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3rd Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Challenge Forum' started by bobandbill, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    Pokemon Leaf Green Nuzlocke

    Got nothing better to do and I miss Sevii Islands so I'm starting a Nuzlocke on Leaf Green. The Nuzlocke wii only be until the Pokemon League. I wanna enjoy the post-game.

    Doing the original rules plus a few:
    -Ditch your starter
    -Cannot use healing items except for the Pokemon League
    -Shiny Clause(You're able to catch shiny Pokemon even if they aren't the first encounter)

    Started a new file and chose Bulbasaur as my starter. Wanted to give my rival a team with pokemon with 4x weaknesses lol. Hey at least he gets a badass dragon.
    Played the game up until I got Pokeballs to catch Pokemon with. On Route 1 I got a Rattata and named it Nibbly. Went to Route 22 and found a Mankey and named it Pann.
    I put my Starter in the box along with Nibbly. I trained Pann up to level 12 and battled my Rival on Route 22. I won, healed and made my way to Viridian Forest but not
    before encountering a Rattata which I KO'd. Aaaand my Route 2 catch is a fail. Oh but it gets worse. I got inside Viridian Forest and encountered a Metapod. I got it to red
    HP and chucked a Pokeball, it didn't get caught. I chucked my other Pokeballs until I have none. ALL my Pokeballs were WASTED by a Metapod on RED hp who didn't wanna
    get caught -__-

    Battled the trainers in the forest, went to Pewter City to heal and went back to the forest to train Pann to level 17. I entered the Gym and just spammed Karate Chop on
    all the Pokemon there. They fell down pretty quickly with 2HKO's being the worst scenario. Got my Badge and went to the Pokemon Center to heal and Save.


    ;056;Pann the Mankey Lvl 18

    Badges: Boulder

    Capture fails: Route 2, Viridian Forest

    Dead: None
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
  2. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I dashed to Saffron City next and gave the Tea to a guard and walked through the city. I then returned to Lavender Town and visited the Pokemon Tower. I climbed up and slayed Ghost-types and fought the possessed Channelers as well, then I healed my darlings at a purification zone. At the second to last floor I encountered Marowak and beat it, then I arrived at the summit and fought Team Rocket grunts. Afterwards, I found Mr. Fuji and we returned to his home and he gave me the Poke Flute. I healed my team again, then I dashed back to Celadon and shopped at the Department Store. I wandered towards Route 16 and Cycling Road and I awoke the sleeping Snorlax and then I defeated it and got the Fly HM.

    [​IMG] - Leo Lv. 35
    [​IMG] - Charlie Lv. 33
    [​IMG] - Bella Lv. 28
    [​IMG] - Clemont Lv. 27
    [​IMG] - Sherry Lv. 27
  3. Snivy18

    Snivy18 Well-Known Member

    Last time I did Nuzlocke on Emerald, it ended shortly, so I decided not to do the challenge again. But, since I'm starting to gain interest in Pokemon again, I got my FireRed version to start up a new Nuzlocke challenge, and I'm actually surprised that I got this far with only one death. Starting off in FireRed, I got my Charmander and did the whole first part of the story, and start to grind where the entrance of the League is, so that I could get my Pokemon to level 10 and fight Blue before I head off to Pewter. We eventually beat Gary, and also I got a Mankey on the way. Heading up towards Pewter, I got a Pidgey through Route 2 and a Weedle in the forest, which evolved into Kakuna, but then died when I was grinding in Route 2 for the battle against Brock. While grinding, I had my main focus on Mankey, which was the only good Pokemon against Brock's team. After a while and getting up to level 14, I went to the gym and defeated Brock, receiving my Running Shoes and finished the huge batch of trainers laying in Route 3. Charmander evolved during the battles in Route 3, so I am pretty confident to go up into Mt. Moon.

    ;005; CHARLIE lv. 16
    ;016; BOEING lv. 12
    ;056; MASON lv. 15

    ;014; TOXIC lv. 8 7/10/2015
  4. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I rode through Cycling Road and fought several Cue Balls and Bikers as I moved downhill past Route 17. I then reached the gatehouse on Route 18 and sashayed to Fuchsia City. Once there, I healed my darlings at the PC and next I got the Good Rod and fished on a pond and caught a wild Poliwag, which I nicknamed Merle. Next I dashed to the Safari Zone warden's home. After discovering his crisis, I sprinted to the Safari Zone and paid a fee and received 30 Safari Balls. I hurried through the fields and encountered several wild Pokemon, but caught none. I eventually managed to locate the warden's Gold Teeth and I also visited a shack and got the Surf HM. I left the Safari Zone afterwards and saved in Fuchsia City.

