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#417 Pachirisu

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Offering lvl 1 Pachirisu's :) don't need nothing special for it :) 4th gen pokémon's always welcome :) pm me if intrested :)


New Member
Looking for any Pachirisu, doesn't matter ability, gender or anything, just want a Pachirisu. Pm if you wanna trade me.
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Crescendo Cuty
I can breed volt absorb Pachirisus. PM if interested! I'm trying to fill my national dex!


finally have a breeding pair of volt absorb pachi's. PM if you're interested in a getting a lv. 1 pachi.


New Member
Got two extra UT shiny pachirisu if anyone's interested pm me


Well-Known Member
Looking for any Pachirisu. I can trade starters or Dex fillers. Please drop a VM if you're interested!


Volt Tackle
I have a lvl 58 female Volt Absorb Pachirisu, looking for #'s 116 & 117 on the National dex Kanto PM for trade

Sheyenne Thunderstorm

Thunder Trainer
I have a female Pachirisu with the DW Ability. I'm looking for a female Goldeen or a female Seaking with Lightingrod or a female Eevee with the DW Ability


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Looking for a Pachirisu. I can breed most other Pokémon, plus a decent-size selection of Dream World Pokémon. Please PM me if you'd like to trade.

EDIT: Trade completed.
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Pokemon trainer Black

All praise Helix!
Looking for a female Pachi will trade Kanto Unova and Hoenn starters.
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