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3rd Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    3rd Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen/Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness

    What is a Monotype Challenge?

    A Monotype challenge is one in which you can only use Pokemon of a specific type to beat the game from start to finish (ie beating the champion and seeing the credits). For instance if you say try a Grass Monotype Challenge, you can only use Grass Type Pokemon found in the game.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • Pokemon are allowed to have two typings. For instance, Butterfree would be acceptable on both a flying team and a bug team.
    • Legendaries and traded Pokemon (not counting in-game trades or trades for evolution purposes only) are not allowed.
    • Note some types (like Dragon types typically) are not viable to use for such a challenge due to a lack of availability of them early in the game, or at all.
    • If you pick a starter that is not of your type, then it may not be used after you have obtained one Pokemon of your chosen type.
    • You may have Pokemon of another type in your team, but only as HM slaves - they may not be used in battles.
    • Post only on this thread to either state which type you are doing, your current progress or to ask for suggestions on which Pokemon to use.
    • If you wise to impose any other restrictions on yourself feel free to do so and mention them!
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  2. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Continuing from where I left off in the other thread: I added Spheal to my team and I headed out once again to train. I flew to Ever Grande City and I trained as hard as I could inside of Victory Road. I managed to level up Spheal some more and it finally evolved into a Sealeo. I trained my other Pokemon some more as well and I left the cave to focus on some other stuff. Since I was soon going to challenge the Elite Four, I needed to make sure that I had a large stock of items. I went to purchase some Full Restores and some Revives and then I did some more training at the Cave of Origin. I flew back to the Day Care Center near Mauville City and I left Sealeo there for a while. It grew to level 40 after a while and I re-added it to my team. I left for Victory Road to train one last time.

    ;260; - Swampert Lv. 50
    ;272; - Ludicolo Lv. 46
    ;279; - Pelipper Lv. 46
    ;130; - Gyarados Lv. 45
    ;171; - Lanturn Lv. 44
    ;364; - Sealeo Lv. 40
  3. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    i'm still trying to do a monotype for each type in ruby. now i'm doing bug. i want to be diverse, so i'm trying to include two traded pokemon on my team. not quite there yet, but my team plan will be:
    ariados(trade #1)
    parasect(trade #2)
  4. IatosHaunted

    IatosHaunted THE GREAT RETURN

    Decided to begin a Grass monotype in Sapphire. My current team plan:


    I may swap out Sceptile for a Caturne at some point.
  5. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    finished my bug monotype. i'm now trying a normal monotype. the first 3 gyms were brutal, with ONLY normal type offensive moves. i'm now about to face norman and my team is:
    tauros lv.31(trade #1)
    skitty lv.31
    spinda lv.31
    loudred lv.30
    porygon2 lv.31(trade #2)

    i hope to add taillow to my team for flying purposes, and it would make navigation easier.
  6. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    I have started the Poison monotype challenge with my team probably going to look like this;


    Should be quite the difficult challenge seeing as I have to vs a psychic gym but if Gengar comes good then it should be a piece of cake. Brock will be no problem with Nidoqueen/ Nidorinas double kick. Misty will have a hard time defeating a Bellsprout. Nidoqueen will be absorbing the electric attacks of Lt Surge. So the first few gyms is decided. Blaine will probably lose to Tentracruel and Goldbat will make quick ork of Erika. Koga will be hard to beat but Nidoqueen should also win that. As for Giovanni. I don't know what I am going to do seeing as I have a large range of pokemon to chose from.

    I am really looking forward to this team considering I have never used a team like this before or even done a challenge. The only one I have used is Genagr. So it will be interesting to see how I go.

    Anyways fast forward onto my time when the game has started.

    I picked Charmander so I could get Suicune as my roaming pokemon for my leafgreen pokedex ( got Entei). I quickly rushed to get Nidoran female and realised you couldn't find it until after you beat BROCK! So I had to go all the way through to go get it. I also caught a Zubat while I was there :(. FML hardly any trainers. I thought about bringing in Weedle but thought the hassle would be so big trying to defeat Brock with nothing but non effective attacks. I caught a Nidoran and called it Beyonce because she is probably the coolest woman I know haha, and I caught a zubat called it Sonic. I entered Mt.Moon at level 14 and 12 ( Zubat being 12)

    Sonic the Zubat:13
    Beyonce the Nidorina:16
  7. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    Haha, it's been forever since I last updated. Well for starters, I leveled everyone up by quite a bit while I was training at Victory Road. My Sealeo evolved into a Walrein and I did some special training so that it would gain some useful moves. I eventually got the courage to challenge the Elite Four, but first I stocked up on important items since I'd need Hyper Potions and Revives for the challenge. I finally entered the League building and I got to Sidney's place. I talked to him and we battled. His Absol and Mightyena were easily defeated by Swampert, and I even beat Sidney's Sharpedo with Ludicolo. His Cacturne was a nightmare, though. Even Walrein's Blizzard attack couldn't take it down. Well, I eventually won after healing and attacking some more. I saved before challenging Phoebe in the next room.

