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3rd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    Okay so I actually started Emerald right when I finished Yellow which I did about 2 weeks ago. Yeah I'm getting so much worse about posting. So rather than type a 30 paragraph essay I figured I would share some interesting moments from the play-through so far.

    - I chose Treecko as my starter. It's been some time (I think) since I used one and I really like it and Sceptile's back sprite even though I loathe Grovyle's. My plan was/is to use 3 new Pokemon I haven't used and 3 Pokemon that I have used. I don't think I'll need to specify which are which.
    - Before the Roxanne fight I caught a Skitty as my second team member which was my 5th encounter on Route 116. Not bad for a 5% encounter rate.
    - My third team member, an Aron (Adamant!!) was captured before my battle with Brawley. This battle is the reason I am even making this post. So Grovyle takes care of Machop with Bullet Seed no sweat. Aron Headbutted his Meditite which just repeatedly used Focus Punch. I thought I had a plan for Makuhita. I had Aron use Mud Slap thinking I was being smart lowering its accuracy. I completely forgot it has Vital Throw. Bam down goes Aron and Grovyle. All I have left is a freaking weak Skitty. I used Sing to put it to sleep and then followed up with Attract. It immediately woke up but was just too in love to attack. I used Sing once again and then used Tail Whip 3 times before it woke up but was unable to attack. Sing his for the 3rd time in a row and Skitty proceeded to knock it out with 2 Scratch attacks. These kinds of moments are why I love Pokemon.
    - On my 7th (!) encounter on Route 117 I encountered a Volbeat, my fourth team member. In the 1+ hour I spent training in the grass for Wattson I never found another. Talk about lucky.
    - Turns out a team of Grovyle, Skitty, Aron, and Volbeat are not great against Magneton's....and even if I could knock out the freaking magnet Wattson's Manectric would finish off the survivors. How bad did it get? I trained Grovyle to Level 29 to learn Leaf Blade and everyone else to Level 25 which is 1 level higher than his ace. These kinds of moments are why I hate Pokemon.
    - I taught Skitty Secret Power aka the best move in the game holy crap why have I never used this before. I also evolved Skitty into Delcatty at Meteor Falls.
    - You would think a team of Grovyle, Delcatty, Aron, and Volbeat would struggle against Flannery...and you'd be wrong. But only because my team was really over-leveled thanks to Wattson and his ilk. Delcatty was the clear MVP because Secret Power paralyzed both Camerupt and Torkoal which really helped. Then it was just a matter of attacking and healing over and over. Probably one of the more boring battles up to this point.

    Emerald Team
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  2. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I continued heading up Route 110. It didn't take too long, so I arrived in Mauville City pretty quickly. The first thing I did in Mauville was get the Mach Bike. After that, I checked out a few places around town. I obtained the Rock Smash HM and battled Wally in front of the Gym. I defeated Wally's Ralts with my Electrike.

    Now that I had the bike, I then went back to Route 110 in order to explore Cycling Road. I battled all of the trainers before making it to the end.

    Next, I went back to Slateport to purchase a Harbor Mail. Back in Mauville, I gave the mail to an NPC in a house, and received the Coin Case in return.
  3. Living Arrow

    Living Arrow Member

    I recently got my hands on a bunch of Gen 3 games which I want to complete regional livingdexes for. I've been doing this in Pearl and SoulSilver and taking on this challenge for Gen 3 seems fun, too :D
    One of my biggest concerns is having the facility to trade between cartridges. I have two GBAs but not sure if the link cable that I have will work for them... Time will soon tell!

    So far I have started new games and here's the situation:
    • Fire Red (to complete Kanto livingdex): Picked Charmander. Reached Viridian City.
    • Leaf Green: Picked Squirtle. Reached Viridian City.
    • Ruby: Not started.
    • Sapphire (to complete Hoenn livingdex): Picked Torchic. Reached Petalburg City. Caught a bunch of Pokemon but the hunt for Surskit continues.
    • Emerald: Picked Mudkip. Reached Petalburg City. Realised that Ditto is not in this game so will trade my Pokemon to Sapphire and reset for a female starter so I can breed to fill the livingdex.
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  4. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The first thing I did today was go to the Game Corner, since I didn't visit it when exploring Mauville last time. I got some coins and tried both the roulette and slots. I won a few times, but only in small amounts.

