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#417 Pachirisu

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Icy cold trainer!
I am playing Heart Gold and I am looking for a Pachirisu, preferably a low level so I can EV level it from the start instead of lowering its stats... xD If anyone is interested please PM me with the list of pokémon they will accept for trade.
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Magus lover
I'd like an original dreamworld pachirisu. It can be cloned. I just require it to be able to be nicknamed. Check my tradethread.


Magus lover
I have 2 hayley's pachirisus uncloned, both with pickup and naive nature. Free to good homes, one per person.


Well-Known Member
If anyone has a Pachirisu they could breed me, that would be great. Nature and stuff doesn't matter, it's for a dex entry.


I've got Pachirisu with the hidden ability Volt Absorb and the egg move Iron Tail that I can breed.
If anyone is interested at all leave me a PM and we can work something out.


Cool Story, Broselia
Looking for any Pachirisu, PM me if you've got one to trade and let me know what you're lookin' for in return. :)


Pokemon breeder
I really need a pachirisu....any kind is fine I just need one for pokedex. I will try and offer what you need :)
PM me please if you can help


Trade complete :D
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Darkness Awaits...
I am offering a pachi with its hidden ability PM me if your interested


Well-Known Member
Can i have a Pachirisu
I can Give you a Charmander with dragon pulse, Chikorita with Ancient power, and a chimchar with blaze kick
PM me if you are interested.

General Nonsense

Star Glider
I have DWF Pachirisu. PM me if you want one.

Shimmer Mint

Cute Pokemon Lover
If anyone has a Pachirusu (any level any gender, etc), please let me know via PMs! I have Torchics, Chikoritas, Eevees, and Trapinchs that I am willing to trade for it!
As well as Pokerus! :)
Thank you! :)

Funkmaster C

Hidden Abilities!
I have another Pachirisu from the Hidden Grotto. It's male, gentile nature, level 59.
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I have some pachirisu for trade. PM me.


Seel Master
I have an entire box of Pachirisu that I can trade if anyone needs a pachirisu for the pokedex or any other reason. Just PM me if interested.


New Member
I am trying to give away my Volt Absorb Pachirisu. I really would like a Light Ball. Please?

Ask for Rosa. 2280 4518 4358
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