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4 vs 4 double battle, #1

Discussion in 'Warstories' started by Zachmac, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    4 vs 4 double battles.(#2 Just added)

    My team: ;466; Electivire ;230; kindra :surfpika: Pikachu ;359; Absol ;492; shaymin ;400; Biberal
    Enemies team: ;450; Hipowdon ;139; Omanstar ;346; Cradily ;389; Torterra ;437; Bronzong
    I can't remember the last one, but he never uses it...
    Hi there. Anyone else play Battle revolution? Well, I was doing random Wi-Fi battles, and fought a dangerous opponent. Twice.
    4 vs. 4 double battle.
    Well, I decided too pick my favorite double battle leads, electivire and pikachu, and after that kindra and shaymin, my standard team. Sorry though, I don't remember my opponents name.
    Foe sent out hipowdon and bronzong.
    Okay, I had to do something about that hipowdon first. I figured it was a earthquake/levitate combo. It was risky, but if I had pikachu use surf, it could deal some massive damage to hipowdon, but it would hurt electivire too.
    Hipowdon used protect!

    Protect explosion combo?
    pikachu used surf!
    Hipowdon protected itself!
    Electivire was hurt.
    Bronzong was hurt.
    Electivire used Ice punch.
    Hipowdon protected itself!
    Bronzong used trick room!
    sandstorm damage....

    Oh, darn it. Trick room and sandstorm at the same time. I'm toast.
    Hipowdon used rockslide.
    Pikachu is low on health!
    Electivire is low on health!
    Bronzong used gyro ball.
    Pikachu fainted!
    Electivire used ice punch.
    Hipowdon fainted
    sandstorm damage...

    No, pikachu!
    Shaymin was sent out.
    The enemy sent out cradily.
    Bronzong used hypnosis, but it missed!
    Cradily used curse.
    shaymin used sweet kiss.
    Bronzong was confused!
    Electivire used thunder punch.
    Bronzong was hurt.
    Bronzong and shaymin used leftovers.
    sandstorm damage...

    Cradily used curse.
    Bronzong hurt itself in confusion.
    Electivire used thunder punch.
    Shaymin used seed flare, but it missed!
    sandstorm damage....Electivire fainted!
    I was hoping seedflare would lower it's sp.def...Darn it.
    Kingdra was sent out.
    Cradily used rock slide.
    Shaymin and Kingdra were hurt!
    Bronzong used gyro ball.
    Shaymin was hurt.
    Kindra used muddy water, but it missed cradily!
    Bronzong is under half it's maiximum health.
    Shaymin used seed flare, but it missed!
    Sandstorm damage....
    Shaymin and Bronzong used leftovers.

    Cradily used Seed bomb!
    Kindra is low on health!
    Bronzong hurt used gyro ball.
    Shaymin is low on health!
    Kindra used brine.
    Bronzong fainted!

    Yay! No pokemon to use trick room!
    sandstorm damage...
    Shaymin's health was restored.
    Trick room ended!
    The enemy sent out Omanstar.
    Shaymin used energy ball.
    Omanstar fainted.
    Kindra used dragon pulse.
    Cradily was hurt!
    Cradily used seed bomb!
    Kindra fainted!
    Sandstorm damage...
    Leftovers on shaymin....

    Okay, so now it's shaymin fighting a +2 +2 -2 cradily in a sandstorm...This is a tricky spot....
    Shaymin used sweet kiss.
    Cradily was confused.
    It hurt itself in confusion!
    Sandstorm and shaymin's leftovers....

    Shaymin used air slash.

    Okay, just let air slash and confusion stack...
    Cradily flinched.
    Wow. Cradily even lost health from that!? It had such a small efect...Well then, let's seed flare!
    Shaymin used seed flare, but it missed!
    Cradily snapped out of confusion!
    Cradily used rock slide!
    Shaymin fainted.

    Man, that fight was fun! And I almost won! Well, what had me puzzled is why Hipowdon didn't use earthquake while with bronzong and fighting two electric types....Though I found out in battle #2!

    But I have an even funner battle later! Though I can't concentrate because my little sister is watching these loud Inuyasha/Sailor moon cross overs on Wii internet....She's trying to tell me something about kagura and sailor-something, so I'll tell you about the rematch another time....

    Edit: Ah, darn it, I can't remember how the second battle went...My sister is so annoying. However, I do remember how it ended, which was the the good part.

    Electivire had just a little more then half it's health, and was fighting max HP Cradily and Slightly weakened Bronzong-By itself.

    Cradily used seed bomb.
    Electivire was hurt!
    Bronzong used gyro ball!
    Electivire was barely hurt(It's not very effective)
    Electivire used cross chop.
    Cradily is low on health.
    WHAT!? It took the hit!?
    Electivire was hurt by the sandstorm.
    Bronzong's leftovers restored its health.

    Well, I might as well take out cradily....Earthquake will finish it off.....Cradily used rest.
    Cradily's chesto berry woke it up.
    Seriously!? SERIOUSLY!?
    Bronzong used Gyro Ball.
    It's not very effective...
    Electivire used Earthquake.
    Cradily lost almost half it's HP.
    Bronzong fainted. It's super effective!
    WHAT!? It's ability was heatproof this whole time!?
    Electivire was hurt by sandstorm.
    Electivire is low on health!
    The trick room ended!

    Electivire used cross chop.
    Cradily fainted!

    That. Was. The. Luckiest. Battle. I. Ever. Had.
    Well, that's all. My sister is bugging me again, so I have to go. (She can't leave me alone)
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2011
  2. Zennyboiz

    Zennyboiz Herr Wailord

    I wonder that too... What was up with not using EQ to destroy your Pokes. Wierd.
  3. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    I figured out why in battle #2. Really, it made that one a better story. :D

    My sister is watching more sailor moon videos, like she always does when I get on the computer. :mad:

    She's so frustrating. I keep asking her to do it later, but she only does it when I'm on the computer.
  4. Zennyboiz

    Zennyboiz Herr Wailord

    I know, I hate little sisters.
    They are so annoying.
  5. Dark Sharpedo

    Dark Sharpedo s tier of dopeness

    quite the battle to read, impressed with the pokemon both battlers used.
  6. Zachmac

    Zachmac Crystalline Guardian

    I put a lot of thought into my team....And I'll tell you a little secret.(My team isn't complete, absol and biberal are just fillers, waiting for my ninjask team to be finished, and kingdra's moveset isn't complete).

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