    [​IMG] - Leo Lv. 37
    [​IMG] - Charlie Lv. 35
    [​IMG] - Bella Lv. 31
    [​IMG] - Clemont Lv. 30
    [​IMG] - Sherry Lv. 30
    [​IMG] - Merle Lv. 15
  5. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    ==Up to Cascade Badge==

    Got out of Pewter City Pokemon Center and into Route 3. Battled some Bug Catchers and went into tall
    grass. First encounter was a NidoranF, I caught it and named it Nia. I went inside the Pokemon Center
    near Mt. Moon and talked to the guy who sells Magikarps. I bought myself one and named it Groz but I'm
    not gonna use it though. I entered Mt. Moon just for the first encounter and found a Zubat. I tried
    catching it but apparently Mankey is strong enough to OHKO with Scratch. Mt. Moon capture fail. I
    trained Nia up until she evolved and up to level 17 and proceeded to battle all the trainers on Route 3
    before healing my team at the Pokemon Center. Went throught Mt. Moon with the only interesting part is
    Pann almost getting KO'd(It was at Red HP) and me getting the Kabuto Fossil. I encountered and caught
    a Spearow in Route 4 and named it Frea, than I proceeded to Cerulean City. Healed my team, talked to the
    people and went to the bridge where I battled my rival. His name is Raves by the way. Won the battle and
    continued to challenge Nugget Bridge and the other trainers on Route 25. My first encounter on Route 24
    was a Weedle which I named Sting and a Caterpie on Route 25 which I named Butters. Visited Bill and
    helped him with his problem and got a ticket as a reward. Trained my Pokemon up a few and went back to
    Cerulean City to heal my team and challenge Misty.

    I entered the Gym with my two Pokemon Pann and Nia. I made my way through the Gym and got to Misty.
    The battle starts and I knock out her Staryu with a single Karate Chop and switched to Nia when she sent
    out her Starmie. I used Bite on it multiple times and in turn it used Water Pulse. She healed Starmie and I
    got it back down again. I thought Nia wouldn't be able to take another Water Pulse so I switched into.
    Pann. I used Scratch and it used Water Pulse, I used Scratch again and it used Water Pulse again and
    confused Pann and got it down to 1 HP! I actually thought this was it and even did a salute for Pann irl.
    Then I pressed the A button to use Scratch...I attacked first, didn't get confused and KO'd her Starmie!
    Earning me the Cascade Badge! :D Went to the Pokemon Center to heal and saved in front of the hole
    that Team Rocket made inside the house.

    ;056;Pann the Mankey Lvl 26
    ;030;Nia the Nidorina Lvl 24

    Badges: Boulder, Cascade

    Capture fails: Route 2, Viridian Forest, Mt. Moon

    Dead: None
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
  6. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So I visited the Safari Zone warden's home in Fuchsia City next and snatched the Strength HM from him after giving him his Gold Teeth, then I visited the local Poke Mart and shopped. After shopping, I dashed to Route 15 and trained for an hour there and then sashayed to the Fuchsia City Gym. I walked along invisible barriers and fought Gym trainers and their Poison-types. I soon found Gym Leader Koga's spot and fought him. Leo's Surf attacks slayed Koga's first Koffing, then I used Charlie against his Muk and I slayed it with Wing Attack and Fly. I slayed Koga's second Koffing with Leo's Surf, then Koga's Weezing with Clemont's Psychic. I won the Soul Badge and the Toxic TM and hurried back toward Route 15 again.

    [​IMG] - Leo Lv. 40
    [​IMG] - Charlie Lv. 38
    [​IMG] - Bella Lv. 35
    [​IMG] - Clemont Lv. 36
    [​IMG] - Sherry Lv. 34
    [​IMG] - Merle Lv. 19
  7. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    ==Up to Thunder Badge==

    Went out of the hole and battled the grunt. Got Dig back and walked into Route 5 where I caught a
    Bellsprout which I named Vicky. I took the Underground Tunnel and arrived at Route 6 where my first
    encounter was a fail(Used last Pokeball on Vicky). I battled the trainers there and Pann evolved into
    Primeape. I went into the Vermilion City Pokemon Center healed my team and got the VS Seeker. I talked
    with the people of Vermilion as well as the Pokemon Fan Club chairman and got the Bike Voucher which
    I exchanged for a Bike in Cerulean City. I went to Route 11 where I battled trainers and got some items
    on the ground. My first encounter was another Spearow which I named Pierce. I decided to check out
    the S.S. Anne. Explored the ship, talking and battling to the people there, and getting items. My Rival
    was there we battled and I won. I took the stairs up to the Captain's Quarters and helped him with his
    problem and he rewarded mw with HM Cut. Healed my team, got Vicky to learn Cut and Evolved Nia with
    the Moon Stone from Mt. Moon.

