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3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    Games in this gen: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/FireRed/LeafGreen/Colosseum/XD: Gale of Darkness

    What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

    A Nuzlocke challenge involves treating any Pokemon that you have in your party that faint 'dying', and hence said Pokemon cannot be used anymore in the challenge and must be replaced. In addition, you can only catch and use the first Pokemon you encounter in any city, town, cave or route. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances with Pokemon on that route. You complete the challenge when you beat the Champion/see the credits.

    There are many other variations of such a challenge - such as having to nickname all your Pokemon (so you have a closer connection to your lost comrades =p) which will be used here, allowing for the first Pokemon you encounter to not include duplicates (so if you encountered a Rattata in one route as your first Pokemon and got it and then encountered another in the next route, you can wait until a different Pokemon appears and treat that as your 'first Pokemon'), no legendaries, restriction on healing items that can be used (beyond Revives obviously) and so forth.


    • Please read the Challenge Forum rules before posting.
    • You can only use the first Pokemon you encounter in each route/town/city/cave.
    • All Pokemon must be nicknamed.
    • If a Pokemon in your party faints you must box/release it and not use it anymore in your challenge.
    • If you wish to use any other restrictions, please specify them in the first post you make in this thread for your challenge.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2011
  2. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    Not sure if people are still doing the old school 3rd gen Nuzlocke challenge, seeing as black and white have been out for a while, and people might be tired of running through them the normal way already.
    But here goes:
    Emerald version: preparing myself the mountains, and the fourth gym. My Makuhita - Taiho, evolved, and is kicking more butt than before. Crazy how early the pokémon evolve in this gen, compared to fifth!
    My newest addition is Glee, the Gulpin, and I love it. It packs bullet seeds, which handles rock and ground types surprisingly well! Still mourning over Twin, my second poochyena, that fell for KO the Wingull (now evolved!) It will probably be my trump card against Flannery, unless Pert (starter, guess which) decides to stick around till then. STAB ground will not leave anything desired against torkoal.

    Seems my assumption was correct so far...
    Last edited: May 3, 2011
  3. Jessie_James

    Jessie_James I have returned!

    Extra Rules I used in past: Only Healed at Pokemon Center, only 5 pokeballs at a time only used healing items found in field ONLY, sell any revives found

    Yay, I've got one going on my Emerald

    So today I started my journey...as follows

    Starter: Treecko
    Route 201- (dead) Wild Poochyena on the way to next town
    Reached Old Dale Town (Healed at Pokemon Center)
    Route 203 1st time-made it through without a battle (that's rare for me lol)
    Back to Littleroot Town
    Route 203- 2nd time after defeating Branden -Wingull (Wings) male-
    Route 202- -Poochyena (Valorra)- male
    Took out trainers and now resting in Petalburg City

    ;252; Chibi-sama (female)
    ;278; Wingz (male)
    ;261; Valorra (male)
  4. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    Hey, nice team there^^ I think I might take up some of your rules, at least I will stop buying items and either only use the ones I find, or only heat at pokécenters.
    Current team:
    Pert (Marshtomp), male, lv. 25
    Xena (Mightyena), female, lv. 25
    KO (Pelipper), female, lv. 25
    Taiho (Hariyama), male, lv. 24
    Amour (Loudred), female, lv. 24
    Glee (Gulpin), female, lv. 24

    Your Wingull will definiteley come in handy, so be glad you got it^^
  5. Jessie_James

    Jessie_James I have returned!

    Well my team went down on the way to Petalburg Woods, dang Poochyena's and there howl a trainers, Taillow's Peck knocked out Chibi-sama:( oh well starting a new game today gonna be retakin treecko.

    Ruby will have Mudkip
    Sapphire will have Torchic


    So far:
    Headed up to Old Dalte
    Route 101-nonthing appeared o_O
    Route 103-Wingull Koed (darn it lol)
    Took out Branden
    Back to Old Dale healed up at Pokemon Center
    Headed back down 101 to Lilttleroot Town
    Got 5 Poke'balls and shoes...
    Route 101-Wild Poochyena female, hate level 2 Pokemon oh well (caught)
    Route 102-Wild Wurmple male, (caught)
    Went back to 101 to level up Wurmple and Poochyena

    ;252; Chibi-sama (starter)
    ;261; Shade (Route 101)
    ;265; Bugsy (Route 102)
    Last edited: May 7, 2011
  6. Solfatara

    Solfatara Forest-Dweller

    @ Jessie_James: Looks like a nice start^^
    I just beat Flannery, but it cost me. Her #&%*ing Torkoal took down both Taiho (Makuhita) and Xena (Mightyena). I cannot believe it. Oh well, starting fresh with Accumulus (Swablu), hoping it can avenge the lost ones. Let's see what the desert can bring now.

