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3rd Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!


Gary Oak of Rap
Ursariing, take Treecko as your starter. It must solo 5 Flying types to evolve, then 10 Poison and 5 Fire types to evolve again.

I can smell the bs this is gonna give me haha

3 Challenge Slots and 3-4 Pokemon Slots

-Must be obtainable in Emerald. No Trading.
-Specific challenge for evolving Pokemon do not count towards 5 challenges. Go nuts!

-In double battles, the first pokemon must use a non attacking move and the seccond must attack his/her team mate
-Spend all your money on vitamins once you reach Slateport and then use them on your team until they can't take anymore. Then you can spend money on other things again.

- Taillow [Can't evolve until solo'ing a Sableye and 3 Arons]
- Treecko [Can't evolve until Solo'ing 5 Flying Types, then solo'ing 10 Poison/5 Fire Types]

-[HM Slave] Zigzagoon