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3rd Gen Monotype Challenge Thread!


So upon snatching the Heat Badge, I left to the Lavaridge Town Pokemon Center to heal my injured Pokemon. I then headed back outside and I talked to an elderly lady next to the Pokemon Center and she gave me a Pokemon Egg. I decided to store that for now and then I headed east towards the desert portion of Route 111. I got there and then my my pal May arrived and she gave me the Go-Goggles so that I could wander around in the desert without getting sand in my eyes. With those in my grasp, I entered the desert area and I battled wild Cacnea and Trapinch. I trained my team by battling several trainers around the desert sand and I managed to level up my Pokemon quite a bit, then I saved the game.

;260; - Swampert Lv. 36
;271; - Lombre Lv. 33
;184; - Azumarill Lv. 31


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Started a new Bug-type run on Ruby version. I started off by catching a Wurmple (nickname: Rutabaga) and then grinding three levels to make sure it evolved to Cascoon. Then I battled all the trainers up to the Woods to have Rutabaga evolve again into Dustox. Surskit (nickname: Nutmeg) took quite a while to find. Might have even been over an hour. I continued through Rustboro, training Nutmeg to the same level as Rutabaga and then a bit past that. Nutmeg was to be my ace for the first gym. He beat all the Geodudes quite easily, ironically aided by Roxanne trying to heal hers twice. Nutmeg was one-shot by the Nosepass, though, so I used Roxanne's stalling strategy against her. I poisoned the Nosepass with Rutabaga's Poison Sting and kept using potions until the thing fainted. Sort of pay to win, but I didn't want to have to level grind more. I also got a Nincada; aiming for an eventual Shedinja.
After retrieving the Devon Goods and Peeko, I sailed to Dewford. For the second gym I just had Rutabaga spam Confusion and Gust. I delivered the Letter to Steven and the parts to Stern. Devon should train proper couriers. I made a quick trip back to Rustboro to get another Nincada since I decided to give HMs to one of them. The second one has higher Sp. Atk so I gave him the Exp. Share. (Edit: I found out ghost-type is physical this generation, so maybe this isn't relevant.) The second rival battle took a few tries - the Wailord had Rollout and there was also a Combusken because I didn't think ahead about that. Rutabaga managed to pull through eventually with a barrage of Confusion, some poisoning, and a critical hit. The Wailmer also tended to use Splash at first, which gave a good opening. At times I have thought these games might be capable of pity. Training in general seems somewhat annoying currently as none of the party deal a lot of damage normally.
A long while trying to train today. The exp. gain seemed so bad, especially since my Pokemon were having so much trouble taking down even wild Pokemon. After several encounters and a bunch of Pokéballs, I caught a Volbeat (nickname: Mulberry). Also, after battling all the available trainers, my Nincada finally evolved (Shedinja's nickname: Corn) in the Trick House. There were a lot of Magnemite in the area, so I got a lot of practice beating them. However, none of the same stuff worked when facing Watson. Mulberry and Nutmeg provided a few openings and the winning strategy was a tag team of Rutabaga and Corn. Mulberry confused the Magnemite and then Rutabaga managed to take the thing out by chipping away. The Voltorb self-destructed on Nutmeg. I switched Rutabaga in to deal a little damage and defend a few hits before switching out again. The electric-type foes couldn't damage Corn directly, so I switched it in as cover to heal Rutabaga and to set up with an occasional Screech. Risky. I wasn't sure when Corn could safely use a move, as the Magneton was faster. I used up two Revives when Corn hit itself in confusion. Eventually, the two wore down the Magneton so that couldn't (or didn't for some reason) use Supersonic anymore, and Corn safely finished the battle with Fury Cutter.
More training while chasing Team Magma around and up Mt. Chimney. Not as difficult as previously, but some of the party are still relatively behind on levels. I expected Maxie's Camerupt to be trouble, but the bulky Golbat was far more of a threat, and the Mightyena took a while to K.O. Nutmeg's new ability, Intimidate, was key, I think. Most of the Lavaridge gym was swept by Nutmeg's Bubblebeam. Worth a mention, the Kecleon was felled with alternating poison and psychic-type moves from Rutabaga. Interestingly, the better course against Flannery was to not use Nutmeg at first. The Slugma at the front could survive and prevail with Overheat in one turn anyway. So I took out that Slugma with Rutabaga, then cleared the second with Nutmeg instead (quickly before Sunny Day was activated!) Nutmeg couldn't stand up to the Torkoal at full power, so I sent in the other three to stall. Corn took one Overheat while I healed up the others. Rutabaga managed to survive the next few with intermittent potions, and also inflict poison. Mulberry added on a confusion status. Finally, Nutmeg dealt the finishing hits.
Traveled up through the desert and got the fossil that would become an Anorith(nickname: Lentil). Corn didn't get to train because of the sandstorm. Fought a few trainers I skipped before and then returned to Petalburg. Even though the battles took a while, Lentil was able to stand up to the Normal-types. Corn didn't get to train because of things like Pursuit and Faint Attack. Rutabaga and Nutmeg were seemingly the only party members capable of surviving long enough to take down the Vigoroth and Slaking. Nutmeg's Intimidate played a big role, and Mulberry's Confuse Ray was great for making openings. A lot of switching and potion use, but I eventually won. I taught Thunderbolt to Mulberry and he had easy exp. gain around the Abandoned Ship. Corn didn't get to train because moves such as Rollout were common.

