as Legendaries and baby Pokemon, can’t breed at all.

    Breeding Examples:

    Sceptile Male + Salamence Female= Bagon
    Mudkip Male + Whismur Female = Whismur
    Voltorb + Pikachu Female= Nothing, Voltorb is genderless and can only breed with Ditto
    Blaziken Male + Hariyama Female= Nothing, not in the same group

    Too see if two Pokemon are compatible, just simply look at their 'dex entry here on the site at the egg groups they’re in. http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-rs/

    Finally, you can ask the old man at the Daycare to see if your Pokemon will breed. How quickly you’ll get an Egg depends on your Pokemon’s species and ID numbers. Here are the messages he’ll give you and what they mean:

    "The two seem to get along very well." – Your Pokemon will breed quickly. They have
    different IDs and are the same species
    "The two seem to get along." – Your Pokemon will breed at a medium rate. They have different IDs and are different species OR They have the same IDs and are the same species
    "The two don't seem to like each other." – Your Pokemon will breed slowly. They have the same IDs and are different species
    “The two prefer to play with other Pokemon.” – Your Pokemon won’t breed at all. They are not compatible in some way—maybe they are the same gender, are not in the same Egg Group, or one of them is unbreedable.

    The Types of Moves
    There are four types of moves that a baby Pokemon can hatch with, depending on what moves its parents have.

    Learned Moves: These are moves that Pokemon would start with if it was caught in the wild at Lvl 5. A baby Pokemon will always be hatched with these unless other moves are passed down, in which case, they’ll be “bumped” off the list.
    Egg Moves: Each Pokemon has a set list of Egg Moves it can only learn through breeding. If the father knows one of these moves, it will be passed down to the baby.
    TMs/HMs: If the father knows a TM or HM that the baby can learn, the baby will also be born knowing the move.
    Level-up Moves: If BOTH parents know a move that the baby can learn at a higher level, the baby will be born with that move.

    Keep in mind that Move Tutor moves can not be bred down, unless the move is ALSO one of the Pokemon's Egg Moves.

    How It Works
    When the Pokemon hatches from the egg, it starts with the moves the wild Pokemon of the same level would know (Learned Moves). For example, (I'll be using the Treecko line for all the examples) a newly hatched Treecko would have Pound and Leer while a newly hatched Bagon would have Rage. The remaining spaces are for Egg Moves, TMs/HMs, and level-up moves.

    Now, don't get mad if the Pokemon has too many Learned Moves. The other inherited moves take priority over them, and if the Pokemon has 2 Learned Moves and has the possiblity of learning 3 Egg/inherited moves, the first move on the list will be erased and replaced by on of the three.

    Treecko with Pound and Leer with the chance of getting Solar Beam, Sunny Day, and Dragonbreath from the Father Sceptile. It would hatch with Leer, Solar Beam, Sunny Day, and Dragonbreath.

    Here’s how you get an Egg Move onto your Pokemon:

    Treecko with Crush Claw

    Male Zangoose (Pokemon who learns the desired move) breeds with Female Rhyhorn/Ryhdon (Intermediate)

    Their Male baby Rhyhorn should now breed with a Female Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile and will have a baby Treecko with Crush Claw.

    Waiting For The Pokemon Eggs
    After you get the two compatible Pokemon and they’re in Daycare, you need to leave them alone and walk around. Breeding time is based on the conditions listed in the first section. The more the Pokemon like each other, the quicker it takes to produce and egg. Use the Mach Bike when you walk back and forth, as it also depends of steps traveled and Mach Bike doubles the steps you take and lets you walk faster. It should only take 10 minutes or less to get an egg.

    And remember to have an empty slot in your party to take the egg before talking to the Daycare Man. And to hatch the eggs, you have to walk around with them for a certain amount of steps. To check the exact amount you need to take, look at their entry on the main site's 'dex again.

    Exceptions to the rules:

    Two special Pokemon, Azurill and Wynaut, will only hatch from Eggs under special conditions. Otherwise, you’ll normally get Marill and Wobbuffet from Eggs instead of the lower evolutions. To get Azurill, the female Marill/Azumarill (or the male, if you’re using Ditto) must be holding the Sea Incense when it goes into the Daycare. It’s similar for Wynaut, only use Lax Incense (and Wobbuffet, of course).

    There are also two groups of Pokemon that can have each other’s Eggs! These are Nidoran F / Nidoran M, and Illumise/Volbeat. An Egg from a Nidoran F or M has a 50% chance of being Nidoran F, and a 50% chance of being Nidoran M. This is the same for Illumise and Volbeat. (No, Tauros and Miltank do not share this quality).

    Nidorina and Nidoqueen can't breed at all. Don't ask me why, ask Nintendo. XD

    Finally, there’s the ellusive Volt Tackle move. This special Egg Move can only be obtained on Pichu, only in Emerald, and only under special conditions. If the female Pikachu/Raichu is holding a Light Ball when it goes into the Daycare, the resulting baby Pichu will have the Volt Tackle move. You can find the Light Ball item on wild Pikachu in R/S/E, but it’s very rare (5% chance).

    About the list:

    - The list is split into Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. The Pokemon are listed in their respective regions, in National Dex order.
    - Look for the lowest form of the Pokemon for the egg moves. There is an exception though, as Azurill and Marill have different egg moves.
    - If there is an evolved form in the breeding paths, it means that you have to breed with the evo, because earlier forms do not learn the move.
    - Remember, for the most part, these aren’t the ONLY chains you can use, they’re just examples of the shortest chains we could find. If you can’t obtain the Pokemon listed, or have a specific Pokemon you want to use in the breeding, please post and someone will help you out with an alternate chain.


    1. Charm: Pikachu (must learn as Pichu) -> Shroomish/Nidoran M -> Bulbasaur
    2. Curse: Slowpoke -> Bulbasaur
    3. Grasswhistle: Roselia -> Bulbasaur
    4. Light Screen: Mareep -> Bulbasaur
    5. Magical Leaf: Roselia/Bellossom -> Bulbasaur
    6. Petal Dance: Oddish -> Bulbasaur
    7. Safeguard: Lapras -> Bulbasaur
    8. Skull Bash: Squirtle -> Bulbasaur

    1. Ancientpower: Relicanth/Kabuto -> Totodile -> Charmander
    2. Beat Up: Sneasel -> Nidoran M -> Charmander
    3. Belly Drum: Snorlax -> Charmander
    4. Bite: Gyarados -> Charmander
    5. Dragon Dance: Gyarados -> Charmander
    6. Outrage: Dratini -> Charmander
    7. Rock Slide: Larvitar -> Charmander
    8. Swords Dance: Farfetch’d/Zangoose -> Rhyhorn -> Charmander

    1. Flail: Feebas -> Squirtle
    2. Foresight: Mudkip -> Squirtle
    3. Haze: Wooper/Surskit -> Squirtle
    4. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Squirtle
    5. Mist: Lapras/Wingull -> Squirtle
    6. Mud Sport: Mudkip -> Squirtle
    7. Refresh: Lickitung/Corsola -> Squirtle
    8. Yawn: Snorlax/Relicanth -> Squirtle

    No egg moves.

    No egg moves.

    1. Air Cutter: Zubat -> Pidgey
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow -> Pidgey
    3. Foresight: Hoothoot -> Pidgey
    4. Pursuit: Doduo -> Pidgey
    5. Steel Wing: Skarmory -> Pidgey

    1. Bite: Meowth/Poochyena -> Rattata
    2. Counter: Slakoth -> Rattata
    3. Flame Wheel: Growlithe -> Rattata
    4. Fury Swipes: Diglett/Linoone -> Rattata
    5. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Rattata
    6. Screech: Psyduck -> Rattata
    7. Swagger: Mankey/Poochyena -> Rattata
    8. Uproar: Whismur -> Rattata

    1. Astonish: Zubat -> Spearow
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow -> Spearow
    3. False Swipe: Farfetch’d -> Spearow
    4. Quick Attack: Pidgey/Wingull -> Spearow
    5. Scary Face: Aerodactyl -> Spearow
    6. Sky Attack: Altaria -> Spearow
    7. Tri Attack: Doduo -> Spearow

    1. Beat Up: Sneasal -> Ekans
    2. Poison Fang: Seviper -> Ekans
    3. Pursuit: Rattata/Zangoose -> Ekans
    4. Slam: Pikachu -> Ekans
    5. Spite: Dunsparse -> Ekans

