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3rd Gen to 4th Gen


Well-Known Member
Ok so i caught a ditto in my emerald and want to pal park it to diamond to breed with. Does the everstone thing still work if i bought them both in Australia (pretty sure they will be both the same language).

also it ditto (careful)
and would i be able to trade it for anything good in diamond (note it will be cloned)


Shadow Amongst Light
Some people tested it and it seems there is problems breeding for natures when using different gen pokemon.
A pal parked ditto with a 3rd gen pal parked pokemon should work. A 3rd gen ditto with a 4th gen obtained pokemon may not work correctly.
It just depends on what you're trying to breed. Like DS said, breed two pokemon that came from your 3rd gen games. My friend bred Charizard from FR and Rhydon from Diamond and came out to be a Rhyhorn with Tail whip, horn attack, and dig (got from Charizard), so your move mix may not work.