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#403 Shinx / #404 Luxio / #405 Luxray

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looking for a male shinx for my dex look in my sig for what i can trade


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i can breed shinx i lookin for spinda or spritomb


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Looking for any shinx/evolution of shinx. Can offer rufflets, piplups, litwicks, charmanders, and cyndaquils. Litwicks and Piplups are modest.

I'm Brad

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I need a shiny shinx in possible willing to trade anything for it :D has to be legit though :D


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Looking for any male shinx with the egg move of ice fang and/or fire fang in blk/wht. offering a dwf Minccino or a male Shellder with the egg move rock blast. pm me if interested
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I have a shiny Shinx for trade. It's from 4th generation, but it's now on my BW2 save (so it has its name in caps, but it will return to normal when it evolves to Luxio). It has Intimidate, is level 4 (UT) and has a Careful nature.

I have another shiny Shinx, which is the reason why I want to trade this one, because I'd rather let it have some use with someone else than leave it sitting in my box.

I'm interested in other shinies. Be sure to PM me.


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hey, hey. i got baby hidden ability shinx.

searching for dwf relicanth, or whatever you may have.


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Hi im looking for a shiny Shinx lvl 1 or max 10. Pm me with your wants if you have one for exchange.


I have some lvl 1 Shinx available for trade. PM me.


Egg 125!
Hey everyone - I'm really just looking for a Shinx with guts (dream world ability).

I don't have much to offer, just hoping someone has bred them and has an extra one I could take off their hands?

Thanks if you can!


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Looking for a Male shiny Shinx. I only have a Male [Female? I forgot.] shiny level 30 Pichu with Pokerus. Pm me if interested. I'll likely get back to you tomorrow, posted this from my Dsi.


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I'm looking for a female shinx, or any of it's evolutions. Shininess doesn't matter.
I'm willing to trade a shiny garchomp for it.
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