    1. Counter: Slakoth -> Sandshrew
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Sandshrew
    3. Flail: Phanpy -> Sandshrew
    4. Metal Claw: Sneasel -> Sandshrew
    5. Rapid Spin: Donphan -> Sandshrew
    6. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Sandshrew
    7. Safeguard: Vulpix -> Sandshrew
    8. Swords Dance: Farfetch’d/Zangoose -> Sandshrew

    Nidoran F (Eggs from a Nidoran F have a 50% chance of being a Nidoran F and a 50% chance of being a Nidoran M)
    1. Beat Up: Sneasal -> Nidoran F
    2. Charm: Pikachu (learns Charm as Pichu) -> Nidoran F
    3. Counter: Slakoth -> Nidoran F
    4. Disable: Psyduck -> Nidoran F
    5. Focus Energy: Nidoran M/Numel -> Nidoran F
    6. Supersonic: Lickitung/Whismur -> Nidoran F
    7. Take Down: Growlithe/Poochyena -> Nidoran F

    Nidoran M (Eggs from a Nidoran F have a 50% chance of being a Nidoran F and a 50% chance of being a Nidoran M)
    1. Amnesia: Snorlax/Slakoth -> Nidoran M
    2. Beat Up: Sneasal -> Nidoran M
    3. Confusion: Psyduck -> Nidoran M
    4. Counter: Slakoth -> Nidoran M
    5. Disable: Psyduck -> Nidoran M
    6. Supersonic: Lickitung/Whismur -> Nidoran M
    7. Take Down: Growlithe/Poochyena -> Nidoran M

    1. Disable: Psyduck -> Vulpix
    2. Faint Attack: Spinda/Meowth -> Vulpix
    3. Flail: Phanpy -> Vulpix
    4. Heat Wave: Torkoal -> Vulpix
    5. Howl: Poochyena -> Vulpix
    6. Hypnosis: Spinda/Stantler -> Vulpix
    7. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Vulpix
    8. Spite: Dunsparce -> Vulpix

    1. Curse: Torkoal -> Farfetch’d -> Zubat
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow -> Zubat
    3. Gust: Pidgey -> Zubat
    4. Pursuit: Doduo -> Zubat
    5. Quick Attack: Taillow/Pidgey -> Zubat
    6. Whirlwind: Pidgey -> Zubat

    1. Charm: Skitty/Pikachu (learns Charm as Pichu) -> Shroomish -> Oddish
    2. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad -> Oddish
    3. Ingrain: Cacnea -> Oddish
    4. Razor Leaf: Tropius/Bellsprout -> Oddish
    5. Swords Dance: Tropius/Bellsprout (both must learn from Move Tutor) -> Oddish
    6. Synthesis: Tropius/Bulbasaur -> Oddish

    1. Counter: Heracross/Breloom -> Paras
    2. False Swipe: Scyther/Nincada -> Paras
    3. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad -> Paras
    4. Light Screen: Ledyba/Dustox -> Paras
    5. Psybeam: Venonat/Dustox -> Paras
    6. Pursuit: Beedrill -> Paras
    7. Screech: Yanma/Ninjask -> Paras
    8. Sweet Scent: Oddish -> Paras

    1. Baton Pass: Ledyba/Ninjask -> Venonat
    2. Giga Drain: Paras/Beautifly -> Venonat
    3. Screech: Yanma/Ninjask -> Venonat
    4. Signal Beam: Volbeat -> Venonat

    1. Ancientpower: Kecleon -> Diglett
    2. Beat Up: Sneasel -> Diglett
    3. Faint Attack: Meowth/Spinda -> Diglett
    4. Pursuit: Rattata/Zangoose -> Diglett
    5. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Diglett
    6. Screech: Psyduck -> Diglett
    7. Uproar: Whismur -> Diglett

    1. Amnesia: Wooper/Slakoth -> Meowth
    2. Assist: Skitty -> Meowth
    3. Charm: Pikachu (learns Charm as Pichu) -> Meowth
    4. Hypnosis: Spinda -> Meowth
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Meowth
    6. Spite: Dunsparse -> Meowth

    1. Cross Chop: Mankey -> Psyduck
    2. Foresight: Mudkip -> Psyduck
    3. Future Sight: Absol -> Psyduck
    4. Hypnosis: Spinda/Poliwag -> Psyduck
    5. Light Screen: Pikachu -> Psyduck
    6. Psybeam: Spoink -> Psyduck
    7. Psychic: Spoink -> Psyduck
    8. Refresh: Corsola -> Psyduck

    1. Beat Up: Sneasel -> Mankey
    2. Counter: Slakoth -> Mankey
    3. Foresight: Hoothoot -> Farfetch’d -> Mankey
    4. Meditate: Smeargle (Sketch) -> Mankey
    5. Revenge: Smeargle (Sketch) -> Mankey
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Mankey
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Mankey
    8. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Spinda -> Mankey

    1. Body Slam: Torkoal -> Growlithe
    2. Crunch: Seviper -> Growlithe
    3. Fire Spin: Torkoal/Ponyta -> Growlithe
    4. Heat Wave: Torkoal -> Growlithe
    5. Howl: Poochyena -> Growlithe
    6. Safeguard: Vulpix -> Growlithe
    7. Thrash: Mankey/Spinda -> Growlithe

    1. Bubblebeam: Marill/Mantine -> Poliwag
    2. Haze: Surskit/Wooper -> Poliwag
    3. Ice Ball: Spheal -> Poliwag
    4. Mind Reader: Poliwrath -> Poliwag
    5. Mist: Wingull/Lapras -> Poliwag
    6. Splash: Feebas/Marill -> Poliwag
    7. Water Sport: Psyduck -> Poliwag

    1. Barrier: Mr. Mime -> Abra
    2. Encore: Mr. Mime -> Abra
    3. Fire Punch: Medicham/Magmar/Hitmonchan -> Abra
    4. Ice Punch: Medicham/Hitmonchan -> Abra
    5. Knock Off: Sableye -> Abra
    6. Thunderpunch: Medicham/Electabuzz/Hitmonchan -> Abra
    *To get the punches on Medicham, go to the “Move Maniac” (Fallarbor Town in R/S/E or Two Island in FR/LG) and use Heart Scales or Mushrooms, depending on your game, to get the moves.

    1. Counter: Hitmontop/Hitmonchan -> Machop
    2. Encore: Mr. Mime -> Machop
    3. Light Screen: Electabuzz -> Machop
    4. Meditate: Meditite/Mr. Mime -> Machop
    5. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spinda -> Machop
    6. Rolling Kick: Hitmonlee -> Machop
    7. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Machop

    1. Encore: Plusle/Clefairy -> Hoppip -> Bellsprout
    2. Ingrain: Tangela/Cacturne -> Bellsprout
    3. Leech Life: Paras ->Bellsprout
    4. Magical Leaf: Roselia/Bellossom -> Bellsprout
    5. Reflect: Exeggcute -> Bellsprout
    6. Swords Dance: Oddish/Cacnea (both must learn from Move Tutor) ->Bellsprout
    7. Synthesis: Hoppip/Tropius -> Bellsprout

    1. Aurora Beam: Shellder -> Tentacool
    2. Confuse Ray: Lileep -> Tentacool
    3. Haze: Surskit/Wooper -> Omanyte -> Tentacool
    4. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Tentacool
    5. Rapid Spin: Squirtle -> Kabuto -> Tentacool
    6. Safeguard: Dratini/Milotic -> Corsola -> Tentacool

    1. Block: Nosepass -> Geodude
    2. Megapunch: Sudowoodo (must learn from Move Tutor) -> Geodude
    3. Rockslide: Nosepass -> Geodude

    1. Charm: Pikachu (learns Charm as Pichu) -> Ponyta
    2. Double Kick: Nidoran M/Combusken -> Ponyta
    3. Double-Edge: Phanpy -> Ponyta
    4. Flame Wheel: Growlithe -> Ponyta
    5. Hypnosis: Spinda -> Ponyta
    6. Thrash: Mankey/Spinda -> Ponyta

    1. Belly Drum: Poliwag -> Slowpoke
    2. Future Sight: Absol -> Psyduck -> Slowpoke
    3. Mud Sport: Zigzagoon -> Slowpoke
    4. Safeguard: Seel/Milotic -> Slowpoke
    5. Sleep Talk: Snorlax/Whismur -> Slowpoke
    6. Snore: Snorlax/Spheal -> Slowpoke
    7. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Slowpoke