    EDIT: Rest in peace, Accumulus.
    Last edited: May 16, 2011
  7. Armored Zangoose

    Armored Zangoose Well-Known Member

    After my last few Nuzlockes, I decided to do a Firered Nuzlocke. I'm currently in Vermilion City, grinding before battling Blue on the S.S. Anne.

    My Team-
    ;005; Draco Lv. 20
    ;051; Doom Lv. 32
    ;129; Mr. Fish Lv. 19
    ;017; Birdbrain Lv. 18
    ;056; Bruce Lv. 18
    ;015; Wormy Lv. 18

    ;019; Top% Lv. 18
    ;043; Oddy Lv. 16

    I cannot believe my awesome luck in encountering that Lv. 31 Dugtrio in Diglett's Cave.
  8. Mjolnir300

    Mjolnir300 Member

    Just started a Nuzlocke challenge today on Emerald. Started with Mudkip and just caught a Poochyena. Grinding on Route 102 right now.

    ;258; "Skipper" Lv 7
    ;261; "Fenrir" Lv 3
  9. Mjolnir300

    Mjolnir300 Member

    Well, I'm a bit further along in my game now. No deaths yet!

    So far-
    -Leveled up Fenrir and Skipper on Route 102
    -Caught a Marill on Route 104, nicknamed Aqua, put in box because I already have a water type
    -Caught a Shroomish in Petalsburg Woods, nicknamed Loomy, kept as party member
    -Went through Rustboro City to Route 116 to train
    -Caught Taillow, nicknamed Warbeak, kept as party member, battled trainers on Route 116
    -Backtracked to Rustboro Gym, easily defeated by Skipper and Loomy
    -Received HM01 Cut and went back to Route 116 to get to the Team Aqua grunt
    -In Rusturf Tunnel encountered Whismur but fainted it, then beat Aqua grunt with Warbeak
    -Level grinded in Rusturf Tunnel until all my party pokemon were level 11 or higher
    -Beat May in Rustboro without any casulties
    -Went back through Petalsburg Woods to Mr. Briney's house and sailed to Dewford
    -Battled trainers between Dewford and Granite Cave
    -Received HM05 Flash and encountered Makuhita which I caught and nicknamed Sumo

    ;258; "Skipper" Lv 14
    ;261; "Fenrir" Lv 12
    ;285; "Loomy" Lv 14
    ;276; "Warbeak" Lv 12
    ;296; "Sumo" Lv 8
  10. Blinkingsky

    Blinkingsky Matsuda breeder

    Alright, so I started my first Nuzlocke run on Emerald. Here is my progress so far:

    1. ;258; "Jill", Female, Level 13, encountered at Littleroot Town
    2. ;261; "Poochy", Female, Level 10, encountered at Route 103
    3. ;280; "Psy", Female, Level 11, encountered at Route 102
    4. ;269; "Dusty", Female, Level 10, encountered at Route 104
    5. ;285; "Shroomy", Male, Level 10, encountered in Petalburg Forest
    6. ;276; "Birdy", Female, Level 10, Encountered at Route 116

    1.I KO'd the Poochyena I encountered on Route 101 on accident, so I have no pokemon from there.
    2.Via sheer luck, I encountered a Ralts with trace as the first pokemon on Route 102. Since it is my favorite evolutionary line ever, I cried a couple tears of joy.
    3.I have encountered so many females as the first pokemon in the route(even my starter!) that it isn't even funny anymore. Poor shroomy-I don't think he's breedable with anybody in my party, so he will be....forever alone!
    4.Badge #1 is about to be obtained.
  11. Mjolnir300

    Mjolnir300 Member

    Lucky! Ralts is a great pokemon to have. Looks like we have a lot of the same pokemon in our parties and we both started around the same time! It'll be interesting to see how each of our games turns out!
  12. Armored Zangoose

    Armored Zangoose Well-Known Member

    I beat Blue, then swept Surge's Gym taking zero damage with Doom.(The timing of his capture and high level make his name perfect) Took an Abra from the box and added it to my team, evolved it, nd saved outside Rock Tunnel.


    ;005; Draco, Lv. 25
    ;017; Birdbrain, Lv. 22
    ;130; Mr. Fish, Lv. 22
    ;051; Doom, Lv. 33
    ;064; Stache, Lv. 23

    ;019; Top%, Lv. 18
    ;043; Oddy, Lv. 16
    ;056; Bruce, Lv. 20
    ;015; Wormy, Lv. 18

    Unfortunately, Bruce and Wormy died. RIP.
  13. Barbeller

    Barbeller Scatter Brained

    Hmm, I might actually be able to do this as my emerald is a fake ( ebay is really annoying sometimes), so keeps deleting my save file bacause it's 'corrupted'. Sigh. However unless I never turned it off and always kept it on charge, I would never be able to defeat Wallace but I could do atleast a few gyms. I could say I did well (if I did)...
  14. Mjolnir300

    Mjolnir300 Member

    Well, still going strong with no deaths yet.
    Since I last posted I've beaten the Dewford gym, beaten all the trainers on Slateport beach and between Slateport and Mauville. "Skipper" and "Fenrir" evolved too. I also caught an Electrike and named him "Volt". I'm currently training for the Mauville gym.

