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3rd Gen Shiny Discussion/FAQ [Read all of first post if you don't want an infraction]

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Shiny Hunter
I got emerald of ebay from shangai and they said it waz never opened! those jerks had lied cuz the game waz curropted and when you beat the league it woud start you over but anyway when i was going with wallace to find rayquaza the first time i had an unusaul surprise the first pokemon i saw was a shiny claydol with yellow eyes but i restarted the game cuz i waz ****** that i couldnt breed with the thing but it waz a cool pokemon and it knew earthquake when i caught it


Dark Trainer
I was doing my monotype challenge yesterday and while I was training my treecko a shiny poocheena(did I spell it right) popped up!Too bad it's quiet natured.:(


Red is pure awesome
i was playing training my shroomish on route 116 when a shiny tailow came up and it was awesome.But unfortunetly for me half an hour later i accidently bumped my cartrige (did i spell that correctly?) the tinyest little bit and the whole game froze and i didnt save it.
and i was like

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*

This shiny Treecko appeared last night while I was talking to a friend on msn. It breaks my 3rd gen shiny drought, my last shiny was Bulbasaur back in August. Shiny Treecko has a Mild nature, and it may have flawless Special Attack. I am planning on making it a Special Sweeper when I get it EV trained.

Johny boy

I'm playing SS!
Once upon a time I was on my way to school with my friend and both of us have our games.We both have Firered.I find a shiny marril and catch it.(duh)Next thing you know my friend finds a shiny natu.WHOA.


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And then... You expect us to believe that?
You cannot find wild Marill in FireRed.
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shiny wurmple

i found 1 shiny wurmple on sapphire then i found one on ruby in the same day, no lie!!! ;265;


ElectricType Trainer
I caught a shiny nidorinan in leafgreen safari zone. It was the most stressful moment in my life because safari pokemon flee easy.

Well, I found my Sapphire version and started playing it to soft reset for a shiny Mudkip. About and hour later it shone while I was watching TV!!! it didn't take me very long! I'm stoked! It's timid nature with these IV's - HP: 9 Atk: 9 Def: 25 Sp. Atk: 25 Sp. Def: 9 Spd: 9. Pretty good def and sp attack I think, eh?
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I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...
I have a legit shiny latias.


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I finally got a shiny Charmander after a long hunt. It was officially my first shiny, and I was elated as the Charmander line is my favorite line of pokemon. Unfortunately it was hasty nature. I was hoping for a nature that benefied special attack. Oh well.


True Love Never Dies
i got a shiny whismur while i was going after that aqua grunt. :p


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I caught a shiny Venonat (First shiny I had ever caught) on my way to Fuchsia City. I was so scared when I got in battle with it because I only had 2 Pokeballs and a Masterball at the time (I wasn't about to use a Masterball on it.), but luckily I caught it. In my Fire red version (Before I lost it. >.<) somebody in the trainer tower had a shiny pokemon. I was so mad when I saw it...
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