    No Egg Moves

    1. Curse: Torkoal -> Farfetch’d
    2. Featherdance: Pidgey -> Farfetch’d
    3. Flail: Phanpy -> Farfetch’d
    4. Foresight: Hoothoot -> Farfetch’d
    5. Gust: Pidgey -> Farfetch’d
    6. Mirror Move: Pidgey -> Farfetch’d
    7. Quick Attack: Pidgey/Taillow -> Farfetch’d
    8. Steel Wing: Skarmory -> Farfetch’d

    1. Endeavor: Taillow -> Doduo
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow -> Doduo
    3. Flail: Phanpy -> Doduo
    4. Haze: Zubat -> Doduo
    5. Quick Attack: Taillow/Pidgey -> Doduo
    6. Supersonic: Zubat -> Doduo

    1. Disable: Psyduck -> Seel
    2. Encore: Spheal/Clefairy -> Seel
    3. Fake Out: Meowth/Nuzleaf -> Seel
    4. Horn Drill: Rhyhorn -> Seel
    5. Icicle Spear: Shellder -> Corsola -> Seel
    6. Lick: Kecleon -> Seel
    7. Perish Song: Absol/Lapras -> Seel
    8. Slam: Pikachu -> Seel

    1. Curse: Shuppet/Gastly -> Grimer
    2. Explosion: Koffing -> Grimer
    3. Haze: Koffing -> Grimer
    4. Imprison: Ralts -> Grimer
    5. Lick: Gastly -> Grimer
    6. Mean Look: Duskull/Gastly -> Grimer
    7. Shadow Punch: Dusclops/Haunter -> Grimer

    1. Barrier: Tentacool -> Shellder
    2. Bubblebeam: Tentacool -> Shellder
    3. Icicle Spear: Shellder -> Shellder
    4. Rapid Spin: Squirtle -> Kabuto -> Shellder
    5. Screech: Tentacool -> Shellder
    6. Take Down: Shellder (from Pokemon XD) -> Shellder

    1. Astonish: Misdreavus/Duskull -> Gastly
    2. Explosion: Koffing -> Gastly
    3. Grudge: Shuppet/Misdreavus -> Gastly
    4. Haze: Koffing -> Gastly
    5. Perish Song: Misdreavus -> Gastly
    6. Psywave: Misdreavus/Chimecho -> Gastly
    7. Will-o-Wisp: Shuppet/Duskull -> Gastly

    1. Block: Sudowoodo/Nosepass -> Onix
    2. Explosion: Geodude -> Onix
    3. Flail: Sudowoodo -> Onix
    4. Rock Slide: Sudowoodo/Nosepass -> Onix

    1. Assist: Skitty -> Spinda -> Drowzee
    2. Barrier: Mr. Mime -> Drowzee
    3. Fire Punch: Medicham/Magmar/Hitmonchan -> Drowzee
    4. Ice Punch: Hitmonchan/Medicham -> Drowzee
    5. Role Play: Abra -> Drowzee
    6. Thunderpunch: Medicham/Electabuzz/Hitmonchan -> Drowzee
    *To get the punches on Medicham, go to the “Move Maniac” (Fallarbor Town in R/S/E or Two Island in FR/LG) and use Heart Scales or Mushrooms, depending on your game, to get the moves.

    1. Amnesia: Lileep/Slowpoke -> Krabby
    2. Dig: Diglett -> Psyduck -> Corphish -> Krabby
    3. Flail: Krabby -> Krabby
    4. Haze: Surskit -> Omanyte -> Krabby
    5. Knock Off: Corphish -> Krabby
    6. Slam: Dratini -> Omanyte -> Krabby
    7. Swords Dance: Corphish -> Krabby

    No Egg Moves

    1. Ancientpower: Corsola -> Totodile -> Chikorita -> Exeggcute
    2. Curse: Slowpoke -> Bulbasaur -> Exeggcute
    3. Ingrain: Cacnea/Sunkern -> Exeggcute
    4. Moonlight: Oddish -> Exeggcute
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Skitty -> Hoppip -> Exeggcute
    6. Reflect: Chikorita -> Exeggcute
    7. Synthesis: Bulbasaur/Roselia -> Exeggcute

    1. Ancientpower: Corsola -> Totodile -> Cubone
    2. Belly Drum: Snorlax -> Cubone
    3. Perish Song: Lapras -> Cubone
    4. Rock Slide: Larvitar -> Cubone
    5. Screech: Whismur/Lickitung -> Cubone
    6. Skull Bash: Squirtle -> Cubone
    7. Swords Dance: Zangoose/Farfetch’d -> Rhyhorn -> Cubone

    1. Belly Drum: Snorlax -> Lickitung
    2. Body Slam: Snorlax/Tropius -> Lickitung
    3. Curse: Slowpoke -> Lickitung
    4. Magnitude: Diglett/Numel -> Rhyhorn -> Lickitung
    5. Sleep Talk: Snorlax/Whismur -> Lickitung
    6. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Spinda -> Whismur -> Lickitung
    7. Snore: Snorlax -> Lickitung
    8. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Marril -> Lapras -> Lickitung

    1. Destiny Bond: Gastly -> Koffing
    2. Pain Split: Misdreavus -> Koffing
    3. Psybeam: Misdreavus -> Koffing
    4. Psywave: Chimecho/Misdreavus -> Koffing
    5. Screech: Grimer/Shuppet -> Koffing
    6. Will-o-Wisp: Shuppet/Duskull -> Koffing

    1. Counter: Slakoth -> Rhyhorn
    2. Crunch: Seviper/Larvitar -> Rhyhorn
    3. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Rhyhorn
    4. Curse: Torkoal/Slowpoke -> Rhyhorn
    5. Magnitude: Numel/Diglett -> Rhyhorn
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Rhyhorn
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt/Pupitar -> Rhyhorn
    8. Swords Dance: Zangoose/Farfetch’d -> Rhyhorn

    1. Aromatherapy: Roselia -> Chansey
    2. Heal Bell: Skitty -> Chansey
    3. Metronome: Clefairy -> Chansey
    4. Present: Delibird -> Snubull/Pikachu -> Chansey
    5. Substitute: Keckleon -> Skitty -> Chansey

    1. Amnesia: Slakoth -> Seedot -> Tangela
    2. Confusion: Exeggcute -> Tangela
    3. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad -> Tangela
    4. Leech Seed: Bulbasaur -> Tangela
    5. Mega Drain: Roselia -> Tangela
    6. Nature Power: Lotad/Seedot -> Tangela
    7. Reflect: Exeggcute -> Tangela

    1. Counter: Slakoth -> Rhyhorn -> Kangaskhan
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Rhyhorn -> Kangaskhan
    3. Disable: Lickitung/Slowpoke -> Kangaskhan
    4. Focus Energy: Nidoran M/Cubone -> Kangaskhan
    5. Foresight: Mudkip -> Kangaskhan
    6. Safeguard: Lapras -> Kangaskhan
    7. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Kangaskhan
    8. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Marril -> Lapras -> Kangaskhan

    1. Aurora Beam: Spheal/Seel -> Horsea
    2. Disable: Psyduck -> Horsea
    3. Dragonbreath: Bagon -> Horsea
    4. Dragon Rage: Gyarados -> Horsea
    5. Flail: Magikarp -> Horsea
    6. Octazooka: Octillery -> Horsea
    7. Splash: Magikarp -> Horsea
    *I, SM, seriously hope no one is planning on teaching it Splash

    1. Haze: Wooper/Surskit -> Remoraid ->Goldeen
    2. Hydro Pump: Gyarados -> Goldeen
    3. Mud Sport: Barboach -> Goldeen
    4. Psybeam: Remoraid -> Goldeen
    5. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Wailmer -> Goldeen

    No Egg Moves

    Mr. Mime
    1. Fake Out: Makuhita -> Mr. Mime
    2. Future Sight: Kadabra -> Mr. Mime
    3. Hypnosis: Drowzee/Spinda -> Mr. Mime
    4. Mimic: Makuhita/Drowzee (must learn from Move Tutor) -> Mr. Mime
    5. Psych Up: Drowzee/Spinda -> Mr. Mime
    6. Trick: Kadabra -> Mr. Mime

    1. Baton Pass: Ledyba/Ninjask -> Scyther
    2. Counter: Heracross -> Scyther
    3. Endure: Heracross -> Scyther
    4. Light Screen: Ledyba/Dustox -> Scyther
    5. Razor Wind: Scyther (from XD) -> Scyther
    6. Reversal: Heracross -> Scyther
    7. Safeguard: Ledyba/Butterfree -> Scyther
    8. Silver Wind: Beautifly/Butterfree -> Scyther

