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3v3 vs. 6v6

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by kaiser soze, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Random matchup only allows a three pokemon team for singles while the usual is a 6 pokemon team. Also battle subway only allows 3 pokemon. so how do you build a team with only 3 pokemon?
  2. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Offensive Pokemon with good type synergy. Stuff like Salamence / Metagross / Machamp or something. If team preview is on and you select 3 from a rooster of 6 you pretty much do the same thing but you can at least try to make an educated guess at what your opponent will use and formulate a counter strategy.
  3. Gigastrike

    Gigastrike Well-Known Member

    You choose 3 Pokemon from your party and use them.
  4. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk Member

    I kinda like it, actually. It's better in random matchup where you get to bring six and choose three, since it's often fairly obvious what your opponent is sending out out (you see Garchomp, expect to deal with Garchomp. If Zoroark is on the team, 99% of the time it's going to be their lead, etc etc). Making you pick three is just forcing you to think tactically on the fly, which is pretty much the essence of competetive pokemon...

    Battle subway is a bit of a pain, since you have to try to prepare for everything with three pokes, but now random wifi exists the only real point of it is grinding BP to buy items. No big deal.
  5. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    OK. how would you advise using phazers, walls, clerics, etc?

    BTW I am aware about picking 3 out of your six (or more depending on format)

    smogon articles would be nice, but theyre not worried about it so much
  6. d0nut

    d0nut _

    I wouldn't recommened attempting stall or a defensive team with only 3 pokes. Its much too difficult to counter all the necessary things when you have half a normal team, plus hazards in general won't be quite as helpful in the long run. Using 3 good offensive pokes which work well together is usually the best way to go about 3v3.
  7. I would say something like:

    StealthRock/Toxic Spikes Phazer (Whirlwind or Roar), possibly with Rapid Spin as your opener. Set up entry hazards, either die or carry on, because Phazers IMO are not useful without a good attack to their name (I have a Donphan with SR, Roar, Rapid Spin and Earthquake which I particularly like).
    Either have that or a massive stat booster, like Ninjask or Blaziken as a quick physical option. Blaziken is also very good for powering itself up using Hone Claws and Speed Boost. I've also had a lot of success with Ninjask just as an attacker in his own right. Use Swords Dance once or twice, then basically, anything apart from Rock, Ghost and Steel with perish in one turn due to Return/Frustration (I personally prefer using Return because it's positive). Even just one Swords Dance is potent enough.

    Then you have what is basically your Sweeper. I'd recommend having two of these, but there are other options for the last spot. If you're going for all in one sweeper, then obviously, a mixed sweeper is a very good idea.

    If you are sweeping mixed, then choosing a healer here is very beneficial. Something really useful like Blissey or an Eviolite Chansey. Spamming Wish and Seismic Toss. If not, then use a Special sweeper here. Both sweeper should have an effective healing move to try to keep them in the game.

    Most of the time, though, I tend to play 6vs6, which is what I prefer. I need to touch of on 3vs3. But those are my opening thoughts as to how to make a good 3vs3 team.

    Thank ya.
  8. Zachmac

    Zachmac Well-Known Member

    I like random matchup style, actually. There isn't enough time for SR, and I hate that move.
  9. TheMarzKing

    TheMarzKing Mono Type trainer

    3v3 teams is just like 6v6 teams on terms of balance , i use a psychical attacker a special attacker and a mixer ,
  10. Dragonite0217

    Dragonite0217 Active Member

    I use mixed attacker, mixed wall and lead to set stuff up and baton pss
  11. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    I am finding entry hazards a waste of time. Ive been stealth rocked twice
  12. legendarypokemonmaster

    legendarypokemonmaster Well-Known Member

    Entry hazards are so annoying. 6 vs 6 is a bit long, but allows for more team synergy than 3 vs 3.
  13. MonkeyX

    MonkeyX Well-Known Member

    just get a bunch of pokemon that can hit hard, take a hit or two and have good synergy with each other

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