    After that, I went to the Gym and began fighting the regular trainers. During these battles, my Zubat leveled up and evolved into Golbat. Once the Gym trainers were all defeated, I challenged Wattson right away since my team hadn't taken that much damage and so I didn't need to visit the Pokemon Center.

    My Barboach had an easy time KOing Wattson's Voltorb and Electrike. For Magneton, I switched to my Combusken and used my STAB attacks. I then kept Combusken in against Manectric, hoping that Combusken could win the battle for me, but Manectric's Shock Wave just did too much damage. I had to go back to Barboach to finish things off.

    With my third badge obtained, I returned to the Pokemon Center to heal.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lv. 22-25
  5. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    - In the desert I captured my fifth team member, a Trapinch. Thank goodness I did not waste the Dig TM or this thing would be worthless with Sand Tomb and Bite. Also I never saw the Mirage Tower. Though I usually keep the Acro Bike on me so it wouldn't have mattered much anyways.
    - I tried to use Trapinch against the trainers in Norman's gym but it refused to survive a single battle which meant everyone else got all the exp which is nice I guess.
    - Oh dad how I loathe thee so. His confusing Spinda, his hard-hitting Vigoroth and his dead weight Linoone weren't too much trouble but that Slaking was almost unstoppable. Almost. Clearly Norman did not account for the powerhouse that is Delcatty. Attract + Paralyze from Secret Power + Truant meant Slaking was doing nothing every single turn. Oh it was glorious. Wally's dad even gave me Surf which would be cool if I had a Water type so for now it is going on a random Zigzagoon.
    - Lots of surfing and backtracking and surfing and stuff.
    - Considering my entire team was Lv36 when I challenged Winona....yeah not gonna recap that. Thanks Wattson for ruining the game for me! Also thanks me for not skipping any trainer battles and ruining the game for me!
    - I always forget about the Magma Hideout in Emerald for some reason. It isn't particularly memorable besides the cool items you can find. I'm not even sure why I pointed that out.
    - Sceptile and a newly evolved Aggron managed to sweep Tate & Liza's entire team without taking any damage. And I usually struggle against them too.
    - Now that I could Dive I was finally able to capture my final team member, a Clamperl! I did the Scanner sidequest and proceeded to evolve her into Gorebyss! Then it was off to the Magma Hideout to train her against the wild Ground and Fire types. You know I always thought Gorebyss was Water/Psychic and Huntail was Water/Dark when I was a kid. Maybe it would have them less forgettable.
    - After chasing down Team Aqua and witnessing Kyogre awaken and a grand battle ensue between it and Groudon. Guess I got to go Surf some more to get to Rayquaza. Man I love games where 47% of the gameplay is surfing...

    Emerald Team
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Today, I briefly went out to Route 118. There, I battled all the trainers that didn't require Surf to get to.

    After that, I took the left exit out of Mauville to Route 117. I defeated several more trainers on that route before entering Verdanturf Town. I quickly spoke to the NPCs around town, including Wally.

    Next, I needed something that could use Rock Smash so I could break the rocks in the tunnel, so I did some backtracking to catch an HM slave. I ended up catching a Zigzagoon on one of the routes near Petalburg, since I figured it could double as a Cut slave, too.

    After teaching Rock Smash to Zigzagoon, I returned to Verdanturf and then entered the Rusturf Tunnel. I broke the rocks blocking the way and received the Strength HM as thanks.
  7. Drummerdude