    1. Faint Attack: Trapinch -> Pinsir
    2. False Swipe: Nincada/Scyther -> Pinsir
    3. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad -> Paras -> Pinsir
    4. Fury Attack: Heracross -> Pinsir

    No Egg Moves

    No Egg Moves

    1. Curse: Slowpoke -> Lapras
    2. Dragon Dance: Horsea -> Lapras
    3. Foresight: Mudkip -> Lapras
    4. Horn Drill: Rhyhorn -> Lapras
    5. Refresh: Corsola/Likitung -> Lapras
    6. Sleep Talk: Snorlax/Whismur -> Lapras
    7. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Marill -> Lapras
    8. Tickle: Omanyte -> Lapras

    No Egg Moves

    1. Charm: Snubull/Pikachu (must learn as Pichu) -> Eevee
    2. Curse: Torkoal -> Eevee
    3. Endure: Phanpy -> Eevee
    4. Flail: Phanpy -> Eevee
    5. Tickle: Aipom -> Eevee
    6. Wish: Togetic -> Pikachu/Skitty -> Eevee

    No Egg Moves

    1. Aurora Beam: Seel/Spheal -> Omanyte
    2. Bubblebeam: Tentacool -> Omanyte
    3. Haze: Wooper/Surskit -> Omanyte
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Omanyte
    5. Slam: Dratini/Marill (must learn as Azurill) -> Omanyte
    6. Spikes: Cloyster -> Omanyte
    7. Supersonic: Tentacool -> Omanyte

    1. Aurora Beam: Seel/Spheal -> Kabuto
    2. Bubblebeam: Tentacool -> Kabuto
    3. Confuse Ray: Lapras/Lileep -> Kabuto
    4. Dig: Diglett -> Psyduck -> Kabuto
    5. Flail: Magikarp -> Kabuto
    6. Knock Off: Corphish -> Kabuto
    7. Rapid Spin: Squirtle -> Kabuto

    1. Curse: Torkoal -> Farfetch’d -> Aerodactyl
    2. Dragonbreath: Altaria -> Aerodactyl
    3. Foresight: Hoothoot -> Aerodactyl
    4. Pursuit: Murkrow/Doduo -> Aerodactyl
    5. Steel Wing: Skarmory -> Aerodactyl
    6. Whirlwind: Pidgey -> Aerodactyl

    1. Charm: Pikachu (must learn as Pichu) -> Shroomish -> Bulbasaur -> Snorlax
    2. Curse: Slowpoke -> Snorlax
    3. Double Edge: Aron/Cubone -> Snorlax
    4. Fissure: Snorlax (from XD) -> Snorlax
    5. Lick: Lickitung -> Snorlax
    6. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Marrill -> Lapras -> Snorlax

    1. Dragon Dance: Gyarados -> Dratini
    2. Dragonbreath: Altaria -> Dratini
    3. Haze: Ekans/Seviper -> Dratini
    4. Light Screen: Pikachu -> Psyduck -> Dratini
    5. Mist: Wingull/Lapras -> Dratini
    6. Supersonic: Wingull/Mantine -> Dratini

    1. Ancient Power: Corsola/Omanyte -> Totodile -> Chikorita
    2. Counter: Breloom -> Chikorita
    3. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad/Squirtle -> Chikorita
    4. Grasswhistle: Roselia -> Chikorita
    5. Ingrain: Cacnea/Sunkern -> Chikorita
    6. Leech Seed: Exeggcute/Cacnea -> Chikorita
    7. Nature Power: Seedot/Lotad -> Chikorita
    8. Vine Whip: Bulbasaur/Bellsprout -> Chikorita

    1. Covet: Zigzagoon -> Cyndaquil
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Cyndaquil
    3. Foresight: Mudkip -> Psyduck -> Cyndaquil
    4. Fury Swipes: Psyduck -> Cyndaquil
    5. Howl: Whismur/Houndour -> Cyndaquil
    6. Quick Attack: Electrike/Rattata -> Cyndaquil
    7. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Cyndaquil
    8. Thrash: Nidoking/Spinda -> Cyndaquil

    1. Ancient Power: Corsola/Omanyte -> Totodile
    2. Crunch: Corphish/Larvitar -> Totodile
    3. Dragon Claw: Bagon -> Charmander -> Totodile
    4. Hydro Pump: Psyduck -> Totodile
    5. Mud Sport: Mudkip -> Totodile
    6. Rock Slide: Larvitar -> Totodile
    7. Thrash: Larvitar -> Totodile
    8. Water Sport: Psyduck -> Totodile
    1. Assist: Skitty -> Sentret
    2. Double-Edge: Skitty -> Sentret
    3. Focus Energy: Numel/Nidoran M -> Sentret
    4. Pursuit: Rattata/Zangoose -> Sentret
    5. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Sentret
    6. Slash: Zangoose/Sandshrew -> Sentret
    7. Substitute: Kecleon -> Sentret
    8. Trick: Kadabra -> Spinda -> Sentret

    1. Faint Attack: Murkrow -> Hoothoot
    2. Featherdance: Pidgey -> Hoothoot
    3. Mirror Move: Spearow/Swablu -> Hoothoot
    4. Sky Attack: Altaria -> Hoothoot
    5. Supersonic: Zubat -> Hoothoot
    6. Whirlwind: Pidgey -> Hoothoot
    7. Wing Attack: Zubat -> Hoothoot
    1. Bide: Pineco/Shuckle -> Ledyba
    2. Psybeam: Butterfree/Dustox -> Ledyba
    3. Silver Wind: Butterfree/Dustox -> Ledyba

    1. Baton Pass: Ledyba/Ninjask -> Spinarak
    2. Disable: Venonat -> Spinarak
    3. Psybeam: Butterfree/Dustox -> Spinarak
    4. Pursuit: Scyther -> Spinarak
    5. Signal Beam: Volbeat -> Spinarak
    6. Sonicboom: Yanma -> Spinarak

    1. Amnesia: Barboach -> Chinchou
    2. Flail: Magikarp -> Chinchou
    3. Screech: Carvanha -> Chinchou
    1. Bide: Seedot -> Pichu
    2. Charge: Minun/Plusle -> Pichu
    3. Doubleslap: Jigglypuff/Skitty -> Pichu
    4. Encore: Clefairy/Plusle -> Pichu
    5. Present: Delibird ->Pichu
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Pichu
    7. Wish: Togetic -> Pichu
    Pichu can also get the Volt Tackle move through special means—see the section “Exceptions to the rules” above.
    1. Amnesia: Slowpoke/Wooper -> Marill -> Cleffa
    2. Belly Drum: Poliwag -> Marill -> Cleffa
    3. Metronome: Togetic -> Cleffa
    4. Mimic: Jigglypuff -> Cleffa
    5. Present: Delibird -> Marill -> Cleffa
    6. Splash: Hoppip -> Cleffa
    7. Substitute: Kecleon -> Snubbull/Skitty -> Cleffa
    8. Wish: Togetic -> Cleffa

    1. Faint Attack: Skitty -> Igglybuff
    2. Fake Tears: Plusle -> Igglybuff
    3. Perish Song: Lapras -> Marill -> Igglybuff
    4. Present: Present: Delibird -> Marill -> Igglybuff
    5. Wish: Togetic -> Igglybuff

    1. Foresight: Hoothoot -> Togepi
    2. Future Sight: Natu -> Togepi
    3. Mirror Move: Spearow/Swablu -> Togepi
    4. Peck: SpearowTaillow -> Togepi
    5. Present: Delibird -> Marill -> Togepi
    6. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Mawile -> Togepi
    7. Substitute: Kecleon -> Snubbull/Skitty -> Togepi

    1. Drill Peck: Doduo -> Natu
    2. Faint Attack: Murkrow -> Natu
    3. Featherdance: Pidgey -> Natu
    4. Haze: Zubat/Murkrow -> Natu
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Skitty/Mawile -> Togetic -> Natu
    6. Quick Attack: Pidgey/Taillow -> Natu
    7. Refresh: Swablu -> Natu
    8. Steel Wing: Skarmory -> Natu
    1. Body Slam: Lapras/Torkoal -> Mareep
    2. Charge: Electrike -> Mareep
    3. Odor Sleuth: Zigzagoon/Growlithe -> Mareep
    4. Reflect: Chikorita -> Mareep
    5. Safeguard: Vulpix/Chikorita -> Mareep
    6. Screech: Psyduck -> Mareep
    7. Take Down: Aron/Growlithe -> Mareep

