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3rd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by bobandbill, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I've been playing Leaf Green recently. Gotten through Mt Moon. Rattata has proven to be pretty useful early in-game, and now it has Hyper Fang. It and Pikachu have proven pretty useful at this time. I think I might get Bellsprout
  2. Mhov

    Mhov Member

    Today I've finally reached a pretty big milestone for my living dex. I'm pretty much done with the gen 3 games I have.
    I played through Sapphire, Fire Red and Emerald. I could get a few more Pokemon in Fire Red by playing through it two more times, but I'd have to trade several boxes full of Pokemon and that's too tedious in my opinion.
    As of now I have almost every Pokemon in gens I, II and III. The missing Pokemon I can catch in gen IV.
  3. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Defeated Lt Surge, and am now making it through Rock Tunnel. I have that Bellsprout in my team. Right now the most useful Pokemon on my team is Raticate, because of its speed, Run Away ability and Hyper Fang. Diglett is my strongest Pokemon on the team. I think I might drop Pikachu for Vulpix soon.
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  4. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Werewolf of London

    Just fired up my old copy of Fire Red tonight to do some soft resetting for a shiny Articuno. Glad it's still working well. It's a hoot just playing this game again.
  5. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I am up to four badges in Leaf Green. I am using Pickup to both gradually level up Pokemon, and to get plenty of valuable items to sell at a later date. Fortunately Pickup wasn't nerfed at that point. My team right now is Wartortle, Pidgeotto, Pikachu(surprisingly useful even un-evolved), Vulpix, Weepingbell and Hitmonlee. When the Elite 4 is in sight, I'm going to get Articuno as a replacement for the Pidgey line
  6. Ishiftyounot

    Ishiftyounot Dum de dum...

    It would appear I have a ton of time to play games recently, given I'm starting a third playthrough now, this time in Emerald! I needed something to do in my uni breaks given a change of circumstances and bringing my old DS to uni with Emerald seemed neat. So let's begin!

    Unlike most playthroughs I've been doing (Let's Go and USUM monotype) I've decided to wing the game and just have fun using some cool Pokemon I see as I'm playing through Hoenn, seeing as it, Kanto and Alola are the only regions I haven't conquered yet (notice the pattern?). My first team decision came when picking my starter, a tough choice between Mudkip and Treecko. In the end I figured Swampert would be fun to use and so chose Fishboi as my starter. We beat the Zigzagoon attacking the professor, trained to Level 6 before Tackling May's Treecko to death and moving on towards Petalburg City. Dealing with Wally was irksome, especially given I didn't notice any Lotad, Seedot or Ralts to capture, as those were my top choices for the area. Nothing that really stood out though, until I found a Tailow on Route 104. I caught it, named them Birdboi and trained them in the Woods (Wurmples give good exp, surprisingly).

    Made my way to Rustboro Town (experiencing Instagram issues which affects my art meant I played this game a lot this evening, since I got hooked) and took on Roxanne, where my Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp! Saved Peeko and got the goods, did dull dialogue, beat May again (boy is Wingull annoying). Headed to Dewford Town, caught a Makuhita since I felt like it and so Punchboi was caught (and trained to Level 17). Challenged Brawly, where Tailow more than pulled its weight and swept all but the gym leader's own Makuhita, which was beaten by Marshtomp. I then saved the game.

    Emerald Team:
    Fishboi the Marshtomp, Level 18 [Tackle, Growl, Mud Shot, Water Gun]
    [​IMG]Birdboi the Tailow, Level 18 [Wing Attack, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack]
    [​IMG]Punchboi the Makuhita, Level 18 [Tackle, Vital Throw, Rock Tomb, Arm Thrust]
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019 at 10:53 AM
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  7. JohnLynch

    JohnLynch Well-Known Member

    Pokemon Sapphire
    I've officially finished this game. It took a lot of battles, stocking up on consumables each time. I think in total I might have fought the Elite 4 up to 50 times. It was the easiest way to get my pokemon leveled up to overcome the threat. By the end my most powerful pokemon were level 50 (Blaziken and Minun) while my weakest pokemon were 45 (Tropius and Sandslash). My final team were: Blaziken, Aggron, Sandslash, Wailord, Tropius, Minun

    In order to defeat the final Elite 4 member I had to teach Aggron and Wailord ice moves.

    Journeying through Victory Road was actually quite difficult. I got lost a few times, although at the start of the journey my starter did evolve into it's final form. While also battling the Elite 4 Lairon evolved into Aggron which certainly helped defeat the Elite 4.

    Now that they're defeated I have the postgame to do. I'll be doing it while also resuming my HeartGold walkthrough. Alas due to the start and stop nature of my playthrough I've missed out on any idea as to where the heck to go for the legendary pokemon that are remaining. The only one I have is Kyogre. I also don't have my fossil pokemon revived either. At the moment I'm evolving my remaining pokemon into their final forms in the Elite 4 to get as much of my Pokedex filled as possible. I've already evolved 7 pokemon (largely bugs, but also Mightyena, Ralts into it's final evolution and Shroomish). Once I finish evolving them I'll see if any of my pokemon have false swipe and start catching the rest. Hopefully I'll find the legendary pokemon while I do that.

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