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#441 Chatot

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looking for a chatot. can offer fdw dratinis

no longer need got my own
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If anyone has an extra Chatot that would like to give away, please PM me :).

EDIT: OK, I have Chatot now. If someone wants one - PM me, I can breed you some.
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Looking for a chatot, nothing matters as long as it is a chatot...if you have one available please PM me. Thank you.


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got a chatot, looking for pokes in my sig. if you dont have any of them pm me anyway, and ill see what i can do :) also click the link on my sig for free event pokes! all legit :) tell em Volcarona12 sent you :)


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I need a chatot - if you got one please PM me so we can work out a trade :)


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Looking for Female DW Chatot

Can breed starters and lots of others, have a few easily obtainable DW Females, ask about anything else specific
Looking for a Chatot. Can Offer items and some rare Pokemon. Thank You


Looking for Chatot offering DW pokes and varous items.


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Hi I'm looking for any pineco/forretress, skarmory, torkoal, spinda, glameow/purugly, stunky/skuntank, chatot and/or croagunk/toxicroak to complete my pokedex, I can offer all starters (gen 6 included) and all other breedable pokemon (not including gen 6 just yet) so pm me!


Looking for a Chatot! PM me or leave a VM. I dont have anything good to offer.
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