    1. Amnesia: Slowpoke/Gorebyss -> Marill
    2. Belly Drum: Poliwag -> Marill
    3. Future Sight: Absol -> Psyduck -> Marill
    4. Light Screen: Pikachu -> Marill
    5. Perish Song: Lapras -> Marill
    6. Present: Delibird -> Pikachu -> Marill
    7. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Marill
    8. Supersonic: Wingull/Mantine -> Marill
    *Note: Azurill has different egg moves than Marill
    1. Selfdestruct: Geodude -> Sudowoodo
    1. Amnesia: Wooper -> Marill -> Hoppip
    2. Confusion: Exeggcute -> Hoppip
    3. Double-Edge: Jigglypuff/Marill -> Hoppip
    4. Encore: Clefairy/Plusle -> Hoppip
    5. Helping Hand: Plusle/Minun -> Hoppip
    6. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Mawile -> Hoppip
    7. Reflect: Exeggcute -> Hoppip

    1. Agility: Pikachu -> Aipom
    2. Beat Up: Sneasal -> Aipom
    3. Counter: Slakoth -> Aipom
    4. Doubleslap: Skitty -> Aipom
    5. Pursuit: Rattata/Zangoose -> Aipom
    6. Screech: Psyduck -> Aipom
    7. Slam: Pikachu -> Aipom
    8. Spite: Dunsparse -> Aipom
    1. Curse: Slowpoke -> Bulbasaur -> Sunkern
    2. Encore: Clefairy/Minun -> Hoppip -> Sunkern
    3. Grasswhistle: Roselia -> Sunkern
    4. Helping Hand: Plusle/Minun -> Hoppip/Shroomish -> Sunkern
    5. Leech Seed: Exeggcute/Cacnea -> Sunkern
    6. Nature Power: Lotad/Seedot -> Sunkern

    1. Leech Life: Nincada/Paras -> Yanma
    2. Reversal: Heracross -> Yanma
    3. Signal Beam: Volbeat -> Yanma
    4. Silver Wind: Venomoth/Beautifly -> Yanma
    5. Whirlwind: Butterfree/Beautifly -> Yanma

    1. Ancient Power: Relicanth/Omanyte -> Wooper
    2. Body Slam: Torkoal/Lapras -> Wooper
    3. Curse: Slowpoke/Torkoal -> Wooper
    4. Mud Sport: Zigzagoon -> Wooper
    5. Safeguard: Vulpix/Milotic -> Wooper
    6. Spit Up: Ekans/Mawile -> Wooper
    7. Stockpile: Ekans/Mawile -> Wooper
    8. Swallow: Ekans/Mawile -> Wooper

    1. Confuse Ray: Zubat -> Murkrow
    2. Drill Peck: Spearow/Doduo -> Murkrow
    3. Feather Dance: Pidgey -> Murkrow
    4. Mirror Move: Spearow/Swablu -> Murkrow
    5. Perish Song: Swablu -> Murkrow
    6. Sky Attack: Altaria -> Murkrow
    7. Whirlwind: Pidgey -> Murkrow
    8. Wing Attack: Zubat -> Murkrow

    1. Destiny Bond: Gastly/Wobbufet -> Misdreavus
    2. Imprison: Ralts -> Misdreavus
    3. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Mawile -> Castform -> Misdreavus
    4. Screech: Shuppet/Grimer -> Misdreavus

    No Egg Moves

    No Egg Moves

    1. Amnesia: Numel -> Girafarig
    2. Beat Up: Sneasel -> Girafarig
    3. Foresight: Mudkip -> Psyduck -> Girafarig
    4. Future Sight: Absol -> Girafarig
    5. Magic Coat: Spoink -> Girafarig
    6. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Girafarig
    7. Take Down: Numel/Growlithe -> Girafarig
    8. Wish: Togetic -> Pikachu -> Girafarig
    1. Counter: Heracross -> Pineco
    2. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad -> Paras -> Pineco
    3. Pin Missle: Beedrill -> Pineco
    4. Reflect: Ledyba -> Pineco
    5. Sand Tomb: Trapinch -> Pineco
    6. Swift: Ledyba -> Pineco

    1. Ancientpower: Kecleon -> Dunsparse
    2. Astonish: Whismur -> Dunsparse
    3. Bide: Seedot -> Dunsparse
    4. Bite: Meowth/Poochyena -> Dunsparse
    5. Curse: Torkoal -> Dunsparse
    6. Headbutt: Zigzagoon/Seel -> Dunsparse
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Dunsparse

    1. Counter: Heracross -> Gligar
    2. Metal Claw: Scizor/Nincada -> Gligar
    3. Razor Wind: Scyther (from XD) -> Gligar
    4. Sand Tomb: Trapinch -> Gligar
    5. Wing Attack: Scyther -> Gligar
    1. Crunch: Mawile -> Snubbull
    2. Faint Attack: Meowth/Mawile -> Snubbull
    3. Heal Bell: Skitty -> Snubbull
    4. Metronome: Clefairy -> Snubbull
    5. Present: Delibird -> Snubbull
    6. Reflect: Exeggcute -> Hoppip -> Snubbull
    7. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Spinda -> Snubbull
    8. Snore: Barboach/Snorlax -> Snubbull

    1. Astonish: Wailmer -> Qwilfish
    2. Bubblebeam: Remoraid -> Qwilfish
    3. Flail: Chinchou/Goldeen -> Qwilfish
    4. Haze: Wooper/Surskit -> Remoraid
    5. Supersonic: Goldeen/Chinchou -> Qwilfish

    1. Sweet Scent: Surskit -> Shuckle

    1. Bide: Pineco/Shuckle -> Heracross
    2. False Swipe: Scyther/Nincada -> Heracross
    3. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad -> Paras -> Heracross
    4. Harden: Metapod/Cascoon -> Heracross

    1. Bite: Meowth/Poochyena -> Sneasel
    2. Counter: Slakoth -> Sneasel
    3. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Sneasel
    4. Fake Out: Meowth/Nuzleaf -> Sneasel
    5. Foresight: Mudkip -> Psyduck -> Sneasel
    6. Reflect: Chikorita -> Mareep -> Sneasel
    7. Spite: Dunsparse -> Sneasal

    1. Counter: Slakoth -> Teddiursa
    2. Crunch: Larvitar/Mawile -> Teddiursa
    3. Fake Tears: Mawile -> Teddiursa
    4. Metal Claw: Sneasel -> Teddiursa
    5. Seismic Toss: Mankey -> Teddiursa
    6. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Teddiursa
    7. Take Down: Poochyena -> Teddiursa
    8. Yawn: Slakoth/Dunsparse -> Teddiursa

    1. Acid Armor: Grimer -> Slugma
    2. Heat Wave: Magcargo (from XD) -> Slugma
    1. Ancient Power: Kecleon -> Swinub
    2. Bite: Meowth/Poochyena -> Swinub
    3. Body Slam: Torkoal -> Swinub
    4. Double-Edge: Skitty -> Swinub
    5. Icicle Spear: Shellder -> Corsola -> Seel -> Swinub
    6. Mud Shot: Wooper -> Swinub
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Swinub
    8. Take Down: Poochyena -> Swinub

    1. Amnesia: Slowpoke/Lileep -> Corsola
    2. Barrier: Tentacool -> Corsola
    3. Confuse Ray: Lileep/Lapras -> Corsola
    4. Icicle Spear: Shellder -> Corsola
    5. Ingrain: Lileep -> Corsola
    6. Mist: Wingull/Lapras -> Corsola
    7. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Corsola
    8. Screech: Psyduck -> Corsola
    1. Aurora Beam: Remoraid -> Remoraid
    2. Haze: Wooper/Surskit -> Remoraid
    3. Octazooka: Octillery -> Remoraid
    4. Rock Blast: Corsola -> Remoraid
    5. Screech: Carvanha -> Remoraid
    6. Supersonic: Chinchou/Goldeen -> Remoraid
    7. Thunder Wave: Chinchou -> Remoraid