    Drummerdude Well-Known Member

    - After reaching Pacifidlog Town I hurried up the Sky Pillar to release Rayquaza. I then flew on Flygon to witness the coolest cutscene a GBA game can produce. Yeah it's a little anticlimactic.
    - I hate Juan's Kingdra. Like a lot. All it does is spam Double Team like a noob or whatever people are calling it these days. Luckily Delcatty, the MVP of this entire playthrough, knew Shock Wave which didn't do much damage. But wait Kingdra also knows Rest just to be even more annoying! What an obnoxiously long battle that was.
    - Now that I can use Waterfall I grabbed a bunch of cool stuff from the few waterfalls around Hoenn and then headed through what may be my favorite Victory Road in all of Pokemon. It's not so small but not too big. The trainers aren't too easy nor are they too tough. I only wish Wally wasn't fought at the start of it.
    - My team ended up being decently leveled for the E4. None of the battles were particularly exciting unfortunately. Volbeat swept Sidney with Signal Beam. Delcatty and Flygon made quick work of Phoebe's Ghost types. Aggron and Sceptile took down Glacia's team while Gorebyss and Flygon dealt with Drake's Dragons.
    - For the champion Wallace Sceptile took down Wailord and Milotic thanks to a lucky critical hit Leaf Blade. Delcatty's Shock Wave defeated Gyarados while Volbeat took down Ludicolo. Flygon outsped Tentacruel and won with Earthquake and lastly Sceptile returned to beat Whiscash.
    - Overall I really enjoyed this playthrough. More so than my semi-recent OmegaRuby playthrough. I'm just not that big on the change to 3D maybe.
    - Guess I should talk about my team a bit. Sceptile was great as it always is in these games. Delcatty proved to be so much more useful than I expected. Honestly some of my favorite moment's in any Pokemon game came during my runthrough of this game thanks to Skitty/Delcatty doing something miraculous. Aggron.....this thing I swear missed Iron Tail/Metal Claw/Rock Tomb at any moment where I needed it to hit. For every lucky moment with Delcatty there were five unlucky moments from Aggron. Volbeat was neat I suppose. It isn't often I use Bug types in these earlier games and I'd be lying if I said Signal Beam wasn't useful...but I almost never used another move. Flygon is cool and had a wide variety of moves to make it fun. Gorebyss was a water type meaning Surf and Ice Beam for days. I still enjoyed the team overall though and I am glad I experimented with them a bit.

    Emerald Team
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Went to Route 111 today. I defeated a bunch of trainers, including the members of the Winstrate family and Gabby & Ty. Once I reached the desert area, I couldn't go any farther, so I headed over to Route 112 instead. I battled a few more people along that route, and evolved my Electrike into Manectric.

    With Mt. Chimney blocked off for now, I went through Fiery Path instead. There wasn't much to do there, though a couple of my Pokemon annoying got poisoned by a wild Koffing. I soon made it to the other end of the cave and entered the other side of Route 112. After picking some berries and winning a Double Battle, I reached the upper half of Route 111.

    Finally, after a few more battles, I made it to Route 113 and saved.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lv. 25-56
  9. ThisIsPatrick

    ThisIsPatrick Well-Known Member

    On a big new start with all of my Pokemon games, so I'm starting with replaying FireRed! Been playing for the past week and a half and I've just scored Blaines gym badge on Cinnabar Island. My current team consists of:

    Forgot how fun the game is, hears hoping I can evolve Dragonair before the Elite Four :/
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  10. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Took my time exploring Route 113. I got the Soot Sack at the glass workshop and walked around in the volcanic ash for a while. Once I collected enough ash, I returned to the workshop and got a Blue Flute. I also defeated every trainer on the route before moving on to Fallarbor Town.

    Didn't stay in Fallarbor too long. I just stocked up on some things at the mart and spoke to all of the people around town. I headed out to Route 114 next. After visiting the Fossil Maniac's house, I went to Lanette's house, where I received a Lotad doll. Afterwards, I battled a few trainers, and picked some Persim Berries.

    I saved my game about halfway through Route 114. Next time, I'll finish exploring the route, then go to Meteor Falls.
  11. ArcanineShrine014029

    ArcanineShrine014029 Well-Known Member

    Well I've finally done it. I cleared 42 wins, including the Factory Head, Noland at the Battle Factory in Emerald just now. After looking around online I saw that people recommended doing the level 50 challenge, which at first seemed contradictory as I was just one win shy of the Gold Knowledge symbol on the level 100 challenge. But I gave it a shot and finally made it. I really do owe it to the luck of the Pokemon I got either in the first batch of six you pick from, or from a couple of swaps within the first few battles in a set.