    Edit: Just beat Mauville gym. First casulty was "Sumo".

    ;258; "Skipper" Lv 23
    ;262; "Fenrir" Lv 20
    ;285; "Loomy" Lv 20
    ;276; "Warbeak" Lv 21
    ;309; "Volt" Lv 20

    ;296; "Sumo" Lv 21
  15. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    I just started my Challenge today.
    I picked Torchic, beaten the crap out of May. Then I caught a Zigzagoon, Poochyen a and Lotad. I trained Torchic, Zigzagoon and Poochyena to lvl 8. I was about to start training Lotad as he was finished offf by a Wurmple who got 2 crits on him.

    ;255; Javier
    ;263; Rico
    ;261; Mi'Ichi

    ;270; Yoran (lvl 4)
  16. Blinkingsky

    Blinkingsky Matsuda breeder

    Quick update. Not very detailed, but I have bad memory XD:

    -Got both the first and second gym badges
    -Beat Team Aqua out of the museum
    -Jill, Psy, and Birdy have all evolved to their next forms(so Jill is a marshtomp, Psy is a Kirlia, Birdy is a Swellow).
    -Beat my rival before the 3rd gym
    -I treat each floor of a cave as a different "route," so I was able to catch these guys:
    1.Male Makuhita named Wresla
    2.Female Zubat named Batwoman
    3.Female Aron named Lulu
    4.Female Electrike named Sparky
    5.Female Whismur named "My ears"
    -Updates on levels:
    1. Jill: Lvl 21
    2. Birdy: Lvl 22
    3. Psy: Lvl 20
    4. Shroomy: Lvl 18
    5. Poochy: Lvl 10
    6. Lulu: Lvl 10
    7. Wresla: Lvl 10
    8. Batwoman: Lvl 10
    9. Dusty: Lvl 10
    10. My Ears: Lvl 6
    11. Sparky: Lvl 13
    The first 6 are my current active party
    -No casualties yet!

    I'll give a better update sometime later on today or tomorrow.
  17. Casty

    Casty Well-Known Member

    Started my Emerald Challange yesterday... for the 10th time now. >.< Last run I managed to get very far, but was promptly beaten by Wallace and his troll Double Team Ludicolo :(

    Anyway, I rolled the dice for my starter (as I always do) and got the freakin Treecko AGAIN. Sigh. I'm currently standing in front of Trick Master House or whatever it's called. My team is:

    - Hito the ;253; lv. 22
    - Maki Eins the ;296; lv.20
    - Petunia the ;043; lv.13 (freshly caught)
    - Jellycool the ;072; lv.8 (fodder)
    - Karpz the ;129; lv.6 (fodder)

    Graveyard: Paris the Zigzagoon (lv.4-15), Silence the Whismur (lv.7-15), Ms. Fodder the Poochyena (lv.3), Badyena the Poochyena (lv.4)

    edit: Oh, and if someone was wondering, my rules are:
    - only one Pokemon per route/cave/city, including duplicates, and only for the first time you visit it, so no route 201 because you were there before you had Poke Balls
    - if you faint the first Pokemon in any given route/cave/town, you can't get another one, even if it was a duplicate
    - fainted Pokemon are considered dead and is put in a Box named Graveyard
    - random starter (dice roll)
    - no healing items, including berries
    - can buy only 1 Poke Ball per city
    - no legendaries
    - no link trades
    - no glitch abuse
    - each Pokemon must be nicknamed
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2011
  18. Thought I would try a Ruby version Nuzlocke after a successful Gold one (although I know this one will be a lot more difficult).

    -Normal Nuzlocke Rules
    -All Pokémon must be nicknamed
    -Duplicate species of anything previously obtained is forbidden
    -Dead Pokemon to be permaboxed
    -No purchasing healing items; can only use what is found/given

    Started out with Mudkip (Axio), which I don't think I've ever done before. Trained him to level 9 before fighting May and her Treecko. After obtaining the ability to actually capture Pokemon, I caught a Zigzagoon (Ziggy) on Route 101 and a Poochyena (Grimm) on Route 103. Now I'm training up my Pokemon more before continuing past Oldale Town.