    ;260; - Swampert Lv. 55
    ;272; - Ludicolo Lv. 52
    ;279; - Pelipper Lv. 50
    ;130; - Gyarados Lv. 51
    ;171; - Lanturn Lv. 49
    ;365; - Walrein Lv. 50
  8. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    So I went through Mt moon with mostly using my Beyonce because she could take everything, I got a few moon stones in there and beat team rocket for the first time. After I got out I defeatet numerous pokemon with sonic so he could atleast have a decent in bite. It took a while but I did it. I beat Gary and caught myself a Bellsprout. I could it Mongo because it just sounded right :p.

    After training up accordinly evolving Sonic to a Goldbat, Beyonce to a Nidoqueen and Bellsprout into Weepinbell. I challenged Misty, she was nothing when Mongo was in battle. However her Starmie just survived a vine whip and managed to confuse me with water pulse, this brought down Mongo leaving Beyonce to finish up. I went onto the SS anne and got cut which let me challenge Lt Surge. Again Beyonce did her thang' and won. I am now on my way to rock tunnel and will hopefully get a Gastly as well Grimer when I am around the Saffron/Celedon/Lavender area.

    Beyonce the Nidoqueen:29
    Sonic the Goldbat: 28
    Mongo the Weepinbell: 26
  9. snowmonster

    snowmonster the umber blob

    i want to try a emerald(no trade)monotype but cant decide what kind

    -and maybe poison

    need answer soonish
    this was posted 1:00 pm Saturday 5/28/11
  10. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    I have done way to much since my last post which was only a day ago :/. Anyways I got out of rocktunnel and quickly went to Celedon to beat the game corner and get the sliph scope I think it's called. I did that with the help of Beyonce once again and went on my way to get a Gastly. Boom first time got it and I named him Joker ( from the anime). I leveled him up in the tower and then went to beat the Celedon gym with Sonic. Sonic has been trying to evolve since level 34 but it cannot because I don't have the national dex. I made quick work of Erika and then went to beat team rocket and Gary in Saffron City.

    After I defeated them quite easily (apart from Gary because of Crits!) I went on to defeat Sabrina, my Joker was a Gengar by this time so it wasn't that hard with Shadow Punch. I went on my way to Fuscia city (what a cool name btw) and my Mongo learnt Razor leaf which means I could finally evolve it into a Victreebel. I beat all the trainers along the way and caught some more poison pokemon in the Safari zone. I beat Kuga with Joker because of Psychic and then went to find a tentacool.

    I have finally found a high enough level to get it and I will now train that along with Muk before I take on Blaine. The last 2 pokemon are going to be very hard to train seeing as I have got them so late in the game but thank god for the vs seeker.

    Beyonce the Nidoqueen: 44
    Sonic the Goldbat: 43
    Mongo the Victreebel: 47
    Joker the Gengar: 48
    Neptune the Tentacool:20
  11. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I challenge Phoebe, and I used Pelipper for the first battle, which was against Banette. I had Pelipper use Surf and Wing Attack, but those weren't enough to win the battle. I managed to beat Banette eventually, but it took a while. I had to face off against Dusclops next, and I used Gyarados against it. I managed to beat it fairly quickly, before I swapped out to Lanturn for Phoebe's Sableye. I beat it with Thunder and then I swapped out to Swampert and Ludicolo for Phoebe's second Dusclops and Banette. I beat those two respectively after a few rounds and I defeated Phoebe. I moved on to the next room, but I healed my team with Full Restores before challenging Glacia. I got to her room and I saved before battling her Ice-type Pokemon.

    ;260; - Swampert Lv. 56
    ;272; - Ludicolo Lv. 52
    ;279; - Pelipper Lv. 51
    ;130; - Gyarados Lv. 52
    ;171; - Lanturn Lv. 50
    ;365; - Walrein Lv. 50
  12. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    i'm wishing i didn't use spinda or delcatty. they`re horrible! even the corsola on my water montype was good, but not these two. enough ranting. anyway, no one on my team has moves for steels yet, which is a problem, obviously, for steven. my team now is:

    tauros lv. 39
    swellow lv. 39
    porygon2 lv. 39
    delcatty lv. 39
    spinda lv. 39
    exploud lv. 40
  13. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    So after catching a Muk in the Cinnibar Mansion I decided to train my newly caught Neptune near Lavender town. I got it up to level 35 before making my way to get the secret key. I easily got that and caught a few pokemon in the mansion as well so I can get the national dex asap. I took on every trainier in Blaines gym before batttling him. I got up to levle 40 battling the trainers but was coming up against much tougher pokemon but type coverage one out letting Neptune take the cake.

    Bill met with me straight after the battle and took me to the Sevi islands. I quickly cleared this so I could train my guys before I take on Giovanni. Gengar and Goldbat basically helped me take on the mini storyline thing.