    1. Aurora Beam: Spheal/Seel -> Delibird
    2. Future Sight: Absol -> Delibird
    3. Ice Ball: Spheal -> Delibird
    4. Quick Attack: Rattata/Zigzagoon -> Delibird
    5. Rapid Spin: Donphan -> Delibird
    6. Splash: Spoink -> Delibird
    While many sites say Splash is Delibird's last Egg Move, my Nintendo guide lists Bounce instead. o_O Spoink can pass that too. If someone could test to see which of these moves is right, I’d be much obliged.
    1. Haze: Wooper/Surskit -> Mantine
    2. Hydro Pump: Psyduck -> Mantine
    3. Mud Sport: Relicanth -> Mantine
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Mantine
    5. Slam: Marill/Dratini -> Mantine
    6. Twister: Horsea/Milotic -> Mantine

    1. Curse: Torkoal -> Farfetch’d -> Skarmory
    2. Drill Peck: Doduo -> Skarmory
    3. Pursuit: Doduo/Wingull -> Skarmory
    4. Sky Attack: Altaria -> Skarmory
    5. Whirlwind: Pidgey -> Skarmory
    1. Beat Up: Sneasel -> Houndour
    2. Counter: Slakoth -> Houndour
    3. Fire Spin: Torkoal/Ponyta -> Houndour
    4. Pursuit: Rattata/Zangoose -> Houndour
    5. Rage: Primape -> Houndour
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Houndour
    7. Spite: Dunsparse -> Houndour
    8. Will-o-Wisp: Vulpix -> Houndour

    1. Ancient Power: Kecleon -> Phanpy
    2. Body Slam: Spheal -> Phanpy
    3. Counter: Slakoth -> Phanpy
    4. Fissure: Camerupt/Diglett -> Phanpy
    5. Focus Energy: Numel/Nidoran M -> Phanpy
    6. Snore: Spheal -> Phanpy
    1. Bite: Meowth/Poochyena -> Stantler
    2. Disable: Psyduck -> Stantler
    3. Extrasensory: Nuzleaf -> Stantler
    4. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Stantler
    5. Spite: Dunsparse -> Stantler
    6. Swagger: Mankey/Poochyena -> Stantler


    1. Helping Hand: Hitmonchan (from XD) -> Tyrogue
    2. Hi-Jump Kick: Hitmonlee -> Tyrogue
    3. Mach Punch: Hitmochan -> Tyrogue
    4. Mind Reader: Hitmonlee -> Tyrogue
    5. Rapid Spin: Hitmontop -> Tyrogue
    All of Tyrogue’s Egg Moves are obtained by breeding the respective Hitmon with Ditto.
    1. Fake Out: Makuhita -> Smoochum
    2. Ice Punch: Hitmonchan/Medicham -> Smoochum
    3. Meditate: Mr. Mime/Meditite -> Smoochum
    4. Psych Up: Drowzee/Meditite -> Smoochum
    5. Wish: Togetic -> Pikachu -> Spinda -> Smoochum

    1. Barrier: Mr. Mime -> Electabuzz
    2. Cross Chop: Machop -> Electazbuzz
    3. Fire Punch: Hitmonchan/Medicham -> Electabuzz
    4. Ice Punch: Hitmonchan/Medicham -> Electabuzz
    5. Karate Chop: Machop -> Electabuzz
    6. Meditate: Mr. Mime/Meditite -> Electabuzz
    7. Rolling Kick: Hitmonlee/Hitmontop -> Electabuzz
    1. Barrier: Mr. Mime -> Magmar
    2. Cross Chop: Machop -> Magmar
    3. Karate Chop: Machop -> Magmar
    4. Mega Punch: Hitmonchan -> Magmar
    5. Screech: Electabuzz -> Magmar
    6. Thunderpunch: Electabuzz/Medicham -> Magmar

    1. Curse: Torkoal -> Miltank
    2. Endure: Swinub/Vigoroth -> Miltank
    3. Helping Hand: Nidoran M -> Miltank
    4. Present: Delibird -> Miltank
    5. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Miltank
    6. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Miltank
    7. Seismic Toss: Mankey -> Miltank
    8. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Miltank

    1. Ancient Power: Corsola/Omanyte -> Totodile -> Larvitar
    2. Curse: Slowpoke -> Larvitar
    3. Dragon Dance: Gyarados -> Charmander -> Larvitar
    4. Focus Energy: Nidoran M -> Larvitar
    5. Outrage: Dratini -> Charmander -> Larvitar
    6. Pursuit: Treecko -> Larvitar
    7. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Larvitar


    1. Crunch: Seviper/Larvitar -> Treecko
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Rhyhorn -> Treecko
    3. Dragonbreath: Altaria -> Treecko
    4. Endeavor: Mudkip -> Treecko
    5. Leech Seed: Bulbasaur -> Treecko
    6. Mud Sport: Mudkip -> Treecko

    1. Counter: Slakoth -> Torchic
    2. Endure: Vigoroth/Phanpy -> Torchic
    3. Reversal: Vigoroth -> Torchic
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Torchic
    5. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Spinda -> Torchic
    6. Swagger: Poochyena/Mankey -> Torchic

    1. Curse: Slowpoke -> Mudkip
    2. Ice Ball: Spheal -> Mudkip
    3. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Mudkip
    4. Refresh: Corsola/Lickitung -> Mudkip
    5. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Mudkip
    6. Uproar: Whismur -> Mudkip

    1. Astonish: Whismur/Stantler -> Poochyena
    2. Covet: Zigzagoon -> Poochyena
    3. Leer: Electrike/Nidoran M -> Poochyena
    4. Poison Fang: Seviper -> Poochyena
    5. Yawn: Slakoth/Dunsparce -> Poochyena

    1. Charm: Skitty/Pikachu (must learn as Pichu) -> Zigzagoon
    2. Pursuit: Zangoose/Rattata -> Zigzagoon
    3. Substitute: Kecleon -> Zigzagoon
    4. Tickle: Aipom -> Zigzagoon
    5. Trick: Kadabra -> Spinda -> Zigzagoon

    No egg moves

    1. Flail: Feebas -> Lotad
    2. Leech Seed: Roselia/Bulbasaur -> Lotad
    3. Razor Leaf: Tropius/Bellsprout -> Lotad
    4. Sweet Scent: Oddish -> Lotad
    5. Synthesis: Seedot/Bulbasaur -> Lotad
    6. Water Gun: Wingull/Polywag -> Lotad

    1. Amnesia: Slakoth/Wooper -> Seedot
    2. False Swipe: Zangoose/Farfetch’d -> Seedot
    3. Leech Seed: Roselia/Bulbasaur -> Seedot
    4. Quick Attack: Pikachu -> Seedot
    5. Razor Wind: Absol -> Seedot
    6. Take Down: Numel/Ponyta -> Seedot

    1. Mirror Move: Swablu/Spearow -> Taillow
    2. Pursuit: Doduo -> Taillow
    3. Rage: Doduo -> Taillow
    4. Refresh: Swablu -> Taillow
    5. Sky Attack: Altaria -> Taillow
    6. Supersonic: Zubat -> Taillow

    1. Agility: Doduo -> Wingull
    2. Gust: Masquerian/Pidgey -> Wingull
    3. Mist: Swablu/Lapras -> Wingull
    4. Twister: Horsea -> Wingull
    5. Water Sport: Psyduck -> Wingull

    1. Destiny Bond: Koffing -> Ralts
    2. Disable: Grimer -> Ralts
    3. Mean Look: Duskull/Gastly -> Ralts
    4. Memento: Koffing -> Ralts
    5. Will-o-Wisp: Shuppet -> Ralts

    1. Foresight: Mudkip/Venonat -> Surskit
    2. Hydro Pump: Psyduck -> Surskit
    3. Mind Reader: Nincada/Poliwrath -> Surskit
    4. Mud Shot: Marshtomp/Kabuto -> Surskit
    5. Psybeam: Dustox/Butterfree -> Surskit

    1. Charm: Pikachu (must learn as Pichu) -> Shroomish
    2. Fake Tears: Mawile -> Shroomish
    3. False Swipe: Zangoose/Farfetch’d -> Mawile -> Shroomish
    4. Helping Hand: Plusle/Minun -> Shroomish
    5. Swagger: Nuzleaf -> Shroomish

    1. Body Slam: Torkoal -> Slakoth
    2. Crush Claw: Zangoose -> Slakoth
    3. Curse: Torkoal -> Slakoth
    4. Pursuit: Zangoose/Rattata -> Slakoth
    5. Slash: Linoone/Meowth -> Slakoth
    6. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Slakoth
    7. Snore: Spheal -> Slakoth