;269; Rutabaga Lv28 F
;284; Nutmeg Lv30 M
;313; Mulberry Lv27 M
;292; Corn Lv22
;347; Lentil Lv23 M
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Tuxlash's Toxic Poison Run
Game: FireRed

Pokemon are allowed to have two typings. Poison/something else Pokemon are acceptable on my team.
Legendaries and traded Pokemon (not counting in-game trades or trades for evolution purposes only) are not allowed.
I may have Pokemon of another type in my team, but only as HM slaves - they may not be used in battles.
Only one Pokemon may be caught from any given Route/area.
All Pokemon must be nicknamed, so I grow more attached to them. :')

I start off in Pallet Town, with our hero Tuxlash and his rival Gary (although I thought of a good name too late, I should have named him Antidote). I obtain Pollen the Bulbasaur, do the fetchquest, and set off.
Reaching Viridian City, I spend a good five minutes mowing down Mankeys and Rattatas on Route 22 before I remember that there are only Nidorans here in R/B.
Proceeding to Viridian Forest, I quickly catch a Weedle, whom I name Venom. When I exit into Pewter City, Venom is a Beedrill and Pollen has learned Vine Whip and Leech Seed, both of which are very useful.
Pollen handles the Camper easily, but I unfortunately forget to heal before taking on Brock. ;054; Luckily, Leech Seed and 450% effective Vine Whip save the day without any casualties. Boulder Badge Get~
With my shiny new badge in hand, I stride off to Route 3. I hope to avoid some of the trainers so I can use them for switch-training once I catch a Nidoran, but somehow I end up battling all of them before I reach the tall grass. Ah well, at least Venom caught up to Pollen in terms of levels.
In the tall grass, I catch a male Nidoran fairly quickly, named Toxic. He's only level 6, so some switch-training is needed, but c'est la vie.
I heal up at the Pokemon Centre, and enter Cerulean Cave. I grab the TM for Bullet Seed and teach it to Pollen, then prepare myself for... the Zubat horde.

;001; Pollen, Male, level 15
;015; Venom, Male, level 14
;032; Toxic, Male, level 6

Next time: Caves 'n' Waves
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A month or so ago, I decided to play through LeafGreen one more time, this time with a team of Flying-types. That being said, the rules for the challenge puzzled me a fair bit, as in some threads, the legendaries are allowed, the example being the Generation V monotype challenge thread. Furthermore, two of my team members lacked the Flying type until they reached their final stage.
Anyways, my final team was Charizard, Fearow, Dragonite, Zapdos, Articuno and Aerodactyl. I had lots of fun with it, and even Misty was surprisingly easy to beat, courtesy of Fearow being overleveled. Currently, I have defeated the rival (named Max) in a rematch, caught Mewtwo (who was Modest to boot) and Suicune (who is sadly Careful).


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So several years ago when they re-released the digital version of RBY, I decided to buy Blue and that is when I completed my first monotype challenge, based on the rules presented in the OP here. I do have a rule enforced on myself though. Which is that I will not do Grass, Fire, Water, Normal and Flying as primary types. I feel that they are too abundant for me and wouldn’t present a challenge. That said my Blue version play through, I did choose a semi abundant type. Poison. I can’t tell you what exactly happened then as it has been some time. But I do know I beat the game, very under leveled. My final team consisted of:


Last weekend however, I decided to embark on another mono type adventure. One I had started on Soul Silver but was cut short by my dog destroying the game cartridge. I will post this breakdown eventually. I just gotta write it out more!


Call of Fate
Recently, I decided to play through Ruby with a team of Ground-types. I saved Prof. Birch from the Poochyena with Mudkip. I decided to skip Dewford Gym for now, until I catch Sandshrew, my next team member. However, I easily beat Wattson thanks to the overleveled Marshtomp, got the Strength HM in Rusturf Tunnel, and saved.