    As for now I am currently training on the material artists outside of the cave on Island 1 were they will reach level 50 before I move on. They are really good to train against because you can restore your pokes in the spa :D. The team is as followed

    Beyonce the Nidqueen= 45
    Sonic the Goldbat= 47
    Mongo the Victreebell= 48
    Joker the Gengar= 49
    Neptune the Tentacruel= 47
    Fuschia the Muk= 35
  14. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    i'm thinking of starting an ice monotype in fire red. i'm thinking of allowing articuno, since it's too weak for a legendary, and i'd have 5 pokemon to use. not happy about jynx, but i plan to add a sixth johto pokemon for the sevii islands. i have my normal monotype in ruby still, but that can wait. my planned ice team is:
    sneasel/piloswine/glalie (not sure about which one to trade yet. maybe i'll find a swinub.)
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I got to Glacia's room at the Pokemon League and I challenged her at long last. She sent out her Sealeo first, and I used Swampert. That was actually one of the trickier battles, since none of Swampert's attacks were super effective against Sealeo. I beat it with sheer power and then I used Gyarados against Glacia's Glalie. I managed to make it faint with Hyper Beam, and then I used Lanturn against Glacia's second Sealeo. That battle ended quickly, and I used Lanturn against her Walrein as well. After knocking out her Walrein with a super effective Thunder attack, I swapped to my own Walrein to counter Glacia's final Glalie. That was one of the harder matches of the battle, since Walrein's attacks did little to Glalie. I had to use Pelipper's Steel Wing attack to end the battle. I healed my Pokemon again with Hyper Potions and saved.

    ;260; - Swampert Lv. 57
    ;272; - Ludicolo Lv. 52
    ;279; - Pelipper Lv. 52
    ;130; - Gyarados Lv. 52
    ;171; - Lanturn Lv. 51
    ;365; - Walrein Lv. 51
  16. Pokémon Trainer Xande

    Pokémon Trainer Xande Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist

    I am going to do a Dark monotype challenge in Sapphire. I plan of having:
  17. Blinkingsky

    Blinkingsky Matsuda breeder

    Which monotype should I do on Firered? Here's the options I have:


    Don't worry, I can trade for other region pokes, so I'm just using FireRed so that its in Kanto. Plus, all of my other 3rd gen games(excluding Pokemon Colliseum/Pokemon XD) are being used/reserved for other runs.
  18. golduck#1

    golduck#1 Well-Known Member

    I have always wanted to try Fire or Electric. But if you want a real challenge go steel.

    Anywyas I completed my monotype challenge, well kinda. I beat the elite 4 for the first time literally 2 minutes ago. It was really hard considering I was really underleveled ( Beyonce being level 56 my highest and the rest 53 and below) It was weird because my advantages turned into disadvantages, like Goldbat died to Hitmonchan and Neptune died to a Dragonair. Luckily I had Fuschia though, he svaed my *** by walling and spamming acid armor.

    Before that though I trained my pokemon up to level 50 like I said and I moved onto Giovanni, with help from Mongo, Beyonce and Neptune I beat the gym quite easily. Joker easily beat my rivals Pidgeot and Blastoise while Beyonce and Sonic took care of the rest. I moved on my way to the elite 4 and you know the story.

    I am now gonna catch a million pokemon to get the national dex so I can evolve sonic to Crobat and then trade over my pokemon to my other leafgreen file and then start another monotype challenge. Normal or water. I haven't quite decided yet so we'll see. Until next time :)

    Final team:

    Beyonce the Nidqueen= 56
    Sonic the Goldbat= 52
    Mongo the Victreebell= 53
    Joker the Gengar= 54
    Neptune the Tentacruel= 53
    Fuschia the Muk= 51
  19. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I got to Drake's room at the Ever Grande Pokemon League, and I challenged him. He used Shelgon first, but I was already prepared to counter it. I used Walrein's Blizzard attack, and Shelgon fainted right away. I swapped out to Gyarados when Drake sent out his first Flygon. I had Gyarados use Dragon Rage a couple of times, and Flygon fainted from those. I used Lanturn against Drake's Altaria, but I had forgotten that Altaria didn't take much damage from Electric-type attacks, so that was a long battle. I defeated it eventually and I used Walrein against Drake's second Flygon. That battle ended with Blizzard, and then I used Swampert against Drake's Salamence. I made a mistake and used Earthquake against it, but I corrected it and had Swampert use Ice Beam afterwards. I beat Drake and I saved before moving on to Steven's room.

    ;260; - Swampert Lv. 58
    ;272; - Ludicolo Lv. 52
    ;279; - Pelipper Lv. 52
    ;130; - Gyarados Lv. 53
    ;171; - Lanturn Lv. 52
    ;365; - Walrein Lv. 52
  20. Psynergy

    Psynergy Strong Winds Staff Member Super Mod

    just beat tate and liza with my normal type team. i taught porygon2 ice beam so i could actually do neutral damage to their pokemon. spinda and delcatty shone for me by being able to use hypnosis and sing to stop lunatone from doing so. now i go to stop team magma in the undersea cavern. i'll need a wailmer, though. :/

    tauros lv. 41
    porygon2 lv. 41
    spinda lv. 41
    delcatty lv. 41
    exploud lv. 41
    swellow lv. 41

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