    1. Endure: Heracross -> Nincada
    2. Faint Attack: Trapinch -> Nincada
    3. Gust: Beautifly/Butterfree -> Nincada
    4. Silver Wind: Beautifly/Venomoth -> Nincada

    1. Extrasensory: Nuzleaf -> Whismur
    2. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Spinda -> Whismur
    3. Snore: Spheal/Snorlax -> Whismur
    4. Swagger: Poochyena/Mankey -> Whismur
    5. Take Down: Aron/Growlithe -> Whismur

    1. Counter: Hitmonchan/Hitmontop -> Makuhita
    2. Cross Chop: Machop -> Makuhita
    3. Detect: Meditite/Hitmonchan -> Makuhita
    4. Dynamicpunch: Machop -> Makuhita
    5. Faint Attack: Spinda -> Makuhita
    6. Foresight: Machop -> Makuhita
    7. Helping Hand: Volbeat -> Makuhita
    8. Revenge: Machop -> Makuhita

    1. Encore: Plusle/Minun/Clefairy -> Azurill
    2. Refresh: Corsola -> Azurill
    3. Sing: Skitty/Jigglypuff -> Azurill
    4. Slam: Pikachu -> Azurill
    5. Tickle: Omanyte -> Azurill
    *Azurill and Marill have different egg moves

    1. Magnitude: Geodude-->Nosepass
    2. Rollout: Geodude-->Nosepass
    3. Explosion: Geodude-->Nosepass

    1. Baton Pass: Plusle/Minun/Eevee -> Skitty
    2. Fake Tears: Mawile -> Skitty
    3. Helping Hand: Plusle/Minun/Nidoran M -> Skitty
    4. Psych-Up: Psyduck -> Skitty
    5. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty
    6. Tickle: Aipom -> Skitty
    7. Uproar: Whismur -> Skitty
    8. Wish: Togetic -> Skitty

    1. Moonlight: Volbeat -> Sableye
    2. Psych Up: Meditite/Drowzee -> Sableye
    3. Recover: Kadabra -> Sableye

    1. Ancientpower: Kecleon -> Mawile
    2. False Swipe: Zangoose/Farfetch’d -> Mawile
    3. Poison Fang: Seviper -> Mawile
    4. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Mawile
    5. Swords Dance: Zangoose/Farfetch’d -> Mawile
    6. Tickle: Aipom -> Mawile

    1. Body Slam: Tropius/Lapras -> Aron
    2. Endeavor: Mudkip -> Aron
    3. Smellingsalt: Makuhita -> Spinda -> Whismur -> Aron
    4. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Aron

    1. Baton Pass: Mr. Mime -> Meditite
    2. Dynamicpunch: Machop -> Meditite
    3. Fake Out: Makuhita -> Meditite
    4. Fire Punch: Medicham/Magmar -> Meditite
    5. Foresight: Machop-->Meditite
    6. Ice Punch: Medicham/Hitmonchan -> Meditite
    7. Thunderpunch: Medicham/Electabuzz -> Meditite
    *To get the punches on Medicham, go to the “Move Maniac” (Fallarbor Town in R/S/E or Two Island in FR/LG) and use Heart Scales or Mushrooms, depending on your game, to get the moves.

    1. Crunch: Seviper -> Electrike
    2. Curse: Torkoal -> Electrike
    3. Headbutt: Zigzagoon/Seel -> Electrike
    4. Swift: Sandshrew -> Electrike
    5. Uproar: Whismur -> Electrike

    1. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Plusle
    2. Wish: Togetic -> Plusle

    1. Substitute: Kecleon -> Skitty -> Minun
    2. Wish: Togetic -> Minun

    Volbeat (Eggs from an Illumise have a 50% chance of being an Illumise and a 50% chance of being a Volbeat)
    1. Baton Pass: Ninjask/Ledyba -> Volbeat
    2. Silver Wind: Beautifly/Venomoth -> Volbeat
    3. Trick: Kadabra-->Volbeat

    Illumise (Eggs from an Illumise have a 50% chance of being an Illumise and a 50% chance of being a Volbeat)
    1. Baton Pass: Ninjask/Ledyba -> Illumise
    2. Growth: Cacnea/Paras -> Illumise
    3. Silver Wind: Beautifly/Venomoth -> Illumise

    1. Cotton Spore: Cacnea/Hoppip -> Roselia
    2. Pin Missle: Cacnea -> Roselia
    3. Spikes: Cacnea -> Roselia
    4. Synthesis: Tropius/Hoppip -> Roselia

    1. Acid Armor: Grimer -> Gulpin
    2. Dream Eater: Ralts/Gastly -> Gulpin
    3. Pain Split: Misdreavus -> Gulpin
    4. Smog: Koffing -> Gulpin

    1. Double Edge: Relicanth -> Carvanha
    2. Hydro Pump: Gyarados -> Carvanha
    3. Thrash: Gyarados -> Carvanha

    1. Curse: Torkoal -> Wailmer
    2. Double-Edge: Phanpy -> Wailmer
    3. Fissure: Camerupt/Diglett -> Wailmer
    4. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Wailmer
    5. Snore: Spoink -> Wailmer
    6. Swagger: Poochyena/Mankey -> Wailmer
    7. Thrash: Gyarados -> Wailmer
    8. Tickle: Whiscash -> Wailmer

    1. Body Slam: Spheal -> Numel
    2. Defense Curl: Sandshrew -> Numel
    3. Howl: Poochyena -> Numel
    4. Rollout: Phanpy -> Numel
    5. Scary Face: Rhyhorn -> Numel
    6. Stomp: Rhyhorn -> Numel

    1. Endure: Phanpy -> Torkoal
    2. Eruption: Camerupt -> Torkoal
    3. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Torkoal
    4. Yawn: Slakoth/Dunsparce -> Torkoal

    1. Extrasensory: Nuzleaf -> Spoink
    2. Future Sight: Absol -> Spoink
    3. Substitute: Kecleon -> Spoink
    4. Trick: Kadabra -> Spinda -> Spoink

    1. Assist: Skitty -> Spinda
    2. Baton Pass: Girafarig/Eevee -> Spinda
    3. Disable: Psyduck -> Spinda
    4. Encore: Spheal/Mr. Mime -> Spinda
    5. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spinda
    6. Smelling Salt: Makuhita -> Spinda
    7. Trick: Kadabra -> Spinda
    8. Wish: Spinda -> Spinda

    1. Focus Energy: Pinsir -> Trapinch
    2. Gust: Beautifly/Butterfree -> Trapinch
    3. Quick Attack: Volbeat/Scyther -> Trapinch

    1. Acid: Oddish -> Cacnea
    2. Counter: Breloom/Hitmonchan -> Cacnea
    3. Dynamic Punch: Machop -> Cacnea
    4. Grasswhistle: Roselia -> Cacnea
    5. Teeter Dance: Spinda -> Cacnea

    1. Agility: Doduo -> Swablu
    2. Haze: Zubat -> Swablu
    3. Pursuit: Doduo -> Swablu
    4. Rage: Doduo -> Swablu

    1. Counter: Slakoth -> Zangoose
    2. Curse: Torkoal -> Zangoose
    3. Double Kick: Combusken/Nidoran M -> Zangoose
    4. Flail: Phanpy -> Zangoose
    5. Razor Wind: Absol -> Zangoose
    6. Roar: Electrike/Vulpix -> Zangoose

    1. Body Slam: Spheal -> Seviper
    2. Spit Up: Mawile/Ekans -> Seviper
    3. Stock Pile: Mawile/Ekans -> Seviper
    4. Swallow: Mawile/Ekans ->Seviper

    No Egg Moves

    No Egg Moves

    1. Spark: Chinchou -> Barboach
    2. Thrash: Gyarados -> Barboach
    3. Whirlpool: Wailmer -> Barboach

    1. Ancient Power: Lileep/Omanyte -> Corphish
    2. Body Slam: Spheal/Poliwag -> Corphish
    3. Endeavor: Mudkip -> Corphish
    4. Mud Sport: Relicanth -> Corphish

    No Egg Moves

    1. Barrier: Tentacool -> Lileep
    2. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Lileep
    3. Recover: Corsola -> Lileep
    4. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Corsola -> Lileep

    1. Knock Off: Corphish -> Anorith
    2. Rapid Spin: Squirtle -> Kabuto -> Anorith
    3. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Corsola -> Anorith
    4. Swords Dance: Corphish -> Anorith