    Challenge the Gym with Pann pretty much sweeping the Gym trainers and Nia, who is now a Nidoqueen
    took care of Lt. Surge easily by spamming Bite. That's it lol.


    ;057;Pann the Primeape Lvl 32
    ;031;Nia the Nidoqueen Lvl 30

    Badges: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder

    Capture Fails: Route 2, Viridian Forest, Mt. Moon, Route 6

    Dead: None

    ==Up to Rainbow Badge==

    I went to Diglett's Cave and caught a Diglett which I named Daniel and ended up on Route 2, where I got
    HM Flash. Cycled my way back to Cerulean City and into Route 9 where I battled some trainers and caught
    Rin the Rattata. Actually had a few close calls here with Nia getting to red HP and Pann getting poisoned.
    On Route 10 I caught a SPEAROW(Again, really?) which I named Sean. I battled the lone Trainer on that
    Route and got some berries before healing my team in the Pokemon Center. While in Rock Tunnel I caught
    a Zubat which I named Gladis. Went throught Rock Tunnel like normal and out to Route 10 where I battled
    some trainers before heading into Lavender City Pokemon Center. I went to Route 7 and after battling the
    trainers there I caught Steve the Sandshrew. I entered the Underground Path and followed it all the way to
    Route 8 where I caught another Bellsprout whom I named Trent. In Celadon CIty I healed my team before
    going to the back pathway behind the Pokemon Center and following it. It lead to a backdoor all the way to
    the rooftop where I got an Eevee I named Veos. I explored the city getting items, a Coin Case, and some TMs
    from the Pokemart. After that I went to Route 16 and obtaining the HM Fly. I headed to challenge the Gym
    after that.

    Entered the Gym with a Paralyzed Pann lol. Pann took out some of the trainers before I switched out into Nia
    because Pann's HP went to Red. Nia took care of the remaining trainers before we went back to the Pokemon
    Center to heal. In the battle against Erika I used Pann who I ordered to use Hyper Beam(I got the TM from the
    Pokemart)against all three of her Pokemon knocking them out easily.


    ;057;Pann the Primeape Lvl 40
    ;031;Nia the Nidoqueen Lvl 38

    Badges: Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow

    Capture Fails: Route 2, Viridian Forest, Mt. Moon, Route 6

    Dead: None

    EDIT: 7/19/2015
    Let's just say I lost this challenge. File got corrupted.

    Last edited: Jul 19, 2015
  8. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    I ran though Routes 15, 14, and 13 and I fought several trainers and soon showed up in Lavender Town. I dashed west to Saffron City next and discovered that Team Rocket had invaded the city. I visited the Silph Co. building quickly and climbed up the various floors and fought several Team Rocket grunts. I soon left the building to heal my Pokemon, then I continued dashing and warping inside of Silph Co. I thrashed more Team Rocket grunts and got the Card Key item next and unlocked the locked rooms. I picked up some TMs and I healed my Pokemon thanks to a woman, then I wandered down to the third floor again and I used a warp panel to teleport to another room. I met my rival there and we fought.

    [​IMG] - Leo Lv. 42
    [​IMG] - Charlie Lv. 39
    [​IMG] - Bella Lv. 37
    [​IMG] - Clemont Lv. 37
    [​IMG] - Sherry Lv. 36
    [​IMG] - Merle Lv. 22
  9. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    decided to start a Fire Red nuzlocke after reading some Nuzlocke comics the other day

    Standard 3 rules apply
    First Pokemon per Area
    Pokemon who faints go in the PC

    also, adding a No Duplicates Rule. That way I dont end up with a team of Zubat or Geodude. Rule can be broken if the previous pokemon faints.

