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40 Extra codes for the Legendary Pokemon Giveaway Entei / Raikou

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by shay_bella, May 1, 2018.

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  1. shay_bella

    shay_bella Dragon-Kitty Enthusiast

    ALL GONE - All codes have been given out.

    My local Target saw barely any traffic for the codes, so they gave me most of a stack. PM me if you want one to four (because 4 games) of the codes. I have a little over 40 to spare. And, no, I don't want any thing in return. I'll post back here when the codes are gone.
    Last edited: May 25, 2018
  2. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 Werewolf of London

    Thanks! Could use 4. I have Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. My mom plays Sun and Ultra Sun mainly. Shooting you a PM.
  3. ChrisDoukas

    ChrisDoukas Member

    Hello! Awesome, can i have 2 codes please?
  4. Forbidden Snowflake

    Forbidden Snowflake take it out on me

    Can I have one code for my UM? Thanks in advance. You're the best!
  5. tempblank

    tempblank Active Member

    Have a code for Regigigas/Heatran by any chance?
  6. shay_bella

    shay_bella Dragon-Kitty Enthusiast

    No, and I'm still grumping over the way they handled that distribution. I mean, seriously? When before have the newsletter codes ever been serials? The lack of notice about that aspect, and making it one per account, to me it looked a lot like they didn't actually want to give those pokemon away.
  7. PsiOmega

    PsiOmega Some donkus

    Can I have one for my copy of Ultra Sun?
  8. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    May I have a code for Ultra Sun, if you have any left? Thanks regardless!
  9. khalamithy

    khalamithy New Member

    Can I have two codes please?
  10. Dialga101010

    Dialga101010 Dragon Trainer

    If you have 4 I'll take them. If not I'll take however many you have left. Thank you!
  11. GaeaNavel

    GaeaNavel New Member

    Can I have one code please? Still dont get one since the release..
  12. Rod-Spidey

    Rod-Spidey Member

    Can I have two codes please?
    One for Sun and other for Ultra Sun
  13. shay_bella

    shay_bella Dragon-Kitty Enthusiast

    May 17th and 3 codes still left. :)
  14. Ben6239

    Ben6239 Shiny Collector

    I wouldn't mind getting one for my sun version. Also would like to get a froakie if anyone has a spare male one.
  15. If you still have some available, would love to get 1. Thanks!
  16. shay_bella

    shay_bella Dragon-Kitty Enthusiast

    and now there is 1 - again, checking PMs first, this thread last
  17. shay_bella

    shay_bella Dragon-Kitty Enthusiast

    and now there are none.
  18. xEryChan

    xEryChan Gearhead Staff Member Moderator

    Use the Wifi center, please. Thanks
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