    In any case, for the Factory I'd totally suggest unconventional sets even if they seem to not be worth it. Gyarados with Rain Dance, Surf, and Thunder, and Earthquake was a huge help during the last seven fights. Also, as implied I'd suggest the level 50 challenge, health bars go down faster and you start off at an easier and more simple pace.

    This also makes seven Gold Frontier Symbols and now a Gold Trainer Card. I feel like I've finished a part of my childhood, this is amazing. Gen III is where I started and now I've done everything there is to do in it. Aside from 100 wins at the Battle Tower, but I'm satisfied with my 91 win streak there (which ended to a crit from a Jolteon.) My play time is just short of 255 hours now. Before I gush any more, if anyone else is truly determined to get all seven gold symbols, I say go for it - so long as you're willing to invest an unholy amount of time. Also thanks to Mega Altaria in the Gen III help thread for encouraging me to keep going with the Factory even when it seemed lost.
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  12. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Tonight, I fought the remaining trainers on Route 114. After going back to the Pokemon Center in Fallarbor Town to heal, I returned to the route and entered Meteor Falls. In the cave, I encountered both Team Aqua and Team Magma, and heard about Team Magma doing something with a meteorite at Mt. Chimney.

    After that, I continued going through Meteor Falls until I found the Route 115 exit. I stayed on Route 115 for a little while since there were a few trainers to fight. Eventually, I continued heading south and entered Rustboro City again.
  13. AuroraBeam

    AuroraBeam Well-Known Member

    I dug up my old Sapphire today & am considering playing it again but its battery is dry. Ordered a proper battery and screwdriver today so hopefully it comes soon enough. I've never soldered anything before and a little worried about potentially damaging the cartridge so I'm considering using electrical tape instead. Wish me luck.
  14. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I headed to Mt. Chimney. Along the way, I went through Route 116 again, where I realized I'd forgotten about the Cut-only section I skipped over earlier. I still had my HM slave Zigzagoon with me, so I had it use Cut, allowing me to fight a few trainers I missed before and pick a few berries.

    After that, I continued on and soon made it to the base of Mt. Chimney. I took the cable car to the top, and saw that a bunch of Team Aqua & Magma people were fighting. I battled some Team Magma members, too, before reaching Maxie and battling him. My Golbat defeated his Mightyena, but I switched to Combusken to take down Zubat and Camerupt.

    Once Team Magma's plans were foiled, I took the Meteorite from the machine.
  15. Goddess Yami

    Goddess Yami Well-Known Member

    I've been playing through red fire lately. I own the game since it came out, but I could never beat it. I would always get to the Elite 4 and restart my file due to level grinding.

    I'm currently in Sabrina's gym. Trying to fight all the trainers before her. I did Koga's gym first.

    I'm having a blast playing this game again. It's quite refreshing to play a Pokemon game with a small story again. My team has been great so far. We're on fire! My last battle against my rival I basically one shot his whole team.

    My team consists of:

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  16. AuroraBeam

    AuroraBeam Well-Known Member

    Replaced the battery today. Picked mudkip & caught poochyena. Breezed through Rustboro and got to Dewford. "Hot Child's Play" was the default trendy phrase...idk if I can top that.
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  17. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I made my way down Mt. Chimney by heading down Jagged Pass. I battled a Team Magma there, but skipped the other trainers on the pass for the moment. My traded Pokemon were getting close to level 30, and I didn't want to risk them becoming disobedient before I got through all of the trainers in the Lavaridge Gym.

    Next, I made it to Lavaridge Town. I talked to everyone in town and visited the hot springs before going to the Gym. I got through the geyser puzzle just fine and battled the Gym trainers along the way (fortunately, my traded team members didn't grow too much more).

    Then, I fought Flannery. My Barboach did very well against three of Flannery's Pokemon, easily defeating Numel, Slugma, and Camerupt. Torkoal, however, was much more difficult. Barboach did get it down to yellow HP, but then got OHKOed by a Sunny Day boosted Overheat. I sent in my Combusken, who managed to defeat Torkoal after barely surviving another Overheat.

