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3rd Gen Scramble Challenge Thread!


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@McLucky - Sorry, I just saw your request for a pokemon earlier in the game, so I'll change my challenge. Take a Ralts. To evolve it into Kirlia, it must know Psychic. To evolve it into Gardevoir, you must defeat the twins with it. Good luck!

First true update coming soon.
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@Crazed_Puppeteer- No problem! Thanks!

-Mudkip- RubySapph, must evolve from a critical hit, then evolves again after winning master rank contest or solo/catching a Regi.
-Swablu- Must solo Weather Institute to evolve.
-Sableye- Must always know Knock Off and Detect.
-Torkoal- Cannot use fire-type moves until winning 4 normal contests.
-Kecleon- Leon/Camille, must be caught in Fortree (by gym) or Rt. 120 (Steven ID). Must always know either Astonish or Fury Swipes.
-Ralts- Must know Psychic to evolve once, Beat Mossdeep gym to evolve again.

Thanks, everyone, for your help!

EDIT: Any nickname suggestions for everyone but Mudkip and Kecleon? I'm quite partial to nicknaming my pokes. Thanks in advance!
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I can only think of two...

Ralts - Dawn if female; Trickster if male
Torkoal - Smoke

One thing about the Kirlia challenge. You can't necessarily solo it, since it's a double battle. It just has to beat the gym leaders to evolve.


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Whoops. Good point, I'll make a note of that. Thanks.


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Update #1 - After taking a very long ride in the back of a moving truck, I go through the beginning paces and get my first Pokemon. Since I couldn't technically use the starter pokemon I would receive, I chose a Torchic to send to Sinnoh. After beating May with the Torchic and receiving the Pokedex, some running shoes, and some pokeballs, I decide to head off to Route 102 to catch my first pokemon (Seedot). Like it or not, the adventure has begun.

After some massacres on Route 102 (some of them on my behalf), I finally teach Brian (Seedot) something other than Bide, which could be the most annoying pokemon move of all time. Things get easier after getting into Petalburg Town and meeting up with Norman. After helping little Wally catch a Ralts and getting some encouraging words from Norman, I head off to Petalburg Woods and make quick work of the trainers with Nature Power and Bide. As soon as I was out of the woods and was given my first TM (Bullet Seed), I figuratively jump for joy and teach Bullet Seed to Brian and turn him into a dominant machine gun...that fires seeds.

Before I knew it, Brian was at a very high lever (Lvl. 16) and the Rustboro Gym was in my sights. I had the option to catch my second pokemon before facing Roxanne, but decided that Brian was more than capable of soloing the gym and accomplishing his goal of beating Roxanne to evolve. The end result - sheer domination. I decided that despite completing the challenge to evolve Brian, I'll wait until he learns Synthesis to evolve him. I end my game session with...

Brian ;273; Level 18
- Bullet Seed
- Harden
- Growth
- Nature Power
+ Can evolve into Nuzleaf at any time.

Update #2 will be coming soon with a match-up against Brawley.


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Okay,here is the new update,sirpoisalo trashed the others in super rank contest,then i went train and evolved him,then made my way to fallarbor and caught a slugma,since i evolved 3 of my pokemon,i evolved marill,went to mt. chimney defeated everyone from team aqua,then caught spoink with thick fat,trained them all to lvl 30 except spoink and makit,that he learned magic coat,so used and before each level and evolved him at lvl32,then went to lavaridge town's gym and azumarill swept them all.
My Team:
;297;lvl 29 makit
;317;lvl30 sirpoisalo
;294;lvl30 amour

Pokémon Trainer Xande

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Can someone please give me a Sapphiire/No trades challenge?


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Xande, take a Lileep which must know Ingrain and Ancientpower. Evolve after it has survived a STABed Ice attack from a Pokemon of a higher level than itself.

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist

Lileep with Ingrain and Ancient Power. evolves after surviving a STAB Ice attack from a Pokémon of a high level them theirs.


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Alright, so, this is gonna be my first Scramble Challenge! I'll be using Emerald. So... shall we start?

A few rules beforehand:
• Nothing too extreme please.
• Use only Pokemon available in Emerald.
• I need a Pokemon that should know Fly and a Pokemon that should know Surf (You can assign a Pokemon that can do both).
• Try to give me variety. I don't want a Monotype


•| Virawl's Emerald Scramble Challenge |•

- - -

• Taillow - Must Solo 2nd Gym in order to evolve | Nickname - Tailwind
• Absol - Must know Double Team | Nickname - Exitius
• Shedinja - Must evolve from Nincada soloing 10 trainers | Cannot know Shadow Ball | Nickname - Tettix
• Treecko - Must beat 5 Fire-Type Pokemon in order to evolve into Grovyle
• Marill - Must solo a trainer with Roselia in order to evolve | Must solo a trainer with at least one Electric-Type in order to learn Surf | Nickname - Peekablooe
• Plusle - Must keep Attract and Fake Tears | Nickname - Rush

Current Location: Slateport

Current Team:
;252; Treecko/ Ecko ♂| Lv.16 | Nature: Hardy | Item: Miracle Seed | Task(s): (1/5)
Pound | Pursuit| Absorb | Quick Attack

;183; Marill/ Peekablooe ♂| Lv.16 | Nature: Docile | Item: None | Task(s): (0/1)/ (0/1)
Tackle | Rollout | Defense Curl | Water Gun

;276; Taillow/ Tailwind ♀ | Lv.20 | Nature: Adamant | Item: None | Task(s): (1/1)
Peck | Steel Wing | Quick Attack | Wing Attack

;290; Nincada/ Tettix ♀ | Lv.12 | Nature: Quiet | Item: None | Task(s): (4/10)
Scratch | Harden | Leech Life | Sand Attack

|Empty Slot #5|
|Empty Slot #6|

LAST UPDATED [Jan. 9, 2011 / 11:17 A.M. GMT -4]
Journey start!
Obtained Treecko [Ecko]
Defeated Rival May
Obtained Running Shoes
Met Wally
Caught Marill
Caught Taillow
Obtained Wailmer Pail
Defeated Roxanne
Caught Nincada
Defeated Brawley
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As seen in pokedexes
Rawr, for your third Pokemon, you must use a Shedinja.

To "evolve" from a Nincada, it must defeat 10 trainers by itself as a Nincada, and can't know Shadow Ball the entire challenge.


•º°N¡ce Guy°º•
Cool. Would anybody like to suggest a starter?

Also, I edited and put a few base rules.


So long
Virawl, use a Marill as your Surfer. It must solo one trainer that has a Roselia to evolve, and it must solo another trainer that has at least one Electric-type in their team before it learns Surf.