    1. Confuse Ray: Lapras -> Feebas
    2. Dragon Breath: Altaria -> Feebas
    3. Hypnosis: Poliwag -> Feebas
    4. Light Screen: Pikachu -> Marill -> Feebas
    5. Mirror Coat: Corsola -> Feebas
    6. Mud Sport: Relicanth -> Feebas

    1. Future Sight: Ralts -> Castform
    2. Psych Up: Psyduck -> Mawile -> Castform

    1. Disable: Psyduck -> Kecleon
    2. Magic Coat: Spoink -> Kecleon
    3. Trick: Kadabra -> Spinda -> Kecleon

    1. Astonish: Duskull -> Shuppet
    2. Destiny Bond: Koffing -> Shuppet
    3. Disable: Grimer -> Shuppet
    4. Foresight: Duskull -> Shuppet
    5. Imprison: Ralts -> Shuppet

    1. Destiny Bond: Koffing -> Duskull
    2. Faint Attack: Shuppet -> Duskull
    3. Grudge: Shuppet -> Duskull
    4. Imprison: Ralts -> Duskull
    5. Memento: Koffing -> Duskull
    6. Pain Split: Misdreavus -> Duskull

    1. Headbutt: Aron/Cubone -> Tropius
    2. Leech Seed: Cacnea/Exeggcute -> Tropius
    3. Nature Power: Lotad -> Tropius
    4. Razor Wind: Nuzleaf -> Tropius
    5. Slam: Treecko/Bellsprout -> Tropius

    1. Curse: Shuppet/Gastly -> Chimecho
    2. Disable: Grimer -> Chimecho
    3. Dream Eater: Ralts/Gastly -> Chimecho
    4. Hypnosis: Ralts/Gastly -> Chimecho

    1. Baton Pass: Mawile/Eevee -> Absol
    2. Curse: Torkoal -> Absol
    3. Double Edge: Phanpy -> Absol
    4. Faint Attack: Mawile/Meowth -> Absol
    5. Magic Coat: Spoink -> Absol
    6. Substitute: Kecleon -> Absol

    1. Block: Nosepass -> Snorunt
    2. Spikes: Cacnea -> Roselia -> Snorunt

    1. Curse: Torkoal/Slowpoke -> Spheal
    2. Fissure: Camerupt/Diglett -> Spheal
    3. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal
    4. Spit Up: Mawile/Ekans -> Spheal
    5. Stock Pile: Mawile/Ekans -> Spheal
    6. Swallow: Mawile/Ekans -> Spheal
    7. Water Sport: Psyduck -> Spheal
    8. Yawn: Slakoth/Slowpoke -> Spheal

    1. Barrier: Tentacool -> Corsola -> Clamperl
    2. Body Slam: Spheal/Poliwag -> Clamperl
    3. Confuse Ray: Lapras -> Clamperl
    4. Mud Sport: Relicanth -> Clamperl
    5. Refresh: Corsola -> Clamperl
    6. Supersonic: Wingull -> Clamperl

    1. Amnesia: Barboach/Slowpoke -> Relicanth
    2. Magnitude: Barboach -> Relicanth
    3. Rock Slide: Camerupt -> Spheal -> Relicanth
    4. Skull Bash: Sharpedo/Squirtle -> Relicanth
    5. Sleep Talk: Whismur -> Wailmer -> Relicanth
    6. Water Sport: Psyduck -> Relicanth

    1. Mud Sport: Barboach -> Luvdisc
    2. Splash: Magikarp -> Luvdisc
    3. Supersonic: Goldeen -> Luvdisc
    4. Water Sport: Goldeen -> Luvdisc

    1. Dragon Dance: Gyarados -> Bagon
    2. Dragon Rage: Gyarados -> Bagon
    3. Hydro Pump: Gyarados -> Bagon
    4. Thrash: Gyarados -> Bagon
    5. Twister: Gyarados -> Bagon
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  5. TheOriginalOne

    TheOriginalOne オリジナル

    I already know how to unlock the mystery gift function in 3rd gen. , and I also know that the adapter is needed... but I really don't know the exact way of receiving the gift! Does it have anything to do with a wireless router? Please, can anyone tell me exactly how it's done?
  6. TheStormKing

    TheStormKing New Member

    Sandslash moves

    I've looked all over and I'm still confused how to teach Sandslash Swords Dance, Earthquake, and Rock Slide without a TM. However all the guides say to teach him these moves. How can I or can I even breed these moves into a Sandslash?
  7. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    The "good" news is that Sandshrew and Sandslash are part of the Ground Egg Group, and all the moves you want are Egg or TM moves, which means you can "breed" for them. You can teach all the moves to a male Smergle's Sketch Via Double battles.

    Grab a female Sandshrew/Sandslash and the male Smergle with the moves, and the baby should know them.

    That's the best way without using TMs or the Move Tutors. Swords Dance and Rock Slide are available as reusable Move Tutors in Emerald Battle Fronter.
  8. TheStormKing

    TheStormKing New Member

    I forgot to mention that this is Sapphire so I can't get s Smergle. Is it still possible?
  9. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    Well, Since you won't find Smergle in Sapphire, I'd have to re-think that. For Smergle You would have needed to trade with Pokémon Colloseam or Emerald. And the Battle Frontier is only in Emerald.

    Well, I can get two out of three, Camerupt learns the following moves Naturally, Rock Slide at 33 and Earthquake at 37. So using a Male Camerupt can give you those moves. Camerupt is a Hoenn Pokémon so all you need to do is evolve a Numel, which you can find with ease. Swords Dance can be given by Absol, but you need to use the TM for Earthquake, and no Rock Slide.
  10. TheOriginalOne

    TheOriginalOne オリジナル

    Hey! What about my question up there?!
  11. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    Ok, let's take a look.

    Actually, we don't exactly know, but we think that the Wireless adaptor is used, and special GBA carts were used. I should point out that it appears that it was only used in Japan, and then most of the stuff it did was change the Altering Cave.
  12. Too Funk to Druck

    Too Funk to Druck I am America

    Mystery Gift is only available in FRLG and Emerald. To open up the option, you need to go to the sheet of paper in marts and insert "Link Together With All". After that, you use the e-reader for it I believe.
  13. Here's one. Where/What do I have to go/do in R/S/E to get, "CONTEST" in the vocab bank for mail/phrases/etc? Trying to get Pamtre Berries so I can evolve a Milotic. If anyone knows, or has a better way of obtaining Pamtre berries than the Berry Master's wife, please tell me.
  14. JX Valentine

    JX Valentine ██████████

    Beat the Elite Four. If you've already done that, check the Event category in your word bank.

    Unfortunately, Pamtre Berries are only available via the Berry Master's wife in RSE, so if you were hoping for a Milotic for the E4, you'll have to try your luck with other berries.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2012
  15. Master Leo

    Master Leo The Dark Side

    The other day I turned on my Leafgreen version and a message popped up that said something about “the subcircuit is not installed.” I tried to google it but I didnt find anything there.

    Is this like the dry battery thing in R/S/E? If so, that sucks.
  16. Dangertrout

    Dangertrout Well-Known Member

    I don't know much about flash carts, but it seems to be a problem unique to them. I haven't seen anything on a legit LG game giving this message. I don't think it's anything to do with batteries, more to do with the program that copied the game of whatever. (again, I have 0 experience with anything other than legit games, so not sure how to fix this error)
  17. Cutty

    Cutty Forever now

    I have a question.

    Can 3rd gen legendary respawn again after the elite 4 if I knock them out?

    I don't really remember anymore. I'm planning to Ohko Kyogre in my Sapphire so I can hunt something else. It's been quite long.

  18. Nutter t.KK

    Nutter t.KK can Mega Evolve!

    No, they don't repawn. They started respawning in Platinum.
  19. LimeSoda

    LimeSoda Well-Known Member

    I caught a Kyogre that's Level 70. It has a Mild (+Sp att - Def) nature and has 256 Sp Att. On the IV calculator it says that the IVs for Sp Att is 26 (of 31). The maximum Sp Att the IV calculator says I can get at level 100 is 364. This seems too low, because the max Sp Att Kyogre can have is 438. Will not having those 5 IVs really make that much of a difference, (438 sp att to 364) or does the IV calculator not account for potential EVs I will eventually put into Sp Att?
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2013
  20. Can you mix records between games of different languages? I've just mixed records between my English and Japanese Emerald versions, and nothing seems to have changed (i.e. the Trendy Phrase in Dewford or the Pokemon centre men).
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