    With Flannery defeated, I received the Heat Badge and then left the Gym. Outside, I ran into May again and received the Go-Goggles from her.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lv. 28-29
  18. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    Pokemon Leaf Green

    The Beginning Boulder

    I decided to play again because lol. The game turned on, started spouting words and an old man with a white coat appeared. He asked me what I was, my name and his grandson's name. This dude may be senile...I just told him his grandson was called Zeno. Wanted to call him dumba** but decided not to. After talking for a bit the old guy casts magic on my character and shrank my character. Is he a wizard? I then woke up in front of an NES, explored the room and exited the house. I talked to people around and even managed to read a sign from the side. Like how do you even do that? I went to the exit of town wanting to explore but then the old man from before shouted and told me it's dangerous to go into the grass without Pokemon of your own. He then dragged me to his laboratory. There I saw my "friend" and the old man wanted to give us Pokemon. From the table I chose the lizard whose tail is on fire and named him Heatwave. Going for codename-esque style here. Zeno chose the turtle. As I was about to leave someone got the bright idea of challenging
    me to a battle in which that someone lost. Nice fanny pack, nerd!

    Now that I have a burning lizard going into the grass is no longer dangerous--wait it's burning. Ah whatever. After getting a free potion from some guy I continued following the road up to Viridian City where I visited the Pokemon Center. They have this unbelieveably adavance cure-all kind of medicine that they used on my Pokemon for free. Isn't that like expensive to make? I exited the Pokemon Center and explored the town a bit and got inside the Pokemart where the clerk asked if I was from Pallet Town and gave me a box to deliver to the old man. I wanted to take a peek inside but the box was sealed so securely you'd think it was shut by magic. Back at the laboratory I gave the parcel to the old man and then Zeno arrived asking why he was called, to which Professor Oak responded by giving us a high-tech encyclopedia known as the Pokedex. His dream was to apparently make a complete guide on Pokemon but he's too old and now he's forcing his dream onto 10-year olds. I'm sure sending a bunch of children into the wild full of wild animals is totally a good idea!

    Once the skirmish where Mr. Fanny Pack lost at the west of Viridian City I went towards Viridian Forest where a bunch of Bug Catchers were waiting. After treading the forest with my burning lizard carefully trying to not set the whole place on fire I ran into the franchise's mascot and stuffed it into a ball. Then I went out and arrived at Pewter City. Before I battle the Gym Leader I exlpored the town first and even visited the Museum. The entrance fee for children was P50 which most people say are dollars but I still think it's pesos since it is a "P" and all.

    Ready to face the Gym Leader I entered the Gym and walked forawrd where a generic NPC stopped my march. I beat him and my Charmander evolved into Charmeleon. Those stat increase gave a little bit of assurance. The battle with the leader started and my Charmeleon's Metal Claw MISSED two times in
    a row! That was only a five percent miss chance wtf!? After his Geodude fell then comes Onix who used Rock Tomb and then Tackle for the rest of the match allowing me to not fall and actually win. The AI in this game oooh boy. Anyway got the Boulder Badge.

    Heatwave the Charmeleon - Lv 17
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2018
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  19. Aquarelle

    Aquarelle Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Today, I went back to Jagged Pass to battle the trainers I skipped earlier. I also fought the trainers on Mt. Chimney.

    After that, I went to explore the desert. For most of the trainer fights there, I used my Cacnea & Barboach, since they were immune to Sandstorm damage. After one of the battles, Barboach evolved into Whiscash.

    Finally, I kept exiting and re-entering the route until the Mirage Tower appeared. I headed inside and started making my way up. Getting to the top didn't take me that long (the tower seemed shorter than I remembered...). I picked up the Claw Fossil, then watched the tower collapse.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lv. 29-30
  20. AuroraBeam

    AuroraBeam Well-Known Member

    I'm currently playing through LeafGreen atm and have just caught a cubone. I haven't decided what to nickname him yet. After I got him I decided I wanted a thick club for him too. I taught Thief to my hm/pickup meowth in hopes of snatching one. I was extremely lucky because only on my 2nd encounter searching did I find a cubone that meowth stole a thick club off of. (Cubone only appears 9-10% of the time and the thick club is only on 5% of them iirc)

    I plan to catch a doduo for my Fly user on my team west of Celadon and train them to be closer to the rest of my team before heading to Fuchsia City.

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