    ;258; Axio, level 9
    ;263; Ziggy, level 2
    ;261; Grimm, level 4

    None yet!
  19. Gryghaim

    Gryghaim InfernalBlaze

    After I trained everyon up to lv. 10 I went to Route 104 and caught a Famale Marril with Huge Power Who I nicknamed Marina. When I trained her I up to lv. 8 I went to Petalburg Woods to try and catch a new Pokémon, I found a Cascoon who was unfortunately KO'd by a crit from Marina's Tackle. After I trained Marina to Lv. 10 I went to Route 104 and began training some more.

    Team (I'm not sure of Mi'Ichi's and Marina's Lv.)
    ;255;Javier (Lv. 13)
    ;263;Rico (Lv. 10)
    ;261;Mi'Ichi (Lv. 11)
    ;183;Marina (Lv.13)

    ;270;Yoran (Lv. 4)
  20. Casty

    Casty Well-Known Member

    After arriving at Mauville City, I started preparing myself for the Electric Gym. I grinded my team a bit - as a result, Hito (Grovyle) learned Leaf Blade and Maki Eins (Makuhita) and Petunia (Oddish) evolved. I was now feeling pretty confident about my team, so I challenged the Gym and beat it without much trouble.

    After that I headed on Route 111, on which I caught Goldia (Goldeen). For whatever reason I thought it would be a great idea to try her out. Soon after leveling her to lv.21 I learned that she (and her evo) doesn't learn any water attacks (not even Water Gun) till lv.38. Sweet. Day Cared her right after. Next Routes were anything but exciting, so I'll skip to Fallarbor Town. On the following Route I caught Lotella the Lotad, which was my first Water type worth training. Put her on a team right away, and managed to level her to lv.26. She didn't get a chance to live any longer than that though, because Maxie's Zubat OHKOed her with a critical Wing Attack. Seems that being at full health and having a level advantage just wasn't enough to save her from a quick death. :( But I had yet to experience the worst.

    I entered Lavaridge Gym with Maki Eins taking the lead. He steamrolled about 95% of Pokemon in the building, including Flannery's 3 mons. She then send out her final Pokemon - Torkoal. No worries, I thought, I have 3 Bulk Ups under my belt and Thick Fat to sponge her Fire attacks. Unfortunately, Lady Luck apparently had some personal vendetta against me that day, and after a few VERY uneventful turns I ended up with 14 HP paralyzed Hariyama on my side, and ~50% HP Torkoal on Flannery's side, ready to scorch my butt with Sun boosted Overheat. I immediately switched to a fodder, which died to said Overheat, then saced another one to a following Body Slam. My choice was now limited to Petunia, Hito and Maki Eins. I sent Petunia, hoping to cripple the turtle with a quick Sleep Powder. Of course it missed, and of course Overheat burned my ugly little flower to crisps. Panicked, I sent Maki Eins back, scoring some cheap damage with Fake Out. Not wanting to lose my best mon, I switched to Hito, which took Body Slam for about 50% HP. I retaliated with Leaf Blade, and Torkoal used another Body Slam, which left my Hito with 1 HP (!). Praying to God, I clicked Leaf Blade again, hoping that Overgrow and Miracle Seed will do the trick. They didn't. Torkoal lived with a silver of health left, and finished my Grovyle with another Body Slam. I was ready to ragequit at that point, but then I remembered that Maki Eins still had his priority Fake Out. Thankfully for me, the paralysis didn't kick in, and the burning turtle of hell finally bit the dust. I won the match, but at what cost? Crying over my lost companions, I headed to the next city, ready to solo my father's Gym with Hariyama only...

    And miraculously, I succeed. Using my newly obtained Surf, I headed to Route 115, which I was carefully avoiding up to that point. I managed to capture a Tailow (now Swellow), which I named Pandora. Saved the game at Rustboro City.

    Next stop - New Mauville (hoping for a Magnemite!)


    Maki Eins the ;297; lv.38
    Pandora the ;277; lv.26 (in-training)
    Useless the ;327; lv.16 (fodder)
    Wash-out the ;129; lv.8 (fodder)
    Mary the ;183; lv.13 (HM Slave, fodder)
    I Cant Fly the ;041; lv.16 (fodder)

    Box: Aoi the Marill (lv.14) Crush the Trapinch (lv.20), ??? the Wynaut (lv.5) (can't remember the nickname)

    Day-Care: Goldia the Goldeen, 1-2 Punch the Machop

    Graveyard: Paris the Zigzagoon (lv.4-15), Silence the Whismur (lv.7-15), Ms. Fodder the Poochyena (lv.3), Badyena the Poochyena (lv.4), Jellycool the Tentacool (lv.8), Karpz the Magkarp (lv.6), Magmarashi the Slugma (lv.15), Lotella the Lombre (lv.16-26), Petunia the Gloom (lv.13-31), Hito the Grovyle (lv.5-29)
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2011

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