    Started with a Bulbasaur named Verde and with luck i actually managed to get a Docile nature. After the Delivery quest for Oak, I Caught Hawke the Pidgey on Route 1. My game must know im doing a Nuzlocke since my pokemon are missing attacks 100% more often then usual. Anyway, up on Route 22 Apple the mankey was added to the team. a lot of training came afterward as Apple was only lvl 2. Once everyone hit lvl 7, i went and caught Sloth the rattata in route 2. After more training i took a chance and fought Gary on route 22. Sloth fought through Pidgey's Sand attack, while Verde's Leech Seed took out Charmander. Caught Shade the Weedle in Viridian Forest and realized that i was now out of pokeballs. One quick pokemart trip and i was back on my way. by the end of the forest Shade had evolved. Took a break once i healed up at the Pewter poke-center

    ;001; Verde lvl 10
    ;016; Hawke lvl 11
    ;056; Apple lvl 8
    ;019; Sloth lvl 8
    ;014; Shade lvl 7
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2016
  10. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    So I managed to defeat my pesky rival at Silph Co. and next I sashayed to the eleventh floor and I finally fought Giovanni. I defeated him quickly and ended his scheme and I obtained the Master Ball as a gift from the president of Silph. Co. Next I headed out since I wanted to train my Pokemon some more. I headed to Celadon City and I went west to Cycling Road and I trained against trainers for hours, then I headed back to Saffron City and I visited the Fighting Dojo. I battled the trainers and received a free a Hitmonchan from the Karate Master, which I nicknamed Gus and deposited. I visited the Saffron City Gym next and I started battling the Gym trainers inside while warping around via the various warp panels.

    [​IMG] - Leo Lv. 44
    [​IMG] - Charlie Lv. 41
    [​IMG] - Bella Lv. 40
    [​IMG] - Clemont Lv. 40
    [​IMG] - Sherry Lv. 40
    [​IMG] - Merle Lv. 28
  11. Pikasaur

    Pikasaur Putting up a Fight

    I apologize for taking so long, but Fallout 4 took up all my time this month.

    Anyway, I started by heading for Pewter gym. Things went smoothly and despite being only level 8 Apple had no problems with Onix. Along route 3 Shade finally evolved using the switch-in switch-out method against Trainers. Ended up with a Spearow named Dagger at the end of the route. Deposited Dagger for the Farfetch'd trade and entered Mt Moon. Got a Zubat named Ubba three steps in. Ubba and Shade were really hard to train thanks to Paras and geodude. Both were only level 12 by the time i exited Mt Moon. Also, Picked up the Dome Fossil on the way out of Mt Moon. Taught Apple mega punch and mega kick since no one else could learn them. After i healed up, i went back and caught an Ekans name Widow on route 4. Replaced Ubba with Widow and then i took a break

    ;001; Verde lvl 14
    ;016; Hawke lvl 14
    ;056; Apple lvl 14
    ;019; Sloth lvl 14
    ;015; Shade lvl 12
    ;023; Widow lvl 8
  12. SilverChiko

    SilverChiko Protect The Smiles!

    Started up Pokemon FireRed for a nuzlocke run, named myself Chiko and my rival after one of my friends and was shortly after sent into the Pokemon world. As I awoke there, I took a potion out of my laptop and ran down stairs then out the door into the great outdoors. I tried leaving Pallet without a Pokemon only to be stopped by the illustrious Prof. Oak who shortly after gave me a Bulbasaur who I named Rifu as I do with all Grass-type starters. After running an errand I got the Pokedex and 5 Poke Balls to catch some wild Pokemon with, yay! Route 1 gifted me with a Bashful female Pidgey who I named Mega and Route 22 awarded me with a Relaxed female Mankey who I named Pigface. I trained Rifu, Mega and Pigface to Lv.10 before taking on Gary on Route 22, his Pidgey and Charmander were rendered useless to Mega who reached Lv.11 that battle. Afterwards I saved the game and called it a day, little bit at a time.

    ;001; Rifu Lv.10
    ;016; Mega Lv.11
    ;056; Pigface Lv.10
  13. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    I have just begun a run in Pokémon Emerald. The theme for nicknames is "Norse Mythology". My starter will be a Torchic named Loge, after a fire giant. My rules will include dupes clause, including a "three-strike policy". This means if I can't find a new Pokemon after three encounters, I will not get an encounter for that area.

    I literally just battled May.
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  14. tien nguyen

    tien nguyen New Member

  15. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    Doing a new run in Emerald. Not sure what my nickname theme will be, if any. Dupes clause, including the three-strike policy mentioned in my previous post in this thread. Also, I will RNG for my starter from 1-9 (1, 2, and 3 = Treecko, 4, 5, and 6 = Torchic, 7, 8, and 9 = Mudkip).
    I got 3, so... Treecko it is! Will edit soon with nicknames